Aladdin – Ep 308 – Full Episode – 21st October, 2019

Aladdin – Ep 308 – Full Episode – 21st October, 2019

Master, the path beyond
the door is ridden with difficulties. You..
You stay here. I shall deal with those problems
and come back. Genie of the Lamp do not go anywhere.
– What! Father is fond of making
a chicken out of me.
– I love chicken! Well.. Just ask him
to make it spicy because I just love spicy food. Try and understand
what I am saying. He will make me crouch like
chicken as punishment. – What! He loves to punish me.
I do not want to be punished. Do not leave me and go.
I cannot live without you. Master, what are you saying? You are the minister
of Baghdad. You are the would-be king
of this universe. No one can punish you.
or harm you in anyway. I shall be back in a jiffy.
– Listen.. Do not leave me alone. Did master not find a better
time to express his love? We are losing on time, Master.
So, I should go. I am sorry, Master.
I am ignoring your command but it is for your own good. To ensure your safety
in my absence I will make necessary
arrangements. I shall let nothing wrong
happen with my master. Let him be covered
by my enchanted bubble. I will be back in a jiffy. He has come over here too. He left already? Good bye to my old inferno. Welcome to my new inferno. Very soon, every second child
over here will say there he comes to destroy
the happiness and peace of our nation. Look! Iblis, the demon, is here. Master!
– Mother! – Master.. Master, wake up..
– Master, wake up. Jhumru, how is stopping master
going to help? You have but one power
and that is to create illusions. Do use it sometime.
You, lazy servant! Oh, Chand! Even you have
1,500 years of experience. What are you preserving it for! You can only talk big,
you old man! Stay in your limits,
you lazy servant! Oh, Chand,
match up to my height first. We’ll talk about limits
later. Father!
Father.. Father, just look at me once. Father, I am not a child
who you can punish. I am the minister of Baghdad,
Father. This smoke creating the
illusions is spreading rapidly. and Master’s condition
is getting worse. Father, forgive me. What do I do? That is enough. The only thing that will
spread now is my magic. The wicked monkey has crossed
every tree and every wall. May there be a magical whirlwind
in the Golden Tower. My magic will free
the golden tower from this magical smoke. Then this illusion creating
smoke will lose its power! Let me free master first. What is that? Jhumru, why are you
holding my hand? And where are Chand
and Yasmine? Chand.. You are very sensible then why are you
following the illusion? Master, playing pranks
is a different story. But he must have his own way
even in a serious situation. Chand.. Chand. What are both of them
arguing about? And where is Yasmine? Father.. Father.. How did I come here? The demon, Iblis escaped and you kept watching him. Master, listen to me first. Then you can scold me
all at once because there is something
important that you don’t know. Speak up.
Say it. Master, the key
to the second door of Raaz-e-Kainat.. is with the demon. The demon left and took the key along. I feel like
banishing you. Where did he go? Where did he disappear? I don’t know. People of Baghdad.. Sleep as much as you want. Because here on, neither
will you be able to sleep nor will you all
be at peace. You shall be destroyed. There will be destruction. And death! Iblis.. Why do you run around
so much at this age? Breathe.
Take it easy. Jhumru, I am just
10 years old. You were fighting like
cats and dogs a while ago. What happened
suddenly? We were arguing? When? Let it be.
We have to find Yasmine. Let us go. We were arguing.. Jhumru, Chand,
let’s go. We are coming.
– We are coming. This means, Zafar
was not making this golden tower in the memory of father
or to gift it to me. That means,
he was lying to me. I made a big mistake
in recognising him. My suspicion was right. Have you gone mad? That is Zafar’s voice. A broken vase,
glass even a broken heart can be mended
but not ill luck. B-But, Master.. Yes.
I am right. And ever since
you have come to my life all you have done is bring me
misfortune and ill luck. What are you saying? I am telling the truth. Even if the demon, Iblis
would not have appeared you would still have
lost the key to the second door. But, I did not
do anything. That is what I resent. I resent the fact
that you did not do anything. ‘I did not do
anything.’ The door to Raaz-e-Kainat opened
after so much struggle. Then why did Iblis.. Master, his name is Iblis. Whatever his name is..
Iblis, Baiees.. Whatever his name is.. You are my Genie. How could you let him escape
with the key? You know that he is
very dangerous, right? Wherever he goes,
he will spread destruction. This news will reach
the princess. She will come to know
that I am involved. What if she comes to know
about all our secrets? Have you ever
thought about it? But, master, what could I do?
I was helpless. The demon had spread
illusion creating fumes inside the tower. Even you came
under its influence. But, master, why are
you blaming me? I always stood by you.
And yes, do not forget that you are here
because of me. The illusion creating fumes
has not affected you and not me. You foolish genie! Do you think I am here
because of you? Listen to me carefully
and get it loud and clear into your head. The lion hunts its prey
by itself! The lion hunts its prey
by itself! I am a lion. I did everything.. I did everything by myself. I was the one
who trapped Aladdin. I was the one
who got him immured. I was the one who misled
and fooled the princess. And I was the one to win
the emperor’s trust. And I was the one
who killed him too! Why? Because someday,
I wanted to be the emperor of Baghdad of this entire universe and of Raaz-E-Kainat! You are absolutely useless. You are a black spot on the name of
the clan of genies. All you have is a small brain
and a big paunch. Why are you staring at me?
Think of an idea! Should I?
Let me think. Yes!
Master, I got an idea. We came here long back. The sun would have risen
by now. Before anyone finds out
that you are not in the palace we should go back. You are right.
– I am always right. No..
Just ignore it. It is quite late.
We should leave. ‘I was the one
who trapped Aladdin.’ ‘I was the one
who got him immured.’ ‘I was the one who mislead
and fooled the princess.’ ‘And I was the one to win
the emperor’s trust.’ ‘And I was the one
who killed him too!’ Both of you tell me
why you were arguing. My experience of 1,500 years
says that Genie and Zafar might have opened the
first door to Raaz-E-Kainat. That must have cast
a spell on all those present in the golden tower. This is a bad news indeed. On the one hand, Raaz-E-Kainat’s
door is about to open on the other, Princess Yasmine,
who has been missing. We must find
Princess Yasmine. Whenever Zafar comes here,
he visits this side of the Golden Tower. He would have gone there first.
I feel even Princess Yasmine would have followed him
over there. Let us go. There is no one in
here. And where is Yasmine? Do you think Yasmine learnt
the truth about Zafar? Master! Look.. There is light radiating
from there. What is that light?
– Jhumru! There was radiance
during the good old days. but this light is coming from
the first door to Raaz-E-Kainat. Are you sure that’s
the first door of Raaz-E-Kainat. Oh, Lord! The first door to Raaz-E-Kainat
has been opened. So, Zafar has taken
a first major step towards the destruction
of the world. Where are Zafar and Genie? The bigger question is,
where is the princess? This is Yasmine’s dagger. That means, she was here. Maybe, she knows the truth. I also feel the same, Master. Master, until we hear it
from her we cannot be certain. If she knows the truth she will have many questions. She’ll be angry, sad, guilty..
She might be overwhelmed. I hope she take no
wrong decisions and puts herself at risk. We have to find Yasmine,
right now. But the door
to Raaz-E-Kainat.. Later. First,
let is find Yasmine. Yes. ‘Princes Yasmine,
the emperor met Aladdin’ ‘and Aladdin misbehaved
with him.’ ‘Aladdin got furious
and he attacked the king.’ ‘How dare you kill our emperor!’ ‘Arrest him!’ ‘The masked thief
has been spreading terror in Baghdad along
with this genie.’ ‘Princess Yasmine shall punish him.’ ‘I, Princess Yasmine of Baghdad
sentence the masked thief’ ‘Aladdin to death.’ ‘Yasmine, there is someone
who killed your father’ ‘and framed me for his murder.’ ‘The culprit wanted you
to be helpless and alone’ ‘for his benefit.’ ‘I know who the murderer is.’ ‘Ask yourself.’ ‘Do you think Aladdin could have
murdered the emperor?’ ‘I am innocent, Yasmine.’ ‘I never lied
nor did I betray you.’ ‘I truly loved you.’ ‘I sever all ties with you!’ ‘You deserve a punishment
worse than death.’ Some sins are so grave that even a lifetime of regret
is not enough. I have committed a grave sin. God blessed me
with a true friend and a lover whom I killed because I was
blinded with anger. I.. I trusted the person who is the biggest enemy
of Baghdad. He’s my father’s murderer. And I did not trust my friend. Because of my scepticism I destroyed the lives of my father, masked thief and myself. I had another chance
to atone for my sins when Aladdin had returned
as a spirit but I refused
to trust him yet again! I.. Oh, Lord! I snatched an innocent
and brave son away from a mother. I..
I killed Aladdin! Aladdin! If she has really learnt
the truth about Zafar no one can save Zafar
from her. I am worried about Yasmine. She knows the truth about Zafar. Zafar will not be spared now. Before Yasmine finds Zafar,
I have to find Yasmine. Zafar had Genie
and Yasmine could be in danger. Zafar should not learn the truth
so soon. Master, I know you are worried
about the princess but you need to be composed. All of us
have to be cautious. Princess Yasmine already knows
the truth but no one should learn
the truth because of us especially Zafar. Our motive..
– Jhumru.. Jhumru,
this concerns Yasmine’s safety. For Yasmine’s sake,
I could sacrifice not only pur plans,
but my life too. Both of you can go and search the tower thoroughly. You might find a clue.
Okay? Go on. I will go to the palace
to look for Yasmine. We shall meet there. Chand, master is concerned
about finding the princess and he is ignoring the fact
that the first door to Raaz-E-Kainat
is open. That means, the destruction
of the world has begun. You destroyed everything!
It’s all ruined! I swear to God,
I am furious at you! The most powerful genie
in the world. Oaf.. That demon got away
with the keys which lead to the second door
of Raaz-E-Kainat! Where do we find him now?
Tell me! M-Master, we’ll find him.
We shall find him. How! I know how to find him. ‘My master is a dry thorn’ ‘and I am thriving rose.’ ‘I summon the book,
Raaz-E-Kainat.’ Do you think I will find
a solution in this book? You might find a solution.
I am not sure. Genie of the lamp! M-Master, we can learn
about that demon through the book,
Raaz-E-Kainat. When we learn about that demon it will be easier to find him. ‘Tell us about that demon.’ ‘Who is he?’ ‘Where has the demon from?’ What happened? Do you know where he is? What is wrong, Genie?
Why have you turned pale? What is written in the book,
Genie? Will you speak up! Y-Yes, Master. The key possessed by the demon leads to the second door
of Raaz-E-Kainat. Through the second door,
the third door can be found. When a person makes it
to the third door he has to face.. That person has to face
the most dangerous and powerful sorceress. That sorceress is Malika. That sorceress is.. Malika..

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  1. That's what I said Baghdad will be destroyed by Iblis but Ali won't let that happen. Save your family Yasmine and Ali

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