11-Year-Old Teaches Cedric The Entertainer, Danica Patrick And Kelly Clarkson How To Crochet

11-Year-Old Teaches Cedric The Entertainer, Danica Patrick And Kelly Clarkson How To Crochet

– Grab the longer one,
just pull it to your hook. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Got it. – Huh. Cool. – Oh, like you pull it like that. – Yeah. I’ll just quickly
finish up this one. – Oh check it- oh- what! Oh my gosh, do you just sit there and watch TV and do that? Like it’s something like, you… – Yeah. (applause) – Oh my gosh! – Finished! (applause) – This one’s mine. – Mine just seemed to
slip out of my hands- – It’s not that hard, guys. – And fell down. – It’s not that hard, guys. – It’s not that hard guys! (laughter) – All right, well, Jonah, I heard that you brought us some gifts,
which is very sweet. Do you want to show us? – Yes I would! – Okay, I heard from a
birdie- a little birdie. I really want to keep
this, can I keep this? – Okay, so… – (gasps) I hope one is mine, – The second- – I don’t know what’s gonna be mine. – No peeking yet! – My daughter’s gonna die
if one of them’s mine. – Starting off with a hat for Cedric. – All right… – All right! – Nice, man! – Beautiful. – I made a scarf for you, Mindy, – Thank you! – in beautiful ocean colors. (applause) – And then for you, Danica, I made a pair of fingerless gloves. – Oh, that’s nice! – I made them fingerless since yarn doesn’t make good racing gloves, so… – No! – What- what about that green and gold thing you got in there? – Oh, well, first, I gotta finish the gift for you (laughter) – I thought this was
like a white elephant. – A matching headband. – You trade out – A matching headband. – That’s beautiful, thank you! – That’s awesome, dude! – And also, I just happened to make a Packer hat for someone you might know. (cheering) – Yes! – She’s gonna steal it from them! – Go Packers! – Whose is this? – Oh, um, well this last one is made in certain color for your logo, – I love it! – and it’s a big afghan that I only used my fingers for. – What! – Just the fingers. – Wow. – No hook! – Oh my God! Thank you, you are such a blessing!

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  1. I love that young man, Kelly you should have him back on to do some other crafts. He’s T.V gold and completely natural 💖💖💖

  2. I'm a fan of Jonah and of course Kelly both are absolutely adorable and I subscribed but wanna hear Kelly talk more I also crochet not as well as him tho

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