Aladdin – Ep 357 – Full Episode – 27th December 2019

Aladdin – Ep 357 – Full Episode – 27th December 2019

What are you looking for? I am checking if we have turned
everyone into human from pigeon or we missed someone. No, Aladdin.
The problem is solved now. But you know what? I am still
thinking about Zafar. Oh, no!
– Yes, actually.. – Enough. Is this what I was destined
to hear? Idiot.. Don’t you think we should
keep an eye on Zafar before he makes another move? I have already done
the arrangement for that. Arrangement? I am the only one to find
all the weird people. Greetings, Your Highness.. Greetings. What are you both
doing here? Come on, get out my way.
I need to go for an urgent work. What happened?
– Nothing has happened though. But a lot may happen.
– What can happen? Your leg may get injured.
– You may have a bad luck. You may fall down.
– You may even shatter. You may even die.
– Jhumru. I am unable to understand
what you both are saying. We will explain, Your Highness.. Junaid and Princess are trying
to treat the people who have turned into pigeons
outside the palace but they are not able to do it. Because the pigeons
have become rebellious. They want the maximum
population in Baghdad to be of pigeons. That is why they are creating
problems in the treatment. What kind of problems? You do not know, Your Highness.
They can come and injure you.. Princess told us that a pigeon
came and bothered you a lot. That is why she gave us
the order to protect you to be with you
and not to let you go anywhere. You both are bothering me
right now. Listen, you are not
understanding this. Since I got the information
just now that all the humans who became
pigeons are being healed that is why the mirror.. You mean Jhumru and Chand
are keeping an eye on him and that too, with his consent? Wow, Aladdin!
You are amazing! I am thankful to God
that the day has come. But, Aladdin, we have to stay
one step ahead of him. This is how we
can discourage him. And let me just find a way
to smash his head. Even though we do not have any
strong evidence, but I am sure that he is behind turning
all of us into pigeons. But how did he do that?
– We have to find that out. And that too,
before his next move. Aladdin, come here.. Look there. Thanks for creating
such a beautiful pond using your magic.
– Do not thank me. This is just a pond.
I can even create potatoes, eggplant,
okra, squash bitter melon or anything else. The way I finish Sheer Khurma
prepared by mother immediately the same way all the troubles
in Baghdad are over. Now, it is just you and me. You and me. My golden fish.
I mean, my fairy. By the way, I like ocean more than ponds. W-What..
D-Do you like ocean? Actually, I did not know this. Otherwise, I would have created
an ocean instead of pond. It is not too late.
Let me create an ocean for you. No.. Leave it.
No problem. But you like ocean, right?
– But I like you more than that. Oh. What do you mean, oh?
Do you have stomach pain? Aladdin, you can never
understand my pain. I must find out how Zafar turned everyone
into pigeon? How did he? Did you say something? Masked thief,
do you not feel anything after watching what Genu did
for Genie Meanie? After watching them,
did you not feel even once that you should do
something for me? I must find out how it happened. Did you say something?
– What do you mean.. Sana, why are you behaving
like that? Come here. Are you all right? I hope no one has done
black magic on you. No, I am not doing good.
– What happened? Because you are with me. Masked thief, after seeing
Genu and Genie Meanie do you not feel even once that you have to spend some
time with me romantically? Sana, we need time for it.
And there is no one in Baghdad as busy as the two of us. Let us do an inspection
around Baghdad. Carpet!
– But.. Did someone tell you that people who had turned
into pigeons have become humans again? Minister, someone has made
a fool out of you. People who had turned
into pigeons have not turned into humans. They are still getting treated. It is impossible. It is possible. If you do not trust us take a look at it
through the window. Mr. Chand Changezi,
why did you say so? You spoke a bit more in zeal. Do you think he will be able
to spot any pigeons? He will see it
through the illusion magic. How else? Okay! Show me where the pigeons are? Let us go. Will you say something now? There are no pigeons
flying in the sky. Jhumru!
– Yes? Abracadabra! Let him spot some pigeons. Did you spot any?
Will you say something? Watch carefully, Minister.
– What.. That means, the two of them
are telling the truth. The magic of the mirror
still exists. Then why did it lie to me? Excellent, Jhumru.. Oh, Lord! Master!
– Princess! The carpet! The mirror! What if Zafar spots
the master and the princess? ‘I hope the two of them’ ‘have not spotted
the magical mirror!’ Everything will go in vain
if I lose the mirror! What will happen now..
– What will happen now? Oh, my!
I am trapped! I must somehow get the mirror. ‘Before that,
I should make some excuse and throw these two morons
outside.’ What is he murmuring? You better stand here
without making any fuss. You have done
enough damage already. How do I do it now?
I.. I want to thank you
from the bottom of my heart for conveying the message.
Thank you very much. Do not worry.
I will stay in this room itself. We will keep an eye on you.
– What! I mean, for your safety the two of us will guard
at the entrance of your room. We will take your leave now.
– Sure. Great! Please come..
Please come.. Masked thief,
where have you got me? We were supposed
to go for an inspection around Baghdad, right?
– Genu did the inspection. What!
Then why did you bring me here? Because..
– What happened? What is the matter,
Masked thief? Sana, there is something
that I kept secret from you. What?
A secret? Masked thief.. You are scaring me.. Speak up. What is the matter?
Tell me clearly, Masked thief. Listen.. My secret. All this.. I welcome you
on a special lunch prepared by Chef Aladdin. Aladdin, have you prepared all this by yourself? Since I am a good son
of my mother so I am good at talking,
as well as cooking. You did all this for me. I always wanted
to do this, Yasmine. But neither I got a chance,
nor time. Because you know
how busy I am. I agree, my busy man. By the way, Aladdin.. I asked you many times
to take me out on a date and all and I just.. I agree. We will try. By the way, you demanded
for two things? What are they? First, you wanted me
to take you on a date. And second, you wanted me
to express my feelings. Oh..
That one? I simply forgot. But I did not forget. I will take you
near the stars. I will show you
the heaven. If you want.. If I want? – I will show you
a flying mirror! What! Aladdin..
– Look there, Yasmine! What? Flying mirror. Oh, my God! I think even this mirror
is connected to Zafar. Yasmine, I thought we would spend some quality time
together today. But.. You do not need
to say anything. Aladdin, this is not
just your battle it is mine as well. Magical Carpet! Oh, dear.. I don’t see any pigeons, today. I hope the people
who had transformed into pigeons have returned to their original
form as humans. Then where’s my husband? He might have been weak,
and feeble but he is my husband, after all. I hope he returns home soon. If my life is dear to me I need to pretend to be
a good husband. Honey! Dear!
– Darling! I swear, you aren’t handsome and you’re a dullard but you are my beloved husband. I missed you a lot. I missed you a lot as well. I was tired of
talking to Rubeena for two days. But..
– What do you mean? You are my wife,
my beloved wife. The saying is true.
People do not change. You’ll never reform! Dear, I am not going to reform. I was always your husband
who stole footwear and I am still the same. I shall always be the same. Anyway, I have experience
in being a pigeon. When you die,
I will transform into a pigeon and inform everyone
about your demise. ‘Listen, everyone.
My wife has passed away.’ ‘May God bless her.’ I am not going to die until I kill you! Please forgive me. I swear, I will teach a lesson to Rubeena and my husband! Aladdin, why did we come here? We were supposed to follow
the enchanted mirror, right? If the people of Baghdad
spot us flying on a carpet they will be surprised.
– You are right. It’s not nightfall yet. We shall follow the mirror
without flying on the carpet. We shall do it on foot.
– Okay, let’s go. Sir! Master and Princess
would have gotten caught because of you. That wouldn’t have happened.
I knew, you would bewitch Zafar into seeing pigeons
with your powers. But why did you change the plan
in front of Zafar? Zafar wouldn’t have believed us until he saw the pigeons. The mirror is haughty
and wayward. He has promised to capture
the spirits of the people and I am sure he’ll do it. But I hope I don’t get exposed. I need to find that mirror. But where could it be?

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  1. *Before watching the episode *

    Going on a data and the person gives me fruits to eat
    I would have been like : WHAT the hell dude, you know what we are done??
    Now I would be like : OMG!!!!! Do you watch Aladdin? Did you get inspiration from Aladdin?? When do you wanna get married


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