Aladdin – Ep 364 – Full Episode – 7th January 2020

Aladdin – Ep 364 – Full Episode – 7th January 2020

Why is it so dark in here? Is Bulbul on off or what? Aladdin, I think we will
have to find some other way. Seems like my end is near. No! I am still young. Hey, Bulbul.. My young Bulbul,
open your eyes. Aladdin! Princess.
– Hello. You both have not got drenched
in the shower of dead bodies. I am feeling electrified. I am totally excited! Bulbul, you can jump
around in excitement later. But first, hear us out. ‘When Yasmine becomes
the queen of Baghdad’ ‘along with the throne
she will also get the crown’ ‘of her
grandma’s grandma.’ ‘The magical powers of
the diamond studded in it’ ‘has the power to end all
the evil in this world.’ ‘The crown is the place
where it should be.’ ‘In the
paradise on this earth.’ Neither it is
written in that manual nor did my
father ever told me where this
paradise on earth is. Yes. That is why,
we have come to you, Bulbul. You did a good thing, Aladdin. Come with me. Come, Aladdin. This is my invention. The secret will be revealed
that the earth is round. But, Bulbul, in all the
books I have read till now it is written that
the earth is flat. It is absolutely wrong,
Princess. The eccentric who
will prove that theory wrong will soon be born in this world. He will tell everyone
the same thing which I will be telling you now. That the earth
is round like this. And where is the
paradise on it? Here. In Hindustan!
– Yes. In Hindustan. In Hindustan, there is
place by the name Kashir which is beautiful
like the paradise. That’s why it is called
as paradise on earth. I should have
realised this earlier that such a beautiful place
can be only in Hindustan. My great great grandma
was from Hindustan. My family has an old
connection with Hindustan. That is why, my father used
to love Hindustan so much. Aladdin, we will have to go
to Hindustan at the earliest. Here you go, Aladdin.
My navigator. It will lead you to
the correct place. Time is very less. You both go carefully. Hindustan, we are coming. Show it to me! ‘If this scoundrel
gets the mirror’ ‘we all will get busted.’ ‘Let the window get
opened by my spell.’ Genie! – Yes.. Give me your hand.
– Coming. There is dust on my hands. – The
same dust is entering my eyes. I am trying to shut the window.
This wind is coming through it. What nonsense! Listen to me.
Help me. Master, give me your hand. Give me your hand. Your hand. Are you going to anoint
henna on my hand? Means?
– You are talking nonsense! Go and search for the mirror,
I can take care of myself. Which mirror? There is a
golden mirror.. – Okay. which will help me reach the magician Mallika. Okay. So through that mirror you will reach
magician Mallika? And you kept
this matter hidden from me? You finally showed your
status. I mean, my status, Are you done.. Yes, I am done. It was good. But for now, search
and bring the mirror to me. Your wish is
my command, sir. Who is he to
show me my status? You wretched man. Now, see what I do. There is only debris
in entire Baghdad. But there is only one pest Zafar. There’s so much
beauty in the world. Thank you. But indeed the jungle and the river are all very beautiful. I wish our future generations
could see all this. Every place
you see is so lovely. Then think how
‘Jannat E Zameen’ would be. We’ll see that as well. But, Aladdin,
I am very hungry. So am I. No! Hey, Aladdin. I am saving
some for the journey. Listen.
– Yes. I think we’re
reaching our destination. Oh, God. Aladdin, I think
I am seeing a dream. If there is heaven
in this world Then it is here. Indeed. But, Aladdin. In such a big place,
how will we reach ‘Noor-E-Taj’? This will
help us reach there. Listen, the device is
pointing towards this side. Towards that apple orchard? Aladdin we need to find
‘Noor-E-Taj’ as soon as possible and return
back to Baghdad. I am worried
about Baghdad, Aladdin. We have time
only till today. According to the mirror no one in the city
will be alive tomorrow. I wonder the havoc the zombies
would be creating in the city. I swear on gold coins Be prepared to
attack further, zombies. We have included everyone in Baghdad
in our army. Then why spare
this palace? In our army everyone in
Baghdad have joined. Not a single soul
in this palace will be spared. Very soon we zombies will rule
over entire Baghdad. Hold the neck
with your left hand. Pull the soul
with your right hand. Yasmine.. We have reached
our destiny. Where..
– Are you going? I-Inside.
– Permission letter? It was my turn
to speak. Can’t you be a little patient? Do you have it?
– What? Permission letter.
No. Go..
– From here. But where? – Where?
– Wherever you wish to. You did not let me speak. We will look foolish
if we divide this line. Listen, Suli..
– Look, Muli.. What is Suli and Muli? I am Sultan,
that is Suli. And I am Multan,
that is Muli. Listen Muli, I wanted
to tell you.. – Listen.. Suli.. Muli.. We want to go inside.
Can you help us? All right.
– All right. But on one condition. Why do you always
interfere? Hey!
Both of you don’t fight. We are running
short of time. What is your condition? Go and greet our master. We.. We are ready. There is no one
but a huge pothole. Both of them will
fall into it, Muli. And their sacrifice.. Our master will be
very happy. Yasmine..
– What happened, Aladdin? Why did you.. – Stop?
– Let me say it, Muli. You have upset our master.
– Even I want to say. Both of you
don’t argue. You had told us
to bow down before your master. But there’s a problem. What is the problem?
What are you saying? What? – The matter of the fact
is that.. She is the Empress of Baghdad. Okay.
Who are you? I am the prince
of Samosabad. Okay.
What about you? He is Suli.
Who else can he be? Actually, we never
learnt to bow. But we can copy. You can show us
how to greet. We will copy you. Oh, God! We have to return Baghdad
with the crown today itself. Otherwise, everything
will be finished. Everyone will turn
into a zombie. Why is he wasting time?
Aladdin! We.. – Agree.
Watch us. Okay. I beg your pardon. Actually, she has
a very weak sight. It would be better
if you go close to her. We will demonstrate it. But who will stand where? I will tell you.
Please come. This is how
we can divert their attention. Now, wherever both
of you usually stand.. Exchange your places. They will exchange places
with each other, right? Are we going
to talk like.. Are you going to
talk like Suli and Muli? We did not..
– Understand. They are such naive people. Just like these
fallen apples. Tell me something.
Who is on the wrong side? I am sorry.
I mean.. You are standing
on the wrong side. But you look right. So, stand on the other side. You seem good
from heart. So, you stand
on the other side. One looks naive. One is good at heart. You are different. No.. He is very..
– Decent. Thank you.
Shall I say something? Let’s end this fight. No! Aladdin, did you know
about this pit? The grass of the direction
towards which they asked us to go looked too fresh
and I felt like no one has ever walked on it. I had a doubt.
When I looked at them they were laughing
and posing gestures. Then my doubt grew
even more stronger. And after that you saw whatever happened. Now, the lion
will enter the cave. The solution for the problem
on Baghdad is in this cave. If we do not go back
with it today then it will be too late.
– It will not. Oh, my God! How do I stop my laughter! This naughty mirror
is inside my clothes and is tickling me. We all will be exposed
in front of him. You just keep roaming around me. You do not want to do
what I assigned you. Oh, no..
What are you saying? You assign me a task
and I do not complete it that is not possible. You just tell me how
the mirror looks like.. – Hey! What do you mean?
It is a mirror so it looks like a mirror,
not like a monkey. You have got a point.
– Now just open your eyes and get out of here right now!
Go and find the mirror. It is my order. ‘Idiot fellow.
Let me teach him a lesson.’ ‘Abracadabra..’ ‘A clean mirror appears
in every corner.’ W-What is this, Genie?
– Mirror.. Master, open your eyes
and look, what it is. So many mirrors? Is that mirror present here
which I am looking for? What are you saying?
I could not hear. Idiot.
– What? What is all this?
– You asked for one mirror and presented so many mirrors. You can pick
your mirror among these. That mirror is not
present here. – Oh. Actually, here is the thing. If I knew which mirror
you are looking for then I would have brought
that mirror to you. That is why I was asking
so many questions but you were calling me
idiot and all. I think you are thinking
too much these days. – Right. Let me teach you a lesson. Why are you dancing? ‘This mirror has started
bothering me again.’ ‘How can I tell this?’ Actually, Master, the thing
is that when I see a mirror then the dancer inside me
gets triggered and I start dancing. Come on, Master.
You too join me. Stay away from me. What is this?
– T-This? T-This is shield. And inside that,
I have a huge heart which is dancing right now.
– Listen. Stop dancing
and tell me what it is. I want to see.
Show me. ‘What will happen now?
Is the game over?’

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