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he’s Adam Lambert up-and-coming I’m Adam
Lambert I’m 26 years old and I’m from Hollywood California I’ve been singing
since I was about 10 years old I started doing musical theater my parents put me
in there cuz I was hyperactive and I made a lot of noise and I had way too
much energy and so they had to find an outlet for me and I loved it I decided
to come out and audition for American Idol now after watching it the past
eight years and you know I’m like oh I want to do that I want to do that this
is like a big chance for me I want to go out there and fearless Lee just give
them a show yeah hi don’t be scared I’m not scared Adam hey
Adam Adam Adam how are you our next I don’t I think so really he’s been on the
cast of wicked yeah yeah good thing for us well hear me Rhapsody yeah so Rock oh
it’s a favor they’re cool mama just killed a man put a gun against his head
pulled my trigger now he’s dead mama life is just become you know I think
you’re a really good singer thank you I think you’re one of the most diverse
singers we’ve heard thank you I would agree my opinion toward is worth I think
you are theatrical is he a good singer though
yeah a good singer if he’s a good singer do we put him through at this point each
individual vote yes to me you are a good singer okay
I actually think it’s time probably currently for somebody like you think
okay Randy yes or no I’m gonna say yes I like this guy thank you okay all right
thank you what are you saying so hurry what are
you saying yes yes yeah well listen come on
like it’s like pulling teeth I was gonna say yes before he said yes if that’s
what you are you saying yes you know what
theatrical yes but you got a good voice and for right now that’s what we’re
looking at okay well you go three yeses I saw you when I was 10 my any blowing
kisses in the way I was like 10 he’s awesome he’s the best be seen in every city will
see it thank you thanks a lot congratulations Adam I’m going to
Hollywood I’m going back home to Hollywood I made it I have a very unique vocal style it’s
like pop rock meets Broadway meets jazz and R&B it’s a very unique combination
of all the three at least that’s how I would describe it I’m going to walk in
like I’m confident no head up highs threaten my stuff
not too much threat though because that looks tacky I want this so bad there’s
no way that I’m not gonna get it that’s what they always say in theater hello
Mary hello very good are you doing to the tea
right okay your name is Mary Roach however if I do make it to Hollywood I’m
gonna change my last name to Guilbeau because it has more star quality Mary
Guilbeau that’s right GUI LBE aux what do you do well I plan on going to
cosmetology school at the end of the month unless I make it to Hollywood then
I’m gonna cancel my plans because I would much rather have a singing career
than a hairstyling career even though I very much love hair and makeup and
fashion as well and why are you here I’m here because I want to be the next
American Idol and I want to make it to Hollywood and it’s been my all-time
dream for a long time to become a big famous singer and performer and this is
just one way to do it if I make it what are you gonna sing I’m gonna sing I feel
the earth move by Carole King when you look at me I’m bowing down I feel my
heart start trembling when you near me and turn don’t call my
hair and now that my emotions serves an account and turns you have I thank you how do you think he did not too shabby
box out of ten like out of 1/10 scale how do you think I think I did eight all
right Mary honestly one of the boys I’ve ever heard in my life the worst yeah
honestly are you just saying that to get on my nerves are you totally serious
because something tells me that I think you’re saying it to annoy me
but what made you audition for this competition all my friends told me that
I was an awesome singer what Mary you can’t sing a note I mean not only can
you not sing a note in tune you have one of the that the weirdest voices I’ve
ever heard in my life well weirdnesses originality – well yes
good point well you know at least I’m not gonna walk out if you’re crying like
some people do no I don’t want you to marry or be like hey whatever yes yeah
would you like me to thing like myself I have a ton of different voices right
well what were those you don’t want to hear him give a lot of voices huh are
they talking all the time yeah I think so what are they saying now they’re
saying I didn’t know the judges on American
Idol would actually think I was terrible they were also saying mark McGrath is a
hottie they’re also saying um oh y’all look different in person I pictured you
to be bigger I you’re prettier than I thought you were you look thinner than I
thought you were the soundtrack to this section I think should be violin music
Mary I think we’re just gonna say no and wish you lots of luck a beauty school
yeah definitely you seriously think I’m one of the worst
things you’ve ever heard I actually do Mary yeah yeah thank you thank you
really thought I was gonna make it to Hollywood and I can’t believe the
outcome but whatever Amy Manny thank you thank you
thank you so much again ever I’m gonna just go to beauty school
that’s all good I’m not gonna lose or what I do I’m not
gonna lose I’m not gonna start crying I’ve heard from many many many different
people that I have an amazing voice all my friends have told me that I had an
amazing boy Brandon people I don’t know told me that I can really sing
so all that would tell me that they’re wrong but still the fact that they said
that that doesn’t make me want to pursue any kind of thing in career not unless
I’m gonna be a lead singer in a rock band now I want to say a big to Simon
and Randy and Martin Grethe even though he’s a hottie I won’t deny that although
I’m not gonna say Paula because at least she was nice and at least she was sweet
she’s such a sweetheart and I can’t say anything bad about her oh we’ve got off
her chest meri collected herself enough for one
last performance I know I gave you but you know you lad said we weren’t right
you insisted we were wrong why didn’t my personal um you need me to explain with me hey
yes the turn okay um my name is crystal um I just trained I want to hear about
your suntan okay um I’m singing and I’m telling you bye Jennifer
no no I want to hear about your suntan oh my suntan yeah I go tanning no but I
don’t think that’s the main importance here like nobody is quite prominent I’d
know about this how you’re 16 and it’s the most strange look makeup ten I have
ever seen in my life yeah what are you singing I’m singing
and I’m telling you by Jennifer Holliday yeah yeah yeah you’re saying you’re the
best man heaven no there’s no way I can ever go please what did your mother think about
this my mother she’s so happy for me and even I think I’m sorry either way but
does she encourage this whole look she I think I look good and I don’t care I
mean you’re into bed you’re individual you have yourself I
have myself and I want to meet your mother
bring your mommy okay I mean for us hi mom how are you see Sammy wanted to
know what you thought about I wondered where she got her inspiration from now I
know yes or no absolutely no from me let me finish a song we don’t usually let
people finish yeah we could hear you’re not ready for something okay nice to
meet you nice to meet you before you went in that room you obviously thought
you you had everything that it would take to make it through to the next
round they say this is not the next round I
mean the next round is when I become a sorry
American Idol isn’t that in the next know before you win it you you cared
what they would say right otherwise you made the videos or you get on the show
right you want to get show but I mean is this most important thing in my life no
right but before you went in was it today no okay but if you would have made
it through with it up in No have you to become the idol would it be the most
important oh yeah look Anderson Hollywood Anderson
Hollywood Anderson yeah I don’t know they got that right but they totally
coming here and just what are you going to sing today it’s original call my best
friend I wrote about a girl with the college wit and fell madly for and I was
in love with her that’s zero there she goes she’s the one for me we got my mind made can say she’s my own
and all she’s my everything she is my seasons and a reason she’s my
son machine my wants and she’s my spring that’s why she took all the pain you felt it I felt
it yeah from the first note I went oh I just was like oh god I love it thank God
so much oh so good how beautiful that was it’s how you interpret the what
you’re singing yes you wrote it which makes it so much I’m so sorry to cut you
off right now I was like I want that song I want to record that song tomorrow
but the way you I don’t want to I just want to hear you sing it there were so
many dimensions to what you just did like every phrase had its own angle on
tone color and on texture and that was pretty easy so interesting elicitation
emotional really good unquestionably the best audition today the best audition
last two days and possibly of the last run so for City you’re very talented
thank and this isn’t about money right this is about music this is about
passion this is about love I’ve been living in New York about two years now
I’ve been homeless Nami slept on trains my dream I just learned how to play
guitar like a year goes gift it to me that coming house who gave you the
guitar norm lot she’s out there because of the guitar I’m here today and
I hate you playing a guitar do you like Stevie Wonder hey we just
said how are you I’m Harry gin Adam hi more plums
no I’m they’re all famous I know you’ll watch TV that often first of all
congratulations to you for being so dedicated in the work that you do thank
you it’s a formality but I think we should
vote anyway right on congratulations that’s
beautiful good job stop it Oh did it oh no big dog it’s so good
baby it’s so good fantastic you go out to all auditions like this no
just this one let me Teddy’s smart wait for the guys I
just sort of turn around yeah that’s good Simon you want to see anything else
absolutely fine yeah right Katrina what are you gonna sing Donnie treating me
country destiny carry me through desperation to the one that was waiting
for me beautiful you still I believe and now the one I needed would find me
eventually I had a vision of love and it was all too given to me thank you all
right cool yeah let me kick this one off yes I can’t allow them to say yes
without something then why why not I think that you have a lot of potential
I’m gonna say yes okay honestly and this isn’t cuz you’re a beautiful
girl and I don’t want this to come across this book she was angry because
she’s beautiful I’m young I honestly you don’t have the chops to
sing that song sweetie and your beautiful girl but that was a big song
but your administration wasn’t any bad she said that yours was not the trainer
on this oh yeah what’s her first and last name cuz I Trina Dara cuz we just
nobody was top and bottom here’s the deal
welcome to Hollywood welcome to Hollywood she really does have a very body this is
you like really thing to say we just want to sort
of stand here by the pool so I can make out with him idle and the yellow ticket
was sure off the Hollywood so why do you think the judges put you through the
Hollywood Katrina what do you think they saw in you um I think it was my boy
yeah and the bikini and how are you swimming so good well then I feel guilty
saying you should jump into the pool right but it is hot you take a swim
we’ll take a break okay and we’ll come back

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