Aladdin – Ep 353 – Full Episode – 23rd December 2019

Aladdin – Ep 353 – Full Episode – 23rd December 2019

Just tell me the way
to find Mallika. Open your eyes and try to recall
the mistake you committed. many years ago. And seek forgiveness for it. If you do that you might find a way
to find Mallika. An apology.. Yes.
Seek forgiveness. ‘If I have to fake an apology
to get to Malika’ ‘I shall do it.’ Are you thinking
about faking an apology? When you left,
you were a liar and you’re still the same. How did you know
about my intentions? Well, it’s very obvious. Anyway, I know you very well. I know how wicked you are. Come on, apologise to me
even if you don’t mean it. I am ashamed about what I did, many years ago. Very soon, I promise to atone for my actions. That rock could
have fallen on you, Zafar. Are you going to hurt me? I would feel bad if I get
disturbed when I am asleep but I won’t feel bad
about hurting you. I will feel bad
if my nail breaks but I wouldn’t care
if you get hurt. And I..
– That’s enough! I get your point. Let me make something clear. It won’t be easy for you
to see my face after your betrayal. But you will get
what you’re here for. I am glad, the snowstorm
has stopped in Baghdad. Yes. Everyone can cook
in their homes. – Indeed. Yes, why not? Princess! Greetings.
– Greetings, ma’am. I heard, Junaid comes to you requesting for dishes
cooked by you. What are you making for him,
today? Princess, I am waiting for him. Every day, he comes to me
with several requests but he didn’t say anything
to me, today. He might be busy
with the minister. So, he didn’t sent you any
message nor did he come here. Yes. What happened?
Is he all right? I don’t know, Mom.
– What! Junaid might be busy. We shall go meet him. Thank you, ma’am.
– All right. Will you help me in finding Mallika?
– Yews. I will. But you need to do something
for me. I can do anything to find Mallika. This is a magical mirror. Since many years, my rage,
sorrow and my dark powers are trapped inside this mirror. If you free the dark powers
from this mirror it will show you the way to Raaz-E-Kainat
and the sorceress, Mallika. Really? You have to do this
within the next three days. If you free my dark powers from
this mirror, within two days this mirror will show you
the way to Mallika on the third day. That’s perfect. I am ready. Amazing. Thank you. A whole night passed,
we searched the entire kingdom all the corners of Baghdad.. We went to your
old house as well but where did he go? I don’t know, Yasmine but I know that he’s in trouble. Faster! This is the place
where I can find way to set free the evil powers
from the mirror. Today, you’ll know
the true meaning of mirror. What kind of a disgusting
person has come. After staying alone
for so many years I saw such a disgusting face! Look at your face as well. I very well know that you can take me to the Sorceress Mallika. I can. I will. Or not. It’s my wish. Listen I need your help. I really do. Goat! Listen to me. If you will let me
torture the humans then I will help you. Then do it. Do how much
ever you want. Just take me
to Sorceress Mallika. You are getting afraid as if someone
showed you a mirror. No, your foul smell.. My poison. It will merge in this world gradually. This mirror will change
everything. People will look at the mirror.. And keep doing.. Really? Humans, your
woeful time starts now! Show me this.. This looks good. Show in black colour. Show me that.. What is this? What’s this? What will happen? What bad is going to happen..
– Oh, God! What is this?
– What will happen to us? We just got saved
from the cold cyclone. Looks like, our city is
haunted by dark omen. But what is this? Leave all this. If you want to save
your lives, then run! Run.. Run fast.. Oh, God! Run.. People do well
for others with misery and you.. And you are making
enemies in open. One cloud each
after everyone. The cloud!
– Oh, God! What kind of
a problem is this? Let us go from here. By the way, what is
happening here? The definition of enmity
of this mirror is a little complicated. It will take you time
to understand. It is going to be fun. Everybody will be
in trouble.. I mean, grave trouble. Grave trouble? What sort of a problem is this?
– We are in grave problem. My husband has turned
into a pigeon. I thought, you are
a donkey. But you are a pigeon. W-What will happen
to me? What will happen?
I will be with you. You just have to feed me
grains, instead of ‘Biryani’. Okay? No.. I have suffered a huge loss
due to the snowy storm. Rubina and Sakina
have left. And Naazneen
has come back. Now, Naazneen will
smash my face as I was talking
to both of them. What should I do?
What should I do? Yes.
I will not go home. If she is fatso, then I am also strong. ‘Why are the clouds
on the ground?’ Oh, God!
My wife is a fatso. My son is a fool.
And I am a pigeon. No. No,
God! Don’t do this. You find this funny. Mustafa, this is me.
Would you go out with me? Who are you?
Rubina? I am not Rubina.
I am your Rubina. Rubina. Run.. Why did you bring me here? I thought, you wouldn’t be able to see things clearly. That’s why, a mirror
never lies. You must see the
definition of oppression of the mirror, closely. Wow!
What a view! But why are you turning them
into a pigeon? There are only two
breeds in the world who always make noise. They are very ordinary but they consider
themselves very special. Humans and pigeons. It’s not fun to make
humans into a human. That’s why, I am turning
humans into pigeons. Whether it’s a mirror
or heart, it breaks. Like I am upset
with the humans. I am very happy today. I would attack
this kingdom again, tomorrow. Because everybody
would have become pigeons by tonight. I would make Baghdad
the land of pigeons. Wonderful. Anyway, I don’t like
to see the worthless people. Hey, fool! My name is Zafar.
– Listen, fool. I hate everyone equally. Stay away from these clouds. Otherwise, even you will.. What nonsense! I swear! If I did not have to go
to Mallika, the magician then I would have.. I better leave this place. The group has checked
the entire palace. Sana and I, checked
all the streets of the city. But we did not find Genu
anywhere. I wonder where he is. I hope he is safe
wherever he is. But where is he? We must calm down
and then think. What would Zafar have done
after the golden minaret his biggest dream
got destroyed? Master, he must have vented
all his anger on Genu. Maybe, that scoundrel must have
punished Genu in anger. What!
He punished my G-Genu! He punished my Genu! Genie Meanie.. Do not cry, Genie Meanie. We will find Genu.
Do not lose hope. Master, I do not know anything. I want to meet G-Genu.. Genie Meanie, do not worry.
We are searching for Genu. We will find Genu.
Genu is absolutely fine. Genu! Oh, Lord! Genie Meanie
will be in a very bad state if we do not find Genu soon. Zafar, the scoundrel
is responsible for all this! When everything
was about to become normal he creates a new problem. We had fixed
all the problems in Baghdad with utter difficulty. But he created
a new problem. He must have vowed not to let us
live happily even for a day. Scoundrel! Do not cry, Genie Meanie.
We will find Genu. Genie Meanie, do not worry. We will find Genu.
Trust me. What is this? First, dad stopped me
from going ahead. Now, this cloth is stopping me.

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    We want Malika now,

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