Aladdin – Ep 352 – Full Episode – 20th December 2019

Aladdin – Ep 352 – Full Episode – 20th December 2019

Master, fear not. I will tell you what to do. Go to the princess. Give her these beautiful flowers
and tell her that these flowers
are the proof of your love. Masked thief,
instead of these flowers had you got some onions,
I would have accepted you. Well, good that you did not get
your useless servant, Jhumru along with you. Snob, actually Jhumru is busy thrashing Gulbadan. That’s why I had
to leave him behind. How dare you hit me!
– How dare you call me useless! I will definitely
call you useless. After all you are one!
– Quiet! Shall we discuss about Ginu
if you both are done fighting? It is too late,
and he has not returned yet. He should have returned
by now. Oh, this indigestion!
I-I mean, restlessness. Do you know something, master? Even your mom
has come to know about Ginu and Genie Meanie. And she approves it.
– Is that so? – Yes. ‘Aladdin, she is so beautiful!’ ‘She is not scared
of anyone either.’ ‘The daughters of Baghdad
can do anything for Baghdad!’ ‘They can even sacrifice
their life.’ ‘She is so beautiful,
and so pure at heart.’ ‘She is the right match
for you.’ Mother! It is indeed too late.
Why has Ginu not returned yet? I hope..
– What is it, master? I hope Zafar is not venting
his anger on Ginu because the golden minaret
got melt? – What! Master, please agree. I agree that one of the paths
got blocked. So what? We’ll find another way
to reach Mallika, the magician. Oh, Lord! Please do not stare at me
like that. I feel shy. Genie of the Lamp! Do not scream loudly.
I will become deaf! Calm down.. I have some important work. I will finish it
and come back quickly. I will be back in a bit. You seem to be in a hurry. Are you not? Y-Yes. I should not waste your time. Thank you.. You want to go somewhere, right?
– Yes. Then go ahead.
– Thank you. Your lamp! Master, what are you saying? I told you
that I would help you reach Mallika, the magician,
did I not? W-We will find
some other way, master. But I-I will support you,
master. W-What are you saying? I-I will help you. I will obey all your orders,
master! Go back.. – No, master.
– …inside the lamp. No..
– That is my order! What are you saying?
I-I will help you, master. I will help you
reach Mallika, the magician. I will find another way.. Get inside.
Get inside! Did you see
what happened here? Everything, My Lord. Not just this.
My sinful eyes have witnessed a lot of things earlier too.
Before I could inform you I was frozen
in the winter storm. What did you see?
– My Lord, actually that Junaid is not a human. He’s some weird creature. He keeps changing his form
all the time. At times, air comes out..
I mean a black smoke comes out
from him, at times. That’s enough.. ‘I can kill this woman,
right now, if I wish to.’ ‘But at times, the wicked people
are definitely of help.’ ‘It’s hard to find
the most wicked people’ ‘in the world, these days.’ Listen. Whatever you witnessed
should remain to you. Okay.
– The secret about my Genie should remain only to you. Come on, Minister,
what do you think I am.. I mean,
what do you think I am? I do not let
my dear husband go anywhere. So, your secret..
Jinn? J-Ji..
– J-Ji.. Jinn?
– Not Jinn, but Genie. Say it softly, Genie.
– Oh.. My Lord,
I swear on the gold coins I am so happy.
All this while I just had a doubt
if Junaid is a genie. But by telling me this truth you have won
your special person’s heart. My respect for you
has increased. My Lord is the genie’s master. My Lord is the genie’s master. My Lord is the genie’s master.. Say this a bit more louder so that your voice reaches
till the third floor. Okay. Sure, Minister. Minister..
– Quiet! ‘She’s just not understanding
the matter.’ ‘Neither Gulgule understands,
nor she does.’ Listen. Do this.
– Okay. I can give you anything
you demand to keep your mouth shut. My Lord,
I swear on the gold coins. God has blessed me
with everything. But if you insist you can give me
that unattended ornament studded with diamonds
and Emerald. That’s it. Which ornament?
– The one that’s special to you that’s there inside your coat
and is clung on to you. That’s the one. This reminds me of my defeat and my destruction. I do not want to see this. Listen. Take this with you.
– Ah! I swear on the gold coins.
Once I touched this ornament I felt some shock. But I do not feel
any such thing. What kind of a magic is that? My Lord will you be lost
in your thoughts or will you even give me
this gift that I deserve? After several years amazing! The Emerald
belongs Baltish Dynasty. Baltish Dynasty.. Raaz-e-Kainat! And Mallika, the magician! How are the three of them
related to each other? Anyway I will figure that out. I haven’t lost the battle yet. I haven’t! The tower stands destroyed but before being destroyed it showed me the way
to achieve my goal. It’s been so long. Let me check
in Zafar’s chamber. Genie could be there. Listen. Today I am very happy. And I want to share
my happiness with you. Take it.
It’s all yours. Oh, God! I swear on the gold coins you have made me
so happy today that I bless you
from the bottom of my heart that may God make all
your dreams come true. God’s will. ‘God has no other option.’ ‘Now I will go to Baltish’ ‘to renew some old bonds’ ‘from the past’ ‘and find out about Mallika,
the magician.’ What is this? I thought, after the destruction
of golden minaret this scoundrel
will just give up. But seems like he is going
somewhere. Where is he going after all? What is the matter? I should follow him. No, rest of the things
can be dealt with later. First I need to find Genie. What is this? Aunt is here. Where are Minister Zafar
and his brother, Junaid? They have vanished. I mean, they have gone out
regarding some work. Have they gone out together? How does it matter
if they have gone out together or with soldiers or the whole kingdom? Why do you care? What do you mean? I mean, they have left and now I will leave too. Goodbye. Genie was not with Zafar and he is not here
in the room as well. And until now he hasn’t
come to meet me. Where could he go? Zafar. Snob! The entire day got over. I knew that
though you would be late you would surely come
to apologise to me. Yasmine, Genie is missing. What?
– Yes. I have been searching
for him since a while. While searching for him,
I reached Zafar’s chamber. I saw that Zafar was leaving
for somewhere in a hurry and Genie wasn’t with him. I am worried. Even the team
is looking for him. I think my friend,
Ginu is in a big problem. Masked thief,
don’t you worry. We will look for him. Come on.
– Where? To the person
who might know where he is. Let’s go. Even after so many years you recognised me. I already knew
about your arrival. Who told you? The spies? No. The jasmine oil
you have applied. I stopped using it
many years ago. But, I can smell
the stench even today. You are insulting me. Now that you’re here,
bear it. People living
in a ruined palace do not make fun of others. Your face
and this palace are ruined just
because of you, Zafar. I don’t have time
for casual talks. And you have
nothing important to talk about. Then why are you here? For this. My ornament! Your desperation for power
finally brought you here. I am glad
that finally you are here. But unfortunately,
it’s too late now. Do not worry about that. Just guide me
as that’s what I’m here for. To find a way you need to open
your eyes, Zafar. Think about it. and try to remember the mistake
you made many years ago. And apologise for it. Maybe then you will
find a way to reach Mallika. Apology? Yes, apology!

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  2. 0.54 piyas le aate was ridiculous fun for me. And we all need piyas instead of ful or any such other gifts. Who agree hit like ???

  3. Zafar ne jinu ko cirag me bad kar diya or aab muje lagtahai ke aladdin hi jinu ko cirag se wapis nikale ga or zafar ik murane mehel me gaya hai wo kon si jaga hai jaha parso pehle zafar ne kuch to kiya tha ab zafar ki pichli zindghi dekhne ko mile ghi ke kese zafar itna kamina hua hai…Aladdin jinu ko jaldi cirag se nikalna mere dost

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