【ENG】(TXT)투모로우바이투게더 올해 신인상 싹 휩쓸며 난리난 상황 TXT MMA 2019 Rookie of the Year award ,투모로우바이트게더 멜론,돌곰별곰TV

【ENG】(TXT)투모로우바이투게더 올해 신인상 싹 휩쓸며 난리난 상황 TXT MMA 2019 Rookie of the Year award ,투모로우바이트게더 멜론,돌곰별곰TV

Thanks for watching. The entertainment news DolGom ByulGom TV Hello, we are Dol-Gom Byul-GomTv on And I am Byul-Gom. This time, I’m going to share with you the news of TXT. On November 30, TXT was held at the
MMA 2019 at Gocheok Sky Dome. They was awarded the ‘NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR’ award. This marks TXT’s first five awards
since its debut in March this year. They won five gold medals by sweeping all the Rookie of the Year
awards, establishing himself as the best rookie of the year. I like your subscription and Don’t forget.
TXT said, “With great artists, It’s an honor just to be here, but thank you so much for giving me the meaningful award of the Rookie of the Year. Thanks to the fan club MOA,
we’ve had a lot of magical moments.” “Thank you to Bang Si Hyuk PD and
big hit staff for their hard work. Thank you and love our family.
I was really loved this year I’m showing a nice view, and harder to become TXT. MOA and those of tomorrow and the day after
long and I hope I can see in the future,” Rookie award through the fans are
SNS “Congratulations!”, to TXT “The stage is so good! Cool, ”,
“Trust and fangirl, TXT. ” TXT also won the award meaningful via official Twitter Thank you for the happy rookie award. We showed you love for our fans
by writing more efforts in the future. On the same day, TXT showed military dance in the concept
trailer of its first full-length album, “Dream Chapter: MAGIC.” They opened the stage and got an explosive response. After that, he continued to perform the new songs
and the title song Run Away. TXT’s unique energy is provided. In particular, the title song of mystery in the
middle of the performance line with the shadows. It attracted the attention of fans all over the world. Here’s another piece of news
TXT on SBS hits that aired on the 1st Their first full-length album is over. In response, TXT posted an official
Twitter message on V Live. We’re sorry to hear that the follow-up is too short,
They said he would come back with a new and improved look,
and they raised expectations for their next album. TXT’s first full-length album,
“Dream Chapter: MAGIC”! Thank you! I’ll look forward to the next album
and cheer you on. Fighting!! Here’s the news from TXT, which was all about We’re going to feature all the experiments and requests you’re asking for in the comments. I ask you to participate.
I will give gifts to those who are selected. Thank you. If you enjoyed the video,
I’d like to subscribe to it. Please tap it. I’ve been a ByulGom on the DolGom ByulGom TV until now.
Thank you.

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