【ENG】현재 난리난 김희철 모모 열애의 진실은? Kim Heechul Momo Admit Dating 김희철 모모 열애,슈퍼주니어 김희철 열애,트와이스 모모 열애,돌곰별곰TV

【ENG】현재 난리난 김희철 모모 열애의 진실은? Kim Heechul Momo Admit Dating 김희철 모모 열애,슈퍼주니어 김희철 열애,트와이스 모모 열애,돌곰별곰TV

Thanks for watching. The entertainment news Dol-Gom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTV on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’ll tell you about the love between
Super Junior member Kim Hee-Chul and TWICE MOMO. On the 2nd, Kim Hee-Chul and MOMO’s
public relationship was announced.~ Kim Hee-Chul is 38 years old and TWICE MOMO is 25 years old. about 13 years apart. There was a lot of noise all day. Meanwhile, Kim Hee-Chul is JTBC’s ‘Knowing bros’,
MBC every1’s ‘weekly idol’ and SBS’ ‘Flower crew’ etc. ​Many broadcast programs have
MOMO part of TWICE’s song ‘CHEER UP’ ‘Don’t go~ not long after I’ll let you call me. Baby’
singing and dancing MOMO referring to ideal type. ​MOMO has appeared as the female lead in the music
video for ‘Sweet Dream’ a duet with Min Kyung-Hoon. ​When MOMO appeared as a guest, he cheered and
called her “MOMO~” throughout the show. He expressed his happiness with his face. ​I like your subscription and Don’t forget. ​Kim Hee-Chul also often posts photos
taken together on social media. It was also called ‘MOMO Wish’ ​Rumors of a romantic relationship between the two took place in
August 2019, but the agencies of the two sides at the time. denied it, saying they were just close seniors and juniors. ​After that, the two of them Last 2 day, in about five months Once again, rumors of a romantic relationship
led to the No. 1 Real-Time Search Word~ ​Kim Hee-Chul’s management agency said, “Kim Hee-Chul and MOMO are usually close friends with seniors and juniors. ​MOMO’s agency “We confirmed that the two have been
close friends as seniors in the entertainment industry. been seeing each other with a good feeling lately.”said. ​In addition, Kim Hee-Chul said through his official YouTube
channel, “I will rest my ‘HeeTube’ for the time being. I’m always sorry and thankful.” “I’ll say hello again later. I hope you have a happier year in 2020.”post a message. ​Kim Hee-Chul said it was his first public
relationship since his debut 15 years ago. And the public “Kim Hee-Chul and MOMO
look so good together. I support you!”, ​”Two people Congrats on your
relationship~”etc. responding. Kim Hee Chul, please love MOMO pretty~ been talking about Super Junior member Kim Hee-Chul and TWICE member MOMO. Wait here! Your favorite celebrities,
all kinds of information, articles, etc. If you ask me in the comments, We’re going to choose our own broadcast,
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  1. 아..그냥 누군가의 삷 그냥 축하 해줍시다
    김 희철씨 이젠 결혼해야 할 나이 훌쩍 넘었습니다
    진정한 팬이라면 축하 해줘야하는겁니다

  2. 이쁘게잘사귀면되는거죠 연예인이라는 이유로 너무 왈가왈부하는사람듧보면 참 못된인성들 많더라구요

  3. can you make another video about koreans reaction on kim heechul daiting momo ? are they giving hate to them ? yes or no

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