Aladdin – Ep 365 – Full Episode – 8th January 2020

Aladdin – Ep 365 – Full Episode – 8th January 2020

Aladdin, look! There are
fresh apples everywhere. Yes. – Don’t you feel
like eating them? I think, you are getting
influenced by Genie. No wonder you’re feeling hungry
while we are working. I have never seen
so many fresh apples in my life. Aladdin,
the harder I’m trying to escape the vines are growing tighter. Do not try to break free.
Just relax. There’s no one around
who can help us. Such a big apple! Darn it!
– Darn it! You’re so young
but you so foul-mouthed. You can talk!
– Oh, yes. I can talk. You can be soft-spoken and make a huge difference. You’re a poetic apple.
– Ignorant lad unfortunate are the ones
who aren’t poetic. I am poetic. I am an apple,
not a petty guava. Formidable Apple,
may I know your name? You have struck me
with your curiosity my name is Shamsheer. What do you do? I mean, what do you do
apart from hanging from a tree? Ignorant lad, do you think
I merely hang around? Shamsheer Sahib is an old keeper
of this garden. Shamsheer Sahib..
Who is Shamsheer Sahib? You will be fortunate
if you befriend me. Shamsheer will surely punish you
for your ignorance. No.. Mr. Shamsheer, you’re the most
generous apple in the world. You are not a petty guava. You would have punished us
immediately if you were a guava but you are very big-hearted. Well, who’s Suli and Muli? Suli and Muli..
They are ordinary folks. They had been here
since several years ago but they couldn’t
enter this garden. Oh! What happened after that? I made them the watchmen.
– Watchmen! Oh! So, he made them the watchmen. They have been trapped here
ever since just like you. Darn it! What do you mean?
– Yes, mister. You’re stuck in the underworld.
I have entrapped you. Please tell us
how we can break free. You’re trying to outwit me. I shall ask three questions
to the both of you. So, you’re going
to ask us three questions. If we answer them correctly,
will you release us? – Yes. What if we answer incorrectly? Death shall be the punishment,
if you answer incorrectly. Oh, God! Mr. Shamsheer..
– Mr. Shamsheer.. We are ready. I tremble at the thought
of a pureed apple. What goes up
but it doesn’t come down? What goes up
but it doesn’t come down? It’s a ladder.. No.. It’s not a ladder..
– He is a ghost! We need to find another answer. Think quickly, Yasmine. Or else, let alone Baghdad, we
won’t be able to save ourselves. And I am too young.. The answer is age!
Age! Yes! Age increases
but it cannot be reversed. It doesn’t decrease. Oh! Unfortunately,
your answer.. That’s correct! Correct!
This is absolutely right. Thank God! It seems both of you are not innocent. Next question. Which is it that which has
cities, streets and roads but no human? In our Bagdad there will be no presence
of human in future. Aladdin. The answer is map! Am I correct? The colour of curd is white and your answer is right. Yasmine there’s one last
question is left. It seems that luck
is not on your side. What is it that breaks when you take its name? When did you start counting? This is totally unfair. You can’t do like this. Please count slowly. Nine. Eight. He is not going to stop,
Yasmine. Think of an answer. What.. Seven. Six. Help! Help us!
Run! Help us! Run!
Help us! Fast!
Go inside! Faster! Help us! Oh, God! I didn’t know that
one day I have to save innocent lives
from Genie Meanie and Jhumru. But right now I have to do this. Come fast! Faster! Everyone stay inside. Don’t make any sound.
Got it? What is going to happen to us? Don’t worry.
Please come with me. Come on.
Let’s go. Come fast.
Go! Oh, God! the living dead are going
towards the Zafar’s room. What if Genie is
inside the room? Oh, God! I can’t go and save him
leaving behind these people. What if they transform
them alike? Master your troop, your associate and your brothers
are waiting for you. Please some soon. Four. Yasmine, are you alright? Three. What is it? Two. What is it?
– You’re running out of time. Silence! Silence is the one which breaks down. Why did you bear so much pain? Why did you choose silence? We have to reach Baghdad and he is stopping
his nonsense talks. We gave you the answer. Tell us if it’s correct or not. Respect your elders Don’t live in an illusion. You gave the.. It’s the correct answer. You gave the correct answer. Amazing! Thank God! We accepted your condition and gave the correct answers. Please let us go now. You must feel shy if you are getting married. You must eat me if you want to go forward. Yes.. We will have it. We are already hungry.
– Yes Clothes maketh the man. You will die
if you eat me. Yasmine,
the belt is getting loose. Let us try to free ourselves. Aladdin. Aladdin. We are already closer
to the Hoor-E-Taaj. but still not able
to get it. Do you want to go
inside the cave? Try to eat me
and go upwards.. I mean to say go forward. Nobody wants to have papaya. Yasmine. I am fed up of his riddles.
– Me too. Listen to me. I will try to eat him. Go and obtain Hoor-E-Taaj. No, Aladdin.
– Yes, Yasmine. No, Aladdin.
– Yes, Yasmine. Think about Baghdad. Baghdad needs you. Obtain Hoor-E-Taaj
and go back to Baghdad. Yes, Yasmine. Do I really have to eat you? Of course! You must eat me. I am ready. Aladdin! No, Aladdin!
Please don’t. Aladdin! ‘This state of mine
is killing me from within.’ ‘Lady Sara?’ I already know that
you are good-for-nothing! But if there’s any amount
of self-respect left in you then save your master
from these monsters. ‘My magic cannot cure them’ ‘but I can stop them for sure.’ ‘Abracadabra!
I summon the mirrors!’ Wonderful! Now go and close that door.
Come on, go. ‘What a trouble he is!’ ‘Can’t he even close the door?’ ‘I should do that as well!’ ‘Summers are hot,
winters are cold’ ‘and doors remain closed.’ ‘Lady Sara, I am not able
to do anything for you.’ ‘Please forgive me.’ ‘I wonder when Aladdin
and Yasmine will be back.’ We managed to escape this time. Despite being this old
he fears death. Strange! Forgive me!
Forgive me, master! Did he hear what I said? All of this is happening
because of that mirror. I wonder where is that
wretched soul and.. I wonder when I will be able
to achieve my goal. If he gets to know that his
magical mirror is with me.. ‘What happened?
Don’t you want to eat me?’ ‘I’m an apple, not an eggplant.’ Forgive me, sir,
I didn’t dishonour you but I did what was right. Listen, when I had asked him
if I will have to eat him what did he say? ‘Of course,
why will you not eat me?’ ‘Not eat me..’
Not eat.. So, why should I listen to him
when he said ‘no’? ‘It’s the first time that
someone has solved my riddle.’ ‘I salute you.’ ‘I approve your release.’ ‘Banana, watermelon and mango’ ‘are crazy about my looks.’ You are stubborn! You were ready to
sacrifice your life! Didn’t you think about me?
– I did. I did, dear. And I took
a wise decision and saved us. We don’t have any time left now. We must go back to
Baghdad with the crown. Let’s go. ‘Guys, you got away from me’ ‘but you can’t
escape from there.’ Aladdin,
it’s the Noor-E-Taaj. It’s more beautiful in reality. This crown belongs to
my great grandmother. It belonged to her. Now it is yours.

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