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Thanks for watching. The entertainment news DolGom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTv on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’ll tell you the news from BTS’ Jimin Jimin of BTS, who won eight gold medals at the
Melon Music Awards on the 30th, said, “I Need You.” He performed all-time modern dance in a solo stage,
a stage not seen in the world. It shocked all the fans. I’m sure those of you who watched the show on this day will agree.
Jimin’s solo performance was really mesmerizing. Last year, he performed a national treasure-class
fan dance performance, topping the world wide trend. Jimin, who has rocked the world, has made millions of
references in more than 40 countries. He even got a thank you card from the fan dance
recital and brought a hot issue. This year, again, after the high-end performances,
three trends in the world wide and the mention of more than 5 million. It has dominated
63 trends in 53 countries and the top U.S. Jimin’s solo performance was greeted with admiration from his major players and rave reviews from fans
all over the world. The unique choreography, which combines dance from various
genres, including contemporary dance and Korean dance, was not allowed to speak from the beginning. Without fancy
props or devices, the barefoot jimin used only white ten million. It was so big that the stage was so full that it looked as beautiful as a white butterfly dancing. ​I like your subscription and Don’t forget. The thin, long cloth can be wrapped around the body,
making it difficult for even professionals to perform live. Jimin treats his like a part of the body and expresses it freely, not to mention the fans at the scene. And even the people watching the video got into wonder. It would’ve been better if I’d seen him on the spot. I was so sad that I could only watch it on video. The public who watched his performance on social media said,
“This is what I call a born genius and an entertainer.” “It’s a totally different dance than ever before,” “Jimin, who has been resting for years, is more
beautiful and good than me who danced for 365 days.” “Jimin’s stage only flows with tears and shock.” we
delivered an impressive review He’ve heated up online. If you haven’t seen this video,
I recommend you watch it once!! From the appearance of the red carpet to a double
belt suit that highlights a solid body and long legs. Jimin, who has fascinated the world, even creates the
illusion that he is a different person on every stage It showed off a different charm. The “Boy In Luv”
is cute look with glasses made a big splash. In “The Little Space,” a fresh-looking, youthful figure equal to the male lead of a
young movie, tied a sweater to his shoulder. In “Dionysus,” he shows off his powerful choreography and
vocals combined on a stage reminiscent of the Greek temple. It was exciting with the visual and sound that
would make the public’s heart beat. Jimin, who grew up as a fan lover, had a
different feeling of winning the prize. Jimin, who has always been impressed with his cooked and
wise feelings, gave his the highest satisfaction this time. “Our ARMYs are hot and trendy,”
he said at the Kakao Hot Star Award. I think I could get it because the level is high.
I will try not to fall behind.” And when he won last year’s Album of the Year award,
he made sure to receive it next year. “I’m so happy to be able to repay you for your love again. I don’t know when I’ll be able to repay all that love.
I want to sing and dance higher together. We will repay you with this award next year,”
he said, giving strong faith. Right after the ceremony, Jimin wrote on SNS, “I’m so happy to be able to repay you with this award.
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “I want to thank and love you all ARMY fans for
coming to see the stage today. Be careful to go in! #JIMIN #We got ARMY award # He posted a picture with the article. In the open photo, Jimin looked at
the camera and smiled brightly. Impressed by this, the fans
praised him as “Also Jimin, too.” The news of BTS Jimin became a hot topic. We’re going to feature all the experiments and requests you’re asking for in the comments. I ask you to participate.
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