【ENG】(BTS)방탄소년단이 3번 공연했을때 벌어지는 경제효과 BTS concert 방탄소년단 무대,방탄소년단 직캠,방탄소년단 팬미팅,방탄소년단 노래,방탄소년단 춤,돌곰별곰TV

【ENG】(BTS)방탄소년단이 3번 공연했을때 벌어지는 경제효과 BTS concert 방탄소년단 무대,방탄소년단 직캠,방탄소년단 팬미팅,방탄소년단 노래,방탄소년단 춤,돌곰별곰TV

Thanks for watching. The entertainment news Dol-Gom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTV on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’ll tell you the news from BTS. The economic impact of the concert that
BTS held in Seoul last October A study has found that it is worth nearly 1 trillion won. The team led by Professor Pyun Joo-hyun of
Korea University’s Business School said, ‘The Economic Effects of BTS Events: 2019 Seoul Final Performances’ In the report, it was held for three days on Oct.
26, 27 and 29 at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul. The direct and indirect economic effects of BTS’
‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ concert It is estimated at 922.9 billion won. For six months since May, BTS has been operating in the
United States, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They toured around the world and gathered 130,000 people at the finale concert in Seoul. Direct effects were analyzed to be 330.7 billion won
and indirect effects to 592.2 billion won respectively. 264.1 billion won in indirect effects
that will occur within this The indirect effect that will occur in the next five years is
expected to be 328.1 billion won, which has attracted attention. If the average three-year sales amount to more than 150 billion
won, the company is classified as a “medium-sized company.” The economic impact of BTS’ three-day concert is based on the combined annual sales of six mid-sized
companies. It proved a tremendous amount of influence. Direct effects include ticket sales and transit
theater fees, V-live fees, performance fee, It was estimated that the concert generated
profits including tourism expenditure. The indirect effect is to survey 356 foreign
visitors who attended the concert. He said he checked the number of days in Seoul, tourism
spending, partnership numbers and visiting doctors in Seoul. The survey estimated that the concert attracted
a total of 187,000 foreign visitors. There are 23,000 foreigners who watched the concert
in person, and an average of 3.28 people per person. 100,000 people are estimated to have visited Seoul. Also, in an in-depth interview with Pyeon’s team, most
of the respondents said that they would like to see Korean culture and culture after becoming ARMY. He replied that he became interested
in Korea such as learning Korean. In particular, Korean has a different sentence structure
than English. Similar meanings, but because of other words It’s said that’s the most difficult word for foreigners. I think BTS has great influence abroad. ​I like your subscription and Don’t forget. Here’s another piece of news. Balad Emperor
Sung Si-kyung said at his concert on the 21st. The softest covering of BTS’ “Boy With Luv” will be provided. It drew cheers from the fans. At the concert, Sung Si-kyung dressed in
pink and included rap and vocal. He showed off his vocal skills
by covering all seven members. He also showed off his choreography
and added more and more enthusiasm. Sung Si-kyung, who performed great
performances with ballad songs, It’s so heartwarming to see
BTS dance a key part of the music scene. ARMYs are at the beginning of Sung Si-kyung’s Boy With Luv. I was falling in love while I realized
how high Jimin’s vocal range was. BTS’ ‘Boy With Luv’ is a movie that’s
going to be a big hit with fans. It was one of the most popular songs among BTS. The public who saw this video said,
“Wow, you sing as well as you do.” “It’s amazing, too. It’s my favorite
‘Boy With Luv’ cover I’ve ever seen.” “I’m good, but the song is really
high. Was I always this tall?” “I think the beginning part was really high, so I’m doing too well except that part.” Here’s the news from BTS that made the headlines. Wait here! Your favorite celebrities,
all kinds of information, articles, etc. If you ask me in the comments, We’re going to choose our own broadcast,
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