10 MOST VIEWED American Idol 2018 Auditions | Idols Global

10 MOST VIEWED American Idol 2018 Auditions | Idols Global

All right, hi, how are you? Oh? Wow look at this Connolly? Who are you guys could you introduce yourself? I’m Milo’s Masato, and that’s Julian’s Twins yeah, I’m Joyce passado, and who’s this gentleman here this one pops pop. It’s my son Yeah, yeah, that’s great so listen we wanting you’re both of you seeing, but we’re gonna have to judge you as individuals So what are you gonna sing runaway baby by Bruno Mars? Well lookie-lookie What’s your way up another pretty thing ready for me to grab now? They don’t know she know that I won’t open zip boom lingers at the end on the night Let me think I want you to do so many either young one is that I’d like to pursue Now even though the ring not the palm of my hair. There’s only one killer in there. I gotta share it out Sorry, I stopped you. I was just really good. That was dope Thank you She was she was in it. Yes very serious about music and that’s really cool You’re also like really fun and could you probably be Instagram models, but you don’t need to do that I mean, I’m like totally in and I don’t really inspiring are there two number one spots available Yeah, I know. It’s good what I’m loving now Is that it’s getting really good because we know what’s in the Arsenal over here Yeah, but I like to bring you to and it just mess the equation up completely What was interesting though when y’all were singing together both of you guys were? amazingly interesting 417 and I think they’re gonna have fun sharing a tour bus wow It’s really great Hey, so tell us about yourself I am David Francisco 25 years old I moved to Nashville to do music in 2016 and then I actually got hit by a car And paralyzed from the waist down oh Just three weeks after I moved to Nashville a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned me on my bicycle I don’t remember anything except for waking up in the hospital and Asking why aren’t my legs on the bed? I looked down and sure enough there’s my legs on the bed, but I can’t feel them When they told me that I was paralyzed from the waist down, I thought everything’s over music’s over relationships are over I cried every single day for months Then I’m in bed one night, and I see my foot move just a little Within the next two three months I had a lot of improvement and that continued for until today really I don’t take anything for granted While I was recovering I got a letter from a friend when I heard about what happened to David I was devastated And I’d wrote him. Hopefully encouraging him to not give up at all We ended up reconnecting through the accident I was amazed by how she didn’t seem to be fazed by the fact that I was in a wheelchair He is the most joyous the most energetic the bright light of the room life is so much fun with him And I cry but I also laughs. I think we’re super blessed I’m so happy to stand by his side being on American Idol is huge because this is the next step trying to reincorporate myself into real life and Then maybe I could send a support myself with music This lovely lady is my fiancee Yeah Graduations, honored to be here really let’s hear you sing let’s do it. Well the song. I’m gonna Do is isn’t she lovely yeah, let’s hear Nice very good yeah, so isn’t she lovely thank you so much Isn’t she puffy isn’t she wonderful Isn’t she pretty Less than one minute oh I Never thought the love we’d be Making one as lovely is she but isn’t she lovely Isn’t she pretty Truly the angels best boy, I’m so happy I Can’t believe what God has done to us. He’s getting a life, too So very lovely Hey Stop stop Stop Bring it bring it. I’ll come to you An inspiration to us all First of all I’ve lost my voice, but like I’m just watching her and like yeah, how I love she is You know it is the blessing of life. Yeah is your spirit If you lose your spirit, you’ve lost everything you are an inspiration, and I’m gonna tell you something I want you to be very proud of yourself Thank you guys he can get here Good to see you you know, what did we say you’re going to Hollywood? You got I want to get that golden ticket more than anything on earth. I’m ready for it. It’s mine I’m gonna get it hoping she’ll bring even more. He is our next contender. My name is journey I’m 18 years old and I’m from Denver, Colorado I Started singing when I was 2 I started writing music when I was 7 For a lot of my life. I was hiding how I felt and I wasn’t being myself and I needed to take the time and Figure out who I was and what I wanted to portray myself as so I stayed in the house I didn’t perform much at all and It hurt Opens at times I would be dating guys just to test and make sure I’m not missing out on anything It wasn’t until my freshman year that I knew for sure that guys were not for me They’re not my cup of tea so I came out to my family who was extremely accepting and it’s just been rainbows pun intended ever since I Actually, met my soul mate my wife Ashley at a party we always say we started dating the first day We met she proposed to me on this big pretty waterfall, and we ended up getting married It’s kind of what? My wife’s a soldier in the army, and she’s actually set to deploy soon I’m so proud of her because there’s a lot of people that wouldn’t be able to go out there I know I wouldn’t be able to go out there and do that My wife’s a huge supporter of my singing it means everything to me to make her proud she really helped me find myself Really knowing who I am is giving me the chance to change my entire life And hopefully inspire someone else to put their full life and dreams out there as well It would be amazing to get through to Hollywood oh I love you so much. I miss you Tell us who you are and where are you from my name is journey, I’m 18 I’m from Denver, Colorado So what are you gonna do for us tonight? I’m gonna be singing rise up by Andra day. Oh, yeah, that’s gracious. Okay Well all right You’re broken down and tired of living life or Merry-go-round and you can find the fighter fighter But I see it in you so we go walk it out in new Mountains we can walk it out and Mountain Hello rise up. I like the way the rise up in spite of the egg It’ll do a thousand times again for you For you For you Thank you very much listen that’s fantastic journey, what’s your real name journey what yeah? No, yeah, really. Yep. Don’t stop believin. Huh every time that bad joke Maybe there is a story in your name that you had to go on a journey to get to where you gotta be because You’re just like a little bird. You just sing so effortlessly. I believe it gosh thing I think you are wildly talented I want to see you kind of come to life and your body a little bit more, but I think you have arrived Vocal command is just everything to me I I’ve always Marveled at people who can just sit there and make a run and every notes perfect going down the run. I’m sitting here amazed Thinking yes, Katie. What desert me. Yes. Yes journey has arrived You are now on a journey because you’re going to Hollywood my dear. Thank you I’m excited to get her ready now rise I am. I’m ready take a look kill it more difficult thing that You see when you sing that effortlessly Kind of makes the judges mad, yeah Makes us mad a little bit didn’t come to make you mad, but I can’t really stop myself We’ll see you out there in Hollywood. Thank you. My darling. Okay. Say hi Daddy Can I please hold him oh, yeah It’s a real, baby What’s his name Rashad Rashad My name is Marcia Donaldson. I’m 28 years old I live in Compton, California growing up in that neighborhood There’s a lot of shooting a lot of substance abuse a lot of people who did not even see the age of 13 years old Growing up we lived in a roach infested apartment my mother tried her hardest But Children’s Services end up placing me and my sister in the system saw our own refuge And my music I was like oh my god. I would love to do that one day just Saying it gave me hope But you know how they say you know the cycle repeats So it started off with my mother in the system, then me in the system And then my sister had a child She couldn’t keep him drugs played a big factor in there Because she couldn’t take care of him the police and the social worker they came to my home They brought him here’s this week old, baby Sorry They said you have to decide if you will keep this child oh He goes in the system Sorry I looked at listen. I’ll take him I Didn’t want him to go through what I went through I Had no idea what I was doing, but he’s actually a real gift It was the right decision I know He’s changed my life See you changing lives dad even mine Now I’m not only performing for me I’m performing for my son. I want to show him What a man could really do When you step up to the plate I? Want to give him a better life old is he six months I got him when he was a week old Are you kidding me? Man? You’re a good human. Thank You wonderful. I applaud you. I applaud you I applaud you try not to cry because I’m about to sing some stuff. What do you got sing for us, man? I’m going to sing Jealous by at Lambeth labyrinth yes It goes nothing I’m jealous of That falls upon your screen It’s closer than my hands have been oh I’m jealous of the rain I’m jealous of the way That ripples through your clothes It’s closer than your shadow oh I’m jealous of the week And I wish you The best stuff ah This world kadhi And I told you When you left me there was nothing left to forgive But I always saw you come back Tell me that all you found Dores Heartbreak and misery It’s hard for me to say I’m jealous of the way You’re happy without me Very good young man very good Very good young man. That was quite moving and you have range my friend He loved it He’s like I’m saying a thousand yeses right now Man your voice is a real voice, and that’s that’s what we’re after man the real voice Is it technically perfect nah man, but it’s real mm-hmm You ride that horse as far as it’ll take you I think you’re a really sensitive emotional beautiful vulnerable soul I Think we’re always looking for people to sing with their feelings, and I really like that from you I really liked your delivery I like who you are And I think it’s perfect what we need here on American Idol should we take our don’t you take a boat? I’m a yes Fantastic Katie tell me your vote Absolutely 100% yes, yes for me congratulations is a yes for me Pick up your prizes we did it daddy gonna work That’s an incredible stand up man god bless You daddy you see this now. It’s time to work Thank you guys and a great care. My name is Noah Davis. I’m from Royal, Arkansas, and I’m 18 years old Hmm, okay, wait can you just say where yes, I know Wait I feel that already. What is waves me no. It’s not your language. It’s just for us wag. We’re on here We’re here together. I love you. I love you so much Noah yes, sir you’re blushing just a wee bit you think so no way But it’s precious great you you get Katy smiling Yeah, I just want to know a little bit about your life, because I think you’re great I grew up on a little farm But I felt like you know cities calling me. I’m a shitty person and so it’s been awesome being here in LA This is my first time in LA is it all that you come and dreamed it would be All I wanted it to be and more that’s course. What would be the first thing you would do if you win American Idol I would buy an alpaca Or multiple lots of them why why They’re adorable. They’re adorable home in YouTube Alpacas running, and you’ll understand you’ll want went to you. This is like your American dream You’re gonna sing your heart out for months and all you want is now pop I mean I want other things but like on the top of the list is in our past at the top of the list yeah so like the alpaca can experience the rest of it Lord God is proud did you know what an alpaca chased me around a Friend of Mines backyard and I was done with the alpacas scared that sounds actually wonderful well I am ready for my wig to go flying. I hope it does go flying out of this room. I hope it guys I’m gonna sing Stay by Rihanna and play some piano for y’all Sorry, y’all ready Betty. Okay. You’re not gonna. Let me know what wig means All right Y’all ready Wegg wig, I’m ready Hog it was a fever a cold sweat hot-headed believer Someday She said if you dare come a little closer Around and around Now tell me now tell me now tell me now you know Not Really sure how to feel about it something in the way you move And it makes me feel like I can’t live without you it takes me all the way I want you to stay I said I want you to stay stay Just gonna hug this gentleman get up Noah, please okay, hey man I’m really I mean really really, please please Right there ladies and gentlemen Big Snatch Sloane, Oh out the door it’s in Arcis it’s in, Arkansas you don’t want to back Oh what the hell Wang means If you want an alpaca you can have an alpaca I Like unbelievers, that’s why we did No, man he’s intimidating See Some are calling it the worst rendition of the national anthem that’s gone viral on YouTube Before a nationally-televised major league soccer game in a stadium packed with 22,000 fans well just listen Ah You were 11 yes If you search the worst national anthem mine is the very first that ever pops up next to Christina Aguilera and Roseanne Barr cells like You-know-what at legal. My name’s out there like something. You know what all right. I just got to change perception Yeah, my name is Harper Grace. I’m 16 and I’m from McKinney, Texas My family and I have always watched American Idol ever since I was little I would sing so loud that they could literally not even hear the TV after I did the national anthem I Created this dream board and it has all the things that I want to Accomplish when I’m older and the things I want to do one of the things on that dream board was to try out for American Idol and maybe win so this is my chance to make one of my dreams come true so your thing about This is I literally almost made that fall down, I’m sorry Oh Okay How are you? I’m good. I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I went to bed at 4:30 this way. Oh my goodness Katie where honky-tonkin no no she I just put on four different face masks how to meditation Talk to my psychic gave myself a b12 shot did Kundalini Yoga, and then I went to bed. I love face masks So who are you? Children we have somewhere here, we go now. What do you have on the poster there? This is my dream board put this together when I was 11 years old one of the things that I said was Move to Nashville and then try out for American Idol, maybe win yeah, let’s uh, let’s hear you sing Awesome, okay. I’m gonna sing an original that I wrote perfect Got a girl loaded he don’t even know it, but I’m about to go sail him now You have pink sounds opposed and powerlines covered every single inch at this town, and then I’ll go back a relaxed Tear feed it. Yeah, I got tagged trash bag Retail That’s a really well-written song a good line chorus is really well written What was the big? What was the line toward the end of the course? Like real details in that song the parallels were fabulous and first sixteen. That’s a great song alright. Can we get one more? Okay, this is young dumb and broke by college So you still thinking of me just? I cannot give you everything you know I’m so high at the moment I’m so caught up in this Yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke We still got love to give while we’re young dumb young young dumb and ro young young young dumb and broke young young young dumb and Broke young dumb broke high school kids yeah That was it thank you Thank you. Thank you. Thank you you have a great voice. Thank you Yeah, I love the quality of your voice in fact. I even know you know That you have the kind of voice enjoy here. I don’t think your voice has seen its ultimate you know potential for sure but I think you’re kind of like a dream for Hollywood to be able to kind of Carve out, thank you. Can I see her? What do they call it a dream board your dream board? I’m sorry. Yes you Sam Where’s this one? That is American Idol one right there, okay? Maybe we’ll cross the maybe No and we’ll add going to Hollywood Oh my god, gratulations. That’s a yes for me. Nothing. Yes for me. It’s a yes from me What’s your name Katie with the senior Katie with the K and I already think this friendship off to a great start I don’t drink coffee Or any caffeine. This is just pure like adrenaline like let’s let’s hit it Let’s go, okay Pull your head hop back just a little bit more than I throw it to the side there, so We can put some money in it Alright, you guys ready. Oh, yeah. I have a question um Do you write your own songs? Yeah? Yeah, I wanna hear 21st century machine. Yeah, 21st century machine It’s kind of about how Media affected me when I was an impressionable young child and kind of like my bitter knits to it But it will also sound like a gosh darn genius Here’s the intro People on the airwaves always preach who I should be how to dress how to talk baby how to Breathe we get artists use they’re limber fingers to pick pictures or girls are to Spider Man City Tell me this is all in illusion or II I’m just a cog in the 21st century machine It’s the least In the 21st century machine And carrion Yeah, okay That is such a good song you’re a spectacular Songwriter I love where your mind’s eye. I think man. Let’s just comment. Yes, Katie saying it you are interesting and brilliant beyond your years Yeah, I love you the sound of your voice every once in a while. You know a a Martian lands and We happened to see the Martian. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see you all right? I’m just fascinated with your brain and your writing is Crazy great, okay? So that’s my that’s my kind of take a vote do you have a cell phone or? You have Instagram and all that do you read all that garbage Yeah, yeah, she Scrolls. Just go yeah. I’m saying yes You don’t go and read anything. What people say about you because I don’t want the outside world to mess with your beautiful brain Strong weight is what it’s your answer. I am actually pleased to say for my first time out Yes absolutely I Think your point of view is very fresh and necessary You understand what it means to be a female this day and age, and I love that so you’re going to Hollywood Smart I got three yeses I’m kind of getting emotional. Just thinking about it. It was long It was really nice well congratulations. Okay, how does that feel to cuddle that hug that and be with that golden ticket? It’s like my child. I just wanna it’s just want to cradle These are good priorities No not the corn cob, I get the Cochran come come on through oh oh not yet What’s your name my name is Mara, and how young are you I’m 15 years old oh, yeah when reborn 90 I don’t say mm mm – If you have to door what does that leave me come on stand up please let Me just say to my judges just wait yeah, okay, it gets worse. I’ll be so lucky now You’re 15 years old so this show has been around for 16 seasons. It’s older than you Why are you auditioning now? Well, I’ve never really been old enough to audition for it true But you know I remember when I was a little kid you know around the TV It was my dream to audition for the show unbelievable. Well. What are you gonna sing for us um? I’m gonna sing love on the brain by Rihanna great. I love that song all right And you got me Whatchu And not try to buy you’re pretty hot for the rights to baby You love So you can pull me together I’m thrown me games Baby you got me Don’t want to stop laughing me don’t quit And I Think we just need to hear all together now. Let’s go to Hollywood It’s great you got it go get out of here Howdy hi Excuse me one second uh Oh Oh What are you doing over there? It’s a surprise. You’ll see oh I’ll see you’ll see so tell us who you are. My name is Michelle sassette. I am a singer of course I’m from Miami. I’ve been in United States for three years, and three months. I’m originally Born and raised in Venezuela so you’re from Venezuela Venezuela yes Venice teach me the proper way Venezuela Venezuela there you go, yeah Yeah, go that was very good. That was very good look. So how will you stand out in this competition? How are you gonna? Sure he does, but God is gonna say. Thank you. Well I consider myself a show woman I’m here to make people dance laughs and enjoy music and make them have a super super happy moment. Okay well Let’s see some of this entertainment sure Sienna now by La Paz vamos a gozar She Penan adore me but I can’t wait I got a kid baila baila see but I Still read numerous, but a desk inside yes the violence party Okay you guys you ready Hey All right you covered everything covered Some things you have to do for the business Very good. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it There are things a man can’t unsee The best dancer Listen Michelle. You’ve got so much head spa a lot of people come in here with a lot of fear You’ve got none none, and you’re not annoying. It’s like cute It’s fun And you know you make people happy and that people love that Wow I don’t think we have anybody that sounds like this at all Not that does it that will and you that is your style that is who you are and love your personality Let me just tell you you are a welcome sight So we’re now awake for sure. Oh yeah, you can see yeah, yeah, you have some gravel in there And it’s gonna be a force to be reckoned with let’s move Yeah, you have a yes for me, and I can’t wait to see where you go. Thank you I think that you can sing it’s obvious is it gonna be able to highly compete in This particular competition. I’m not sure, but I think you’re fearless and that is so fun Yeah, so it’s a yes From me. I’m a yes. I’m a yes. I’m a yoga you’re going to Holly Hello hello guys, how are you? How you doing fantastic thanks for having me good lord your dreamboat Yeah, my eyes lit up. What’s your name dreamboat? My name is Trevor Holmes, and I’m 27 years old and I’m from Thousand Oaks, California. What’s your story? Do you work? I’m actually doing construction right now, which not fond of but I’m doing it to help support my mom she suffers from lupus So I’m a part-time songwriter part-time construction worker wanting to be full-time musician But sometimes you got to pay them so hot This is a real I mean here’s the thing like only hot guys are typically named Trevor is that right yeah? Well, that’s like one of the names Trevor He’s hot he does construction on the side, and he loves his mom I do very much, so Trevor yes, ma’am don’t call me ma’am. I’m sorry. I’m just I respect you so much don’t You Katie this is the man you need listen you’re not going to Hollywood. Maybe you can just come here Are you engaged no cool? I? Do have a girl oh I hope you can save Katie is cheering for you. I Can’t count the times almost sitting with some eye And just the other day I wrote down all the things I’d say Just good Baby I know you oh So he goes nothing in case you didn’t know Katie I’m crazy I would be lying if I said I can’t Even move I Don’t tell you all the time you had my heart a long time ago In case you didn’t know oh Okay Okay, okay, let’s get down to business. You’re cute and all but It’s just kidding You guys go I can’t talk Katie can I tell you something really quick? I have literally had a crush on you I’m sorry buddy. I’m sorry, but you have been my literally my crush for oh, I’m sorry I had to get off that off my chest all joking you sob. Just dig in a little more on your voice Every tool you got at some point instructions Which think Ronald got to have things be awesome because the competition Other than that I find nothing wrong with you at all. Thank you so much. There’s nothing wrong Thank You Katie I said Trevor your girlfriend’s out with the girlfriends outside. How about it folks? So much, I can’t thank you enough teach me how to be hot again wait wait Okay, he’s gone. She’s heart broke – alright. It’s alright. How are you so he walks in and I’m like you’re a dreamboat She’s her eyes are doing whirlybirds We’re just we’re just thank you so much, that’s great yes Just like throw away see sound of your lives well, you know they say if you love it let it go, and then it’ll come back and Marry you My friends are not gonna believe a bet Katie’s. I don’t want to say in love with me, but she Katie thinks I’m cute This is the best day my my parents were divorced when I was two years old and I mainly live with my dad When my mom left, it was really my dad who stayed there to support me constantly every performance I had every audition I had to go to he was there to give me those encouraging words my dad is my best friend forever I Could never be here without him he’s my ride-or-die and literally my ride because I not old enough to drive yet You know I got you back. I’m always behind you push it. I love you This opportunity means the absolute world I want to make my dad so proud you got this How are you come on how are you guys? Fantastic tell us who you are my name is Alyssa raccoon and Anne you can call me ragu like the sauce I’m from Orlando, Florida I’m a sophomore in high school, and this is all I ever want so who came me with you I came here with my dad. He’s my og that’s a good thing. I mean ever since my mom moved away Uh you and I are best buds like this this amazing though, so what do you do for a day almost is never enough? Bonnie Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes Wow very good I’d like to say we gave it a try I’d like to blame Maybe we just wanna ride That’s a lot We gave that’s wrong Sizzler So close to be If I would have morning me the way I’m going Very good Take that deep breath and take a bow Okay listen Sound that good at 15? You know your voice is still gonna grow. It’s gonna grow until a 21 All of my hairs on my legs I want to go and shave my legs now they just grew an inch and a half Cuz I full-body felt you were seen so I’m a believer in you It’s like you’re so easy on the ears, it’s just oh My god. This is all I’ve ever wanted Wow You’re top ten yes Okay, so now let me tell you where we are okay at 15 years old This is not supposed to be happening no, but I’m very excited to see where you’re gonna. Go. Thank you guys so much You’re going to Hollywood Okay, yes for me. Thank you guys, so yes from me. I’m getting you me III don’t know how uh? Thank you, and you go see your daddy, okay? Guys of the oh gee Thanks They must be real proud of that first shirt I’m going Hollywood Baby I love it because sometimes there’s cute girls And they’re not going anywhere without saying hi you get a cute girl to say hi to you Has a racket already come on have you kissed a girl and liked it no I’ve never been in a relationship really. I can’t kiss the girl without being a relationship Yeah, wait hold on you You can’t What on the cheek You didn’t even make the smush, okay, okay, okay? Come on and he fell down That’s a first Yeah sing for us now all right might have been the kiss of death Do you have any any water by chance why what happened to get nervous He’s still trying to recover from the kiss, but do you think? It’s just I I kind of wasn’t expecting if we get Benjamin walk give him some water give the boy some damn scope and breath mints and Are you gonna be okay Benjamin all right? That was a major deal. I mean that was oh, yeah, that was your first kiss was Katy Perry you understand me. That’s oh? That’s going up on the bridge. Oh What has this show turned into all right, let’s let him sing Lana, let’s let him go for it Well, I’m know We could get high yeah, this doubles your love. Yeah, this bubble suit you love and don’t know We could get hired This bubble suit your love, and I keep on climbing up all These flames keep rising make a stop drop and roll. It’s just a bottling up that Lightning is supernatural Let him go run Johnny get in the door. Go where they all couldn’t go throw up I know I just think you need to hone your craft a little more get a little better at singing, so I’m a no Benjamin I really enjoyed meeting you today you gave my heart aflutter Stop it. Yeah, I think you’re really sweet truthfully. There are some people that are just out singing you right now You know and so I don’t think it’d be fair to put you in that kind of competition You know next time. We’ll just take a little bit more time I think you were a bit rushed and maybe that goes because I sped up your BPM of the heartbeat yeah Benjamin Let me just say to you that you’ve won. Everything today. Hey you need to practice yeah, and 19 years old I promise you you come back here about 21 and Do me a favor kiss the cop Dracula. I was gonna say kiss a couple bands Okay, and you put it on us again, but I’m gonna give you a no, but you’ve already scored major You

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  13. That girl that sang Rihanna the guy play the piano, when she hit the keys., His face was a picture he was like fxxking hell girl you sing it sing it girl..so good.

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  15. You know before it was like you go on this show to embarrassed yourself now these judges are so so good and they encourage the contestants!

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