10 Celebrities With Most Expensive Body Parts!

10 Celebrities With Most Expensive Body Parts!

These Celebrities’ Body Parts Are Way More
Expensive Than Diamonds Hello people! We insure our homes, lives and now we get
our phones insured too! But did you know celebrities have their body
parts insured? Don’t we all want to know each and every
detail about our favorite star? So, why not this one too! This trend of getting body parts insured started
about a hundred years ago, led by the first Hollywood stars of the silver screen! Since then they’ve taken a turn to the wild
side for many of these celebrities! Can you guess what will be the weirdest body
part a celebrity has insured? If you start to guess some of the risqué
body parts, you’re on the right track! We’ve gathered some of the strangest, most
bizarre, and downright gross insurance of body parts of celebrities! NUMBER 1. JULIA ROBERTS
For the people who say it doesn’t take a penny to smile, let us tell you that Julia
Roberts proves it wrong! Have you heard of a million dollar smile phrase? She just thought of increasing that value
to 30 million dollars! Shocked? Don’t be! She actually got her smile insured for $30
million and we couldn’t help but stare at her pictures! And right now, we can say that her smile is
quite contagious and we are in awe of her brandish laughter! It’s better to be safe and keep it covered
at all costs! The policy covers her teeth, so you can’t
doubt her top-notch dental hygiene! It’s effin expensive according to our standards! NUMBER 2. MARIAH CAREY
This golden goddess has got curvier since she arrived in the industry! She has got everything that can attract a
million ears to her songs and billion eyes to her concert! Nobody would miss a chance to see this gorgeous
lady burning the floor with her curves and voice! Insured by razor maker Gillette, Mariah Carey’s
legs were protected after she became the spokeswoman for their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign! Would you want to guess her insured value? Don’t even try, cause she has got it all
done for a whopping $1 billion! Now that she has retired, she still wants
to keep her gams in top form! NUMBER 3. CHRISTIANO RONALDO
We know footballers have got to be careful about their limbs and he made sure of that
by a not-so-humble insurance value! He took his leg seriously and got them covered
for $144 million! One of the world’s most identifiable sports
stars also gets his toe and feet covered under this policy! Not only are they protected from injury, but
they’re protected against disfigurement also! “Football in England is different; it is more
physical,” Cristiano told The Examiner. “There are some teams who know they can’t
compete with you on a football level, so they just kick you. It’s frustrating and something needs to be
done to protect the skillful players because one day someone will get seriously hurt.” So this seems like a perfect decision to us! What are your views on this one? NUMBER 4. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN
Another celebrity who got himself insured with Lloyd’s of London insurance company
is this one! The Boss has bagged 20 Grammy’s, an Academy
Award, and two Golden Globes, so it’s no surprise that he wouldn’t want to take a
risk with his voice! And for the same reason, he got his pipes
insured for $6 million! Even though he is also a pro at the guitar,
he knew his vocals needed the most coverage if he wanted to remain successful in the industry! So, if anything happens to his throat, millions
of dollars would be spent on his vocal to get it corrected! We wonder if he does that when he is hit by
She knows her concerts are watched because of her long slender legs! And of course, her voice is magical! Talking about her legs, she sports the cutest
miniskirts, just to slay with her long limbs! The singer decided to insure her famous legs
in case she can’t dance on stage. For her, it’s not worth losing everything
because she can’t use her legs. So, she opted for an insurance policy of $40
million on her legs! And why not? It’s better than jeopardizing your $200
million career! NUMBER 6. J-LO
Remember when Chris Rock joked about Jennifer Lopez’s derrière? Since then, it became one of Hollywood’s
most desired butts. Probably this is what inspired the Latina
beauty to take out an insurance policy on it for $27 million. The policy covers blemishes, excess cellulite,
and medical procedures, whatever needs coverage! It also covers all the damages done to gluteal
muscles. The trend of getting one’s behind insured
must have started with her but the list doesn’t end with her! NUMBER 7. MADONNA
This ageless beauty never fails to make people crazy, even after all these years! And what makes her the most desired woman
is her beauty! She considers here Boom to be the most gorgeous
part of her body and that is what she has got insured! In her measurement of 34-26-34, she has got
her upper 34 insured for $12 million! We all know that this amount is nothing in
front of her earnings! NUMBER 8. RIHANNA
Gillette Razors’s Venus Breeze model in 2007 was then known for having “Celebrity
Legs of a Goddess”! So, her legs did need some kind of insurance! But who would have known that she will take
the big step of getting it insured for a bloody million dollars? The way Caribbean queen breaks it down on
stage with her mind-blowing dance moves, the insurance could certainly come in handy! Her butt, her arms, she works on everything
but her most important asset is her legs! So, getting it covered is the most logical
thing to do! NUMBER 9. DANIEL CRAIGE
When you are about to be a Bond, James Bond, then getting your whole body insured is definitely
the next need! Doing all the stunts, speeding cars, jumping
off buildings, and handling sophisticated weapons is tough and going to take a lot of
toll on the body! So, he thought of getting his whole body insured
for $9.5 million! Just in case he has any kind of injury, such
as broken bones, torn ligaments, cuts, or grazes on the skin! Whatever it is, he has got it all covered! NUMBER 10. AMERICA FERRERA
You ask who is Ugly Betty? Well, if we were at your place we would have
asked the same because America Ferrera is nothing close to anything ugly! Sans braces, she looks darn gorgeous and that
is what made her insure her smile! Her pearls have many hearts melting! She’s got her body part insured with Lloyd’s
of London. When asked about her coverage, she said, “It’s
very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million, it’s not something that I ever
imagined happening.” Nor can we ever imagine that happening! Which of these celebrities got the right body
parts insured? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
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