5 Indians who became famous overnight | Best of 2018s

5 Indians who became famous overnight | Best of 2018s

We always wanted to become famous. We dreamt of photographers running behind
us for a glimpse or sharing the same frame with celebrities. Social media has a power, while it may troll
famous people to pull them down, the platform can also make overnight celebrities out of
normal people. From the girl standing behind Shahrukh Khan
to the guy giving unnecessary relationship advices, social media can make people famous
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if you haven’t and hit the bell icon to be a part of our notification squad. Today, we are looking at 5 Indians who became
famous overnight in 2018. For this list, we’ll be looking at people
who became social media sensation overnight, because of their good timing and luck or just
because of any reason. 5 Hanan Hamid Hanan Hamid, a student from Kerala, caught
the eye after images of her selling fish to support her education surfaced online. However, she faced a severe backlash for selling
fish in her college uniform, with several social media users questioning her intentions. While some poked fun at her, others were abusive. Controversies aside, the news reached Kerala
CM Pinaryi Vijayan who invited her to his office. Vijayan not only praised and encouraged the
21-year-old but also chided the trolls and said that we should support the young girl. Hamid hit the news once again when she donated
Rs 1 lakh from her own savings to the Kerala flood victims. She gets the 5th spot on our list. 4 Sanjeev Shrivastava Creative and fun-filled dance videos at weddings
are nothing new on the web. The ‘dancer uncle’, Sanjeev Shrivastava, from
Madhya Pradesh, became famous overnight after a video of him shaking a leg to a Bollywood
song went viral. The video was shot during the sangeet at his
brother-in-law’s wedding ceremony in Gwalior. After viewing the dance moves by Shrivastava
on social media, everyone from politician to actors became a fan of him. He later got a chance to dance with his idol,
Govinda and got an opportunity to be on the set of Dus Ka Dum with Salman Khan. He gets the 4th spot on our list. 3 Somvati Mahawar One of the best memes of 2018 was the “Chai
Aunty” memes. And the lady behind it was Somvati Mahawar. Somvati Mahawar became the talk of the town
with her video offering a cup of tea saying, Not only chai, Mahawar even offers watermelons
and mangoes to eat. She often shares her latest purchases and
even seeks the opinions of her fans. She has uploaded over 400 videos, of which
several went viral. She has over 28,000 followers. She gets the 3rd spot on our list. 2 Priya Prakash Varrier Priya Prakash referred to as the winking girl
of India. Priya Prakash Varrier became Internet’s
obsession in February after her wink went crazy viral. The song of her upcoming film, “Oru Adaar
Love” went viral on social media and this 30-second video became meme material for all
the good reasons. From 121K followers, her account shot up to
5.8 million followers on Instagram overnight and she was named as Google’s most-searched
celebrity in 2018. Soon after, she was seen at many events and
various advertisements too. Her popularity shows the real power of social
media. She gets the 2nd spot on our list. 1 Dhinchak Pooja How can we forget this sensation the cringe
pop queen? Dhinchak Pooja started uploading her singing
videos on YouTube and people started noticing her for her off-beat music and lyrics. But she went insanely viral on the internet
with her song ‘Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj’. This video has over 37 million views on YouTube. Her fame also led her to the controversial
TV reality show Big Boss Season 11 and Entertainment Ki Raat. She has over a million followers on her YouTube
Channel and other social media platforms. For her fame and insanely getting viral, she
gets the top spot on our list. So, these were our picks for 5 Indians who
became famous overnight in 2018. Did we miss any? Be sure to comment down. Thank You so much for watching. Write it down in the comments if you have
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