Aladdin – Ep 356 – Full Episode – 26th December 2019

Aladdin – Ep 356 – Full Episode – 26th December 2019

Princess, how did this pigeon
get in? What am I going to say to her
now? It seems to be troubling you. Let me chase it away.
– No! This is mine, Lady Ruksaar.
– Is it yours? I mean, every creature
that dwells in Baghdad is mine and they are
deeply troubled at the moment. Actually, the sky of Baghdad
is overcast with toxic clouds
which are turning people into pigeons.
– Good Lord! The poor things seems
to be scared. That is why,
he flew into the castle. Poor thing. I wonder whose ominous glance has befallen our land. That’s wretched old Zafar’s! Oh, dear! Princes,, you might find this
ridiculous but I think this pigeon just
said something. Of course, it did. It talks a dime a dozen. Sorry? I mean, it is a pigeon. It must be cooing. That’s what they do. You have not told me what you summoned me for. Would you like something to eat? Princess, indigestion! Indigestion? Sorry?
– Indigestion.. This..
It said something again. No.. Actually,
I think something I ate did not quite agree with my gut. Could you give me something
for it? Sure.
Please come. Come with me.
Quiet. You idiot, why didn’t you
tell me about this indigestion drama
before? Princess, when Aladdin
was a child he often ate wrongly
and way beyond his appetite. Then, he would suffer
from indigestion. This is the medicine I used to
make for him. It worked wonders for him. Here you are. Lady Ruksaar,
I shall have it later on. Delays will only aggravate
your problem. Please drink up,
it does not taste that bad. Look. Please have it, it is nice. All will be fine now. Yes. All will be fine now. Oh, dear! Well.. The pigeon looks hungry. Let me get it something to eat. God! A mother always
takes care of her son even if it is unknowingly. I-It said something, did it not? Lady Ruksaar could you give me
more of the medicine? I shall have it again
in case the indigestion does not settle down. Yes, I will.
– Thank you. Please have it
with some lemon juice. Thank you, Lady Ruksaar. Princess? Do you have any news of Junaid? I have not heard from him
in two days. I am feeling nervous. I hope he is not in trouble.. No, Lady Ruksaar. I am sure he is fine
wherever he is. He might be travelling
for some urgent work. Do not get worried. Just think positive and all will be well. Princess. You reminded me of Aladdin. He always did the same.. Enough with my banter now. Please take rest. Yes, Lady Ruksaar. Thank you. Why did I feel as if that pigeon was trying to tell me something. And the voice
seemed familiar too. I think I should also take rest. Aladdin! Why did
you have to speak so loudly in your mother’s presence? What if she got suspicious? Oh! Sheikh Ginu! How have you been? Are you all right? Do you know what all
has happened in your absence? This pigeon.. It is Aladdin!
– I know that. This is Aladdin, my friend. I knew my friend was
in trouble. And now, I will leave
no stone unturned to teach Zafar a lesson. No, Genie! Now nobody will allow you
to finish your talk. Genie, I am with you. Masked Thief, you only keep
waiting for the right time. Hey! – How dare he’s to do this? He made innocent people
and my brother a pigeon. Brother! How did he do this without
your help? All these things.. – Even I’m
not able to understand. He called magician Mallika
and old story. Anyway, that’s okay. This time,
when I’ll press his neck he’ll tell us the truth. Even I’ll bring my sword.
– Yes! You bring your sword but I can
handle him with my hands. Genie Meanie, they are ready
for a war. Only you can stop them. Yes, my lord! Let the people who are thin
eat less and the people I want freeze. What is this? Why did you freeze her? Because both of you were not
allowing me to speak. First make me normal. Then we can teach Zafar
a lesson together. Okay! Masked Thief, you.. Your boss over me
and tell Genie Meanie to perform magic on me. Why don’t you tell me anything
properly? I’ll tell you everything. If I don’t, then teach me a
lesson once I become normal. Is that okay?
– Okay! Dip a few grains in the medicine
which mom has given. Mom’s medicine.. Hey, when Aladdin was small,
he used to eat a lot. So sometimes he used to have
indigestion. Hey! Yes.. With this medicine,
all the magical gas from his stomach
will get released. After which,
he’ll become alright. One little seed,
two little seeds. A seed on top of a seed. One little seed,
two little seeds. A seed on top of a seed. Hey, that’s not right.
It’s not the right song but it’s going to be right. He’s coming.. Come on.. Come on.. Here it is. Here it is. My lord!
The masked thief! Hey! Brother! – Master! Genie!
Brother! You’ve found the right solution. It’s not the right solution,
it’s mom’s solution. It always works. Master!
Hail Mother! Now we are going to cure
all the people of Baghdad with this solution. It’s time to fulfill your second wish. Come on.. Come on.. Brother.
– Gulbadan. Gulbadan? Only Gulbadan can
call me brother not an ordinary pigeon. Come. Here, Gulbadan.
Wait. Get away from my shoulder first.
Otherwise, you’ll become a human on my shoulder itself.
Go. I am back. Brother. Brother, I am back.
Princess, I am back. Oh, my Baghdad!
I am back! Where have you come back from?
You were here itself, right? Yes..
But as a pigeon, right? Yes, the pigeon looked
better than you. Brother!
– I am just kidding. I am glad that you
have come back. Same here, Soldier Gulbadan.
– Thank you, Princess. Listen.
We can talk later, right? Let us check out the condition
of the city as well. Yes, that is important.
Let us go. Come.. Come.
– Come.. Come..
– Come.. Come.. This is strange. Why have all these pigeons
gone to Sara? Why have they not come to me? Hey..
Pigeons, come. If she feeds me every day then I am ready to remain
a pigeon forever. Me too.. Oh.
I got it now. All these pigeons are male. That is why they went
to Sara. I have to do something. Go.. Sara, if you do not mind,
may I feed them? Sure. Thank you. Idiots!
I got this! You do not have any choice now. You have to eat these grains
from me. Eat! Eat.. Eat.. Eat. We have recovered..
– We have recovered.. Thank you very much.. Thank you..
– Thank you.. Thank you very much.. Do not thank me.
It is all God’s grace.. Thank you for feeding
so gently. Sara, you are very nice.
You have healed us. Move!
Get away from Sara! Genie, they are not pigeons.
They have become humans. Talk to them properly
and stop doing that. T-Thank you very much
for reminding. I just forgot that. Idiots!
I mean, her so called brothers. Go..
Dismiss.. Go..
– Thank you.. Yes..
– Thank you.. Thank you..
– Go! Thank you.. I mean, go.. Come..
– Come.. Come.. Come.. Mustafa and a girl.. My beloved Rubina.. It’s time to go to Naazneen,
Mr. Mustafa. We pigeons keep on flying. Nobody can stop us. Neither water nor air.. Stop flying like a fly. We are not pigeons anymore.
We are humans. Very nice..
Humans.. Human.. It’s time for me to go. Rubina.. Don’t leave me and go.. Listen to me.. She left. What should I do now? Now I’ll have to go back to Naazneen. Go dad. Along with her support you’ll have to listen
to her taunts as well. My 1500 years
experience says that your dad is in trouble now we should go to the master and learn new techniques. Yes.
– Yes, let’s go.. How can a pigeon turn
into a human being again? How can the secrets
of the mirror be so common that even a normal man
understands it now? Listen Stop talking nonsense. You have no idea
about my power! Yes, I heard all of that. You could blow
a poisonous gas and you are bragging. Do you know we were happy that every individual
started becoming a pigeon. ‘I wish I had not taken
the help of this mirror’ ‘to reach Magician Mallika.’ ‘What else can I
hope from Sultana?’ I think she has
given me this mirror to make me angry. If you had used all your
power in your magic tricks and not to piss me off then.. You are making me angry. Anger pisses me off and then I
become an evil person. I am a devil. Devil.. It was nice to meet you. Show me your evil side. Else I swear on God I won’t let your
wish get fulfilled. If you are talking
about my next wish I don’t need you for that. I’ll do it by myself. And.. Humans can only steal hearts but the mirror
can steal soul! you do what you like,
I’ll do what I like. Humans.. Get ready for my next move.. I was going to
reach magician Mallika with the help of this mirror.
Where did it go? I’ll have to look for it. I’ll have to look for it.

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  2. Yo love this episode. You guys know how to make me happy n cry at the same time. Looking to see more amazing shows like this in the future to get me emotional lol

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