5 Celebrities Who Shockingly Killed Before!

5 Celebrities Who Shockingly Killed Before!

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that celebrities
commit crimes like murder and drunk driving because in most cases, celebrities are supposed
to be role models as they are constantly being watched. Number 5 Don King was a famous boxing promoter who
was known for managing Mike Tyson. Little did you know, Don king has killed not one,
but two people. The first time Don killed someone was in 1954 in an act of self-defence,
which was quickly cleared, as the judge found it to be a justifiable homicide. The second
case, happened when a man owed Don $600, and instead of waiting to be paid back, he beat
the man to death. King served 4 years in prison for manslaughter. After his clearing, he became
involved in the world of boxing and still face many other lawsuits. Number 4 Laura Bush, once the first lady of America
from 2001 to 2009, killed a highschool friend of hers when she was only seventeen. This
happened when Laura and a friend were in a rush trying to get to a cinema screening.
She ran a stop sign and went straight into an intersection striking Michael Douglas who
was also 17 at the time. There was insufficient evidence on the case, so they were never charged.
Laura blamed the crash on the fact that she and her friend were chatting, causing her
to be distracted from the road. When Laura became first lady, this was never brought
up, because any submissions to newspapers related to the case had been declined. In
2010, Laura finally opened up about her killing of Michael Douglas in her book. In her book,
she explains how this tragedy caused her to lose all of her religious faith, and deeply
affected the majority of her adult life, and that the guilt from Michael’s death kept growing
as she never attended his funeral service. Number 3 Jayson Williams was a former player in the
NBA who played for the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Nets. While playing for
the Nets, Williams was sentenced to 5 years in jail for the murder of his Limo driver,
Costas Christofi. Christofi was killed while Williams was giving a tour of his 30,000sqft
Mansion. It is reported that Williams was playing with a double barrel shotgun at the
time but he hadn’t seen that the safety switch was on and that it was loaded. The
gun fired, and struck Christofi in the chest, killing him almost instantly. The witnesses
testified that Williams tried to cover up his murder by putting the shotgun in Christofi’s
hands, making it seem like a suicide. Williams later pled guilty for the case and made a
public apology to Christofi’s family, in addition to paying over $2M to settle the
lawsuit against him. Although, this was not the only charge against him, after this event,
he was charged for assault for participating in a bar fight and charged for driving intoxicated
and crashing into a tree. He received an additional year in prison and a $16,433 fine for causing
damages. Williams was also tased by the NYPD in the lobby of a Manhattan hotel for becoming
very aggressive with officers and displaying suicidal thoughts, while being intoxicated
on both alcohol and drug. Number 3 Phill Lewis, most famously known for his performance
on the show “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”, acting as a hotel manager was also
charged with manslaughter back in 1993. The incident itself happened in 1991 when Phill
crashed into the car of 21 year old Isabel Duarte. Lewis was also charged with drunk
driving, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but the judge suspended 4 years of his prison
term. While in prison, Lewis was involved in a prison-based theatre group that went
to schools, churches, and even other prisons to perform acts that showed the dangers and
consequences of drug abuse. After his release, Phill had 2 years of probation, and 350 hours
of community service to complete. Number 1 The most recent, and shocking of all the celebrities
on this list, Caitlyn Jenner, who is famous for her appearances on “Keeping up with
the Kardashians”, “I am Cait”, and her cover on the Vanity Fair Magazine, has also
killed. In February of 2015, Caitlyn Jenner rear ended a white lexus in her large Cadillac
escalade, causing a second crash, this one being fatal. The white lexus skidded-off into
the opposite lane, and hit a large hummer. That collision Killed 69 year old, Kim Howe.
Kim’s stepchildren are carrying forward a lawsuit against Jenner. There is a video
that shows the whole collision which can be viewed from the link provided in the description
box below. Jenner has not been charged with any crimes, as the case is still being investigated.

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  1. caitlyn is a she..end of story..
    your opinion is invalid & it doesn't matter anyway because she will live the rest of her life as a happy and free woman..๏ปฟ

  2. Can you do a Top 5 Failed Predictions to the End of the World? Also put viewer discretion advisory cause they might get scared or something

  3. okay at the time of the crash, caitlyn was legally named Bruce so regardless of anyone's views on her gender reassignment, the person responsible was Bruce Jenner.

  4. "Caitlyn" Jenner is not a woman and will never go through the things a real woman will have to deal with. Quite frankly, that fact that he's calling himself a woman should be taken as a massive insult to women everywhere.

  5. You made this seem like they deliberately murdered someone. More than half were just unfortunate accidents that they had no control over. (the car accident ones when they were NOT intoxicated). So I don't feel that those ones should be on this list. But A plus for using Caitlyn's pronouns correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. "Caitlyn" Jenner will never be charged for murder because if "she" is then there will be a huge debate about it because "shes" a "transgender"

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  8. wow so many transphobic pieces of shit in the comments complaining about them calling Caitlyn by her correct name and pronouns. like she may be a pretty shitty person but you should always respect someones name and pronouns

    yaknow what? good on you top 5 unknowns. As a transgender person such as myself, it's good to know that even though the other people here are assholes, you're still doing the right thing

  9. Whether you think she is a man or not, she has legally changed her name to Caitlyn. So those commenting Bruce can stop, because you are wrong.

  10. I never liked Bruce Jenner. Am I supposed to respect him after his surgery? I'm just curious because that seems to be the mindset right now. A 'fucking hero' my ass. I hope I didn't offend the butthurt generation.

  11. Why are people so against Caitlyn Jenner identifying as a woman? I'm not saying she's the greatest person in the world (this video is evidence enough), but why is it so hard for you to just refer to someone as a female? I get that it might've been a publicity stunt, but even then most of the people saying that still probably wouldn't use the correct pronouns for a trans person. There are in fact studies that show being trans is a real condition, so don't go crying BUT SCIENCE!!! Until you've read that research. And by research I mean actual research, not whatever bullshit tumblr is spouting now.

  12. I really hate the fact that Caitlyn Jenner got away with what she did. She thinks she can get away with that just because she's famous and has money? Disgusting. Someone push the Kardashian-Jenner family off a cliff already

  13. I am not surprised about Caitlyn Jenner. Honestly, she is a Kardashian. End of story. They're the useless shit of America's lowest, bottom of the barrel "celebrities", and I'm still pissed that she received that "woman of the year" award. I don't care if you think her sex change was a publicity stunt or not, I DO still consider her a woman. However, gender identity and sex changes don't make people heroes in and of themselves. The first award to a trans woman SHOULD have gone to one of our brave women in the armed forces, or one who ACTUALLY faced hell to be who she was meant to be. Not the fucking HOMOPHOBE(seriously…wtf??) who spawned the human carrots we know from the Jersey Shore. Of COURSE she killed someone at some point! Accidental or not, it doesn't matter.

  14. Lol that intro "Sometimes is hard to believe celebrities commit crimes; like murder & drunk driving" no, its not hard to believe at all..

  15. The Kardashians and Jenners are stupid anyways and are the bane of all human existence. It makes me sad to see our generation is so desperate to be like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

  16. even somebody who knows about the NBA usually wont know that Jason Williams. That Jason Williams was not the real one who identifies as (White Chocolate) who played for the Kings. That guy ain't even famous.

  17. Serious Question for those sticking up for Bruce's gender change. (Not making this post to flame anybody) Did you guys watch that video of him rear ending that lady? Can you honestly say that you would be so supportive of the change if that was a loved one of yours that he rear ended? I respect transgender people because frankly I really care less and I have the same attitude with homosexual people. They're not bothering anybody so why bother them. My problem with Bruce is that he is getting away with his actions. He somehow turned into a poster child for the Transgender community and is called a hero while this case is still pending. To me this guy is scum and I simply refuse to acknowledge him as a woman because I have no respect for him.

  18. To everyone saying "omg why can't you just treat them like who they want to be, they're not bothering anybody" The thing is, they actually are. Demanding the rights of a gender that they aren't biologically is nonsense. If you are a man and you want to be a woman and be called a woman FINE, BUT, anything more than that is your problem because nobody wants or should have to cater to any sort of want or need past that. Just because there's a huge movement these days to attempt to normalize that bullshit doesn't mean that they do not choose to join in and demand rights that they shouldn't have, and the fact that they make that choice means that they have gone too far and deserve the backlash they get. So all of you idiots who support these unequal rights by basically saying their feelings come before everyone else's are so ridiculously in the wrong. You deserve the hate you're receiving.

  19. I'm sure even in prison celebrities have it better than the others in there. Especially when they are put into protective custody because of their VIP status. Kind of like Anne Bolin before she was executed.

  20. Caitlyn Jenner got away wih. Celebrities always do. I'm mad that HE won the courageous award. Slap in the face to the family he ruined!

  21. Has anyone given any thought to the idea that bruce isnt reeaaalllyy transsexual in his head ( some people really are..) but maaaybe his sexchange is part of a mental bbreak and/or illness, stemming from his inability to cope with what hes done? Another possibility is that maaaybe his sex change will make people forget about him killing some lady, cuz you know his sex change is soooooo heroic and all, but actually, calling 911 or giving cpr would have been the correct heroic response

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