10 Audition FAILS On AMERICAN IDOL | Idols Global

10 Audition FAILS On AMERICAN IDOL | Idols Global

Hi, baby, hey you alright, yep, I’m great have you borrowed Randy’s trousers All right, Jonathan, so I hear you’ve made friends with Kenneth yes, and You didn’t do too well Okay, okay, you gonna do better than that okay? Well do you think you can win? I think I could why Um because I’m different and I have I have an amazing personality that if you put me through You’ll see you’ll see it. What are you gonna say god Bless America, right? God bless america And that I love Stand beside her and guide her Sends real good he’s been practicing a lot of stairs in the holding room, so he’s He sounds like he’s ready. I’ve got my arms and my fingers crossed for The oceans white with foam God Bless America My home sweet Beautiful I Think you I think the spirit that you have and you do have a great personality I Think I don’t think this competition is right for you, but I appreciated your audition look Jonathan No, you’re a nice guy right. I like you, but this is not The career path for you It’s enough okay Thank you, Jonathan. Thanks for coming out do I always believe in yourself because? You’ll make it through much on the right to know me when you’re not strong And I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on No It won’t be long Till I’m gonna need somebody To me you know oh This has been one of the worst days. We’ve ever had and You are probably the worst. We’ve had today. I want to be singing. Sorry seems to be the hardest words Just admit it would say hello first of all tarik. Yeah, hi. How’s it gone? What’s going down baby? Nothing nothing really? So Derek it says here that you you think you sound like Chris Brown and the Eagles You big Chris Brown fan. Um. I just like how he touches young kids all around this world. You know right? It’s great beautiful What are you gonna sing sorry seems to be the hardest word John Kerry What do I go? What do I gotta do to make you love me? What do I gotta do to make? one or Doing lightning strikes me. Hey. Don’t wait to find that you’re not there What do I gotta do to make you want me? What do I gotta do to be heard what I say it’s all And sorry seems to be the hardest words. It’s sad So sad why can’t we talk it over? Oh, it seems to me the sorry seems to be the hardest word Thank You Derek That was catchy Multi Derek a lot of people you’re channeling through that Who was the first voice which one was that the little small? That was little Derek Rubbish Derek, you don’t sound like Chris Brown. You don’t sound like the Eagles maybe an eagle Yeah, it was just like there were 20 of you in there and every one of them was horrible. That was the problem Okay, sorry Derek all right. Thanks I Still feel your touch when you sleep next to me I Still feel your kiss on my lips The good and the bad times We’ve been through them all you make me rise when I Cuz everytime we touch I get this feeling and everytime we touch I reach the skies I’m kind of nervous. Oh my god That’s okay. Take your time. Yeah, you guys are awesome I’ll do amazing by the way. Thank you so try again Sure, yeah, okay? Cuz everytime we touch I get this feeling and everytime I’m so nervous. I forget the lyrics, but I I have this down pat I used to do that all the time you did yeah forget what I’m singing so when you get really into something Sometimes and you can see that you’re really into that song. I am I’m so excited to be here I’m gonna be the next America. I want to inspire people like Michael Jackson spired me. No you don’t never inspired me you Know that’s the whole thing even the fact that you were singing like that with a beard made it even more strange You know you sing like a three-year-old girl dress like the Toya Jackson you’ve got a beard the whole thing was just too weird Insanity laughs under pressure with Kraken can we give ourselves one more chance Why can’t we give love that one more chance? Why can’t we give up? It was almost as bad as it can possibly get Hren I mean the intro in particular that why not God Rena I don’t want to hear anything more from you because I just hated the audition Because his pointless you’re not going to go through to the next round I don’t understand why you want why you won’t give me a chance. Maybe why cuz I just heard you sing okay, but I have ten years of training, so I don’t understand why you tell me ten years ago that I wasn’t good because Because I wasn’t your teacher I’m sorry, but hey. It’s really cool You get to audition on the show and you get to be on TV on your favorite show that’s good news this new Brenna No it didn’t work, sweetie, huh, I have a degree in in vocal performance All right Brenda. It’s a no Donny Are you sure positive is there anything that I can do to improve lead? That’s horrible oh, I think I am what they are looking for it’s not that many redheads you see on TV this day and age It’s true that in fact that I look like carrot top sort of but you know something everyone says I’m way cooler than him Steven what’s up, man? How you doing sir okay? So you’re known as red. Yes, sir. I am and your real name is Steven Yes, sir okay Steven why? Did you enter this competition? I like competition I? Figured what what the heck take a chance? Yeah, have you seen the show I? Honestly, I’ve only seen it a couple of times. I try to keep busy as much as possible I don’t know that much, but you know what it’s all about. Yes, sir. Okay, who you Yes, okay I Counsel new country as well Oh Stephen I’ve heard some weird auditions in my life But I’ve got to tell you that is possibly the weirdest I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean it was It was like a one-year-old singing No, I’m not being harsh Stephen if that’s what it was like I mean it was Weird oh I’m also a little of practice as well to me last time. I took formal lessons was back in high school All right, I would have been struck to say Back, then I was getting always annoying concert Choir you think that would win you this? competition actually with some practice and with uh with Some coaching I can actually win it I think there is just lack of practice in coaching, which is the problem yes, sir Who should be your coach? Well of course I Minh thinks that he knows it all and knows what the hell He’s talking about bring it on what I do bring it on come on you think you’re so damn hot Coach me. I couldn’t she would be like coaching a One-legged man to win 100-meter sprint. You know I may be a great coach, but if you haven’t got it. You haven’t got it Hey the way I see it. Don’t don’t be about it, or don’t hey Don’t think about be about it. All right. Don’t sing it. Just bring it all right Ridiculous if you don’t mind me say hey, and I’m not being rude Yes or no Simon no Paula Sorry Hello, Misha How are you so your whole name is uh? Darwin Misha Reedy, and what are you doing, Misha? I’m a student and a writer. What kind of stuff Do you write I’ve written a novel actually about a singing competition hmm actually there’s a character inspired by u s– i’m Inspired you to enter this while i’ve been watching this show from season one and Actually, my mom kind of encouraged me Alright, so what’s your singing today i’m singing. Don’t you buy the Pussycat Dolls Is your mom here, yes, she came along with you Yes, you want to bring your mom man does that help you yeah, that would be fine with me. Yeah, okay, okay? If you were one of the judges, and she’s sang-woo hi there Welcome to American Idol season six thank you you just need to swap hey you two don’t here So she’s gonna perform this song don’t you have you heard her do that I’ve heard her sing it I do believe in her talent. That’s very beautiful Fact we incidentally both together wrote oh nothing. I mentioned that yes, that’s right Actually she used to dance when she was you know to your music. Yeah, I love your music Everything in her home, but straight up with straight. Oh Don’t you buy the pussycat don’t believe I know I’d stay right there Okay, that’s fine right there great I Know you like me. I know you do That’s why whenever I come around. She’s all Over you and I know you Wanted it’s easy to see and in the back of your And nope you should be on with me Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me? Don’t you know? Well okay, I mean could I try something else could I just do a little bit of Sweet Home Alabama and stuck doing Sweet Home, Alabama Joey okay, I wouldn’t Okay, I’m not being rude no That was apps for me sitting here mom you can come over a polling okay? All right as a mother. Can you stand listening that oh? I think you know she’s you know very nervous. I am I am yeah, I’m nervous sort of son you know Sweet Home, Alabama because she’s Warm up right right? I should have done that yeah girls nice to meet you Describe that moment right then when you first laid out on Jen I have been waiting for this Jennifer Lopez For more years and I can even put into words right now. Oh What are you gonna think? For you, it’s one of my favorite songs. Okay. Do the stool somewhere? Grab that one right there From this time For you Sweetie You’re a sweetheart The vocals you know not strong enough It’s just not dude so sweet. I really wanted your vocals to be where your personality is verges on man Yes, they are I have one On rare occasions, can you split art up into subjective and objective? subjective being opinion objective being right or wrong And this is very easy to say the your singing just wasn’t there so we should vote it’s okay I have to say now Ronald Simon doesn’t know nervous Douglas yeah Yeah, yeah, um can I do like the warm-up set thing or something yeah, please? Dr.. Thomas is gonna play I Just did that as a warm-up wait got it or nothing so that wasn’t the audition okay? I guess I’ll start my addition Alec. Okay, yeah Okay, what do you nursing? I’m gonna. Do I’m living on prayer by Bon Jovi of course, okay? She says we got hold on do what we got Makes no difference if we make it or not we got each other. That’s a lot for love. We’ll Give it a shot Never on a prayer take my hand and we’ll make it I swear On a prayer there’ll be on a prayer What the bloody hell was that this is a weirdest audition man? Okay, I know I was rough on that I know it wasn’t good the wonder About the 2030 notes on that one was wrong yeah Yeah taking a drink of water take a deep breath relax. Why are you bothering with this? Okay Douglas, you know what we’re gonna have to speed it up. Just a little bit because you know why? Saturday so you holdin hands of something new sit well cash so I can throw a couple my composure just like Douglas just keep going round and round where you are Douglas Douglas Douglas I don’t want to hear any more of this stupidity. Well. I said I’m worried about it fuckin screw up like this Well you did and you’re sweating and you’re nervous and you’re walking around it actually just try one song at a time no, and you’ll whispering and more songs and Doing all this strange stuff Wow you really projected on that one I was trying to better yeah Was it you saying it was better no? You projected on that Yes, all right. No one in a million years is ever gonna pay to hear you sing Fuck if you’re never gonna do this the tightness that you were feeling opened up a little bit. Oh come on Force is tight you cannot resonate it can make you Son-of it matters Take you somewhere safe Thank you, they’re gonna take you to a safe place Yes patan okay, my name is crystal. I just I want to hear about your suntan okay I’m singing and I’m tying you by Jennifer no no no I want to hear about your suntan. Oh my suntan yeah Go tanning no But I don’t think that’s the main importance here like nobody is quite prominent You’re 16, and it’s the most Strange look makeup ten. I have ever seen in my life Yeah I’m singing you bye, Jennifer. Yeah There’s no What did your mother think about this my mother She’s so happy for me and even I think I’m sorry either way, but does she encourage this whole look She I think I look good, and I don’t care I mean Gary into bed your individual you have yourself. I have myself And I want to meet your mother Bring your mommy okay? I Need that spectacle in focus See Simon wanted to know what you thought about I wondered where she got her inspiration from now I know Simon Says yes or no absolutely no from me Let me finish a song. We don’t usually let people finish. Yeah, we could hear you’re not ready for something like I know that Okay, nice to meet you nice to meet you Before you went in that room you obviously thought you you had everything that it would take to make it through to the next round I don’t care what they say this is not the next round I’m the next is when I become a sorry American Idol is not in the next round no before you want it you Cared what they would say right? Otherwise you make the videos Are you did she write again on the show right you want to show? But I mean is this most important thing in my life. You know right, but before you went in was it today No, okay But if you would have made it through it it up in know have you to becoming Idol would it be the most important. Yeah You

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  1. The blonde guy isn't that bad but he could work on his vocals just a little bit more, I think he'd have a shot at singing.

  2. If the mother and daughter wore purple, they'd look like Grimace in the old McDonald's commercials. Still today, I don't know what Grimace was.. maybe an eggplant?

  3. Amazing how many deluded people think that if they can memorize lyrics and squeak them out somewhat close to the tune it means they “can sing” or that they sound good. Judges are not looking for someone who meets minimum standards. They’re looking for OUTSTANDING music talent. The Best.

  4. i believe these were all staged for entertainment value. They are all horrible and can't possibly believe they had a chance at winning the singing competition.

  5. I just keep asking myself how on Earth all of these people can be so delusional. What is it, the attraction to fame? I think most famous people would rather have their anonymity back.

  6. So sad that some people THINK they are talented. I can't stop watching. Sometimes I have to run to the bathroom because I'm practically peeing my pants laughing. A loved one should sit them down and tell them they can't sing. People have been telling me that for years and I sing anyway but not on national television.

  7. Why do people think having a certificate/degree in singing means they get an automatic pass in auditions? I've been exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen for 23 years, but I'm not going for hollywood fame.

  8. It doesn’t work when Randy’s trying to be an asshole. Simon is the asshole and he’s good at it—charming even. Randy just comes off as a dicky, unlikeable, fat black guy.

  9. My goodness. If someone told you that you have a good voice, but you're not, they're lying. Ugh!

    I'm glad everyone's honest with me. I'm always out of tune bleh!

  10. “I just like how he touches kids…”

    I understand you’re nervous, but you might wanna rephrase your words next time there buddy.

  11. The last one needs some help to tone it down a little otherwise not bad and she got the look Yeah yeah she got the look yeah yeah

  12. I have to admit that most of these auditions made me laugh but i found it sooooo disrespectful when they crack in front of their faces like that :c

  13. Sugar coating is worse than straight up insults, you're deluding these complete fucking idiots and they're wasting everyone's time by auditioning. Absolutely nothing wrong with constructive criticism.. people are stupid.. but at least I have something to laugh at

  14. I love how nice Paula is. She's so sweet. I want a lady who's got taste and class like that in my life. Very classy! I'm impressed.

  15. The first guy actually have a good voice he's just not good for this competition
    Simon: " I am not being rude but…" *proceed to be rude" 😂😂😂
    Douglas is having an attack hahha

  16. My cousin is like this. He always sings in front of me, and then proceed to tell me how good he is. He sounds like s%#t. It’s so hard to not hurt his feelings, but he gets all mad if you don’t agree with him.

  17. Some people are brill an some entertaining but when i watched this, i felt sorry for them being humiliated, why not be kind about it and not nasty 😣 ..it not all about 💸💰…all humans hurt …sending the best to all even if some can't sing, they got a talent hidden somewhere, just gotta find it 💓…there was no need for what the judges acted like in this program

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