Aladdin – Ep 367 – Full Episode – 10th January 2020

Aladdin – Ep 367 – Full Episode – 10th January 2020

Yasmine, I knew that
you will definitely come to collect your crown
some or the other day. Hereafter, this crown
belongs to you, Princess. I mean, Queen Yasmine. The diamond studded in it is the
most powerful one in this world. With its help, you can destroy
any kind of evil power. But only twice. Remember one more thing. ‘Only those who
could decipher it’ ‘have been able
to solve this mystery.’ ‘There might be thousands
of glass pieces’ ‘when the queen will
claim her rights.’ What does it mean?
– Means? You will understand
it at the right time. I am grateful, Grandma. Actually,
I should be grateful to you. But why? For coming here. For relieving me from
the responsibility of safe guarding this crown. For embracing me and making me happy. Carry on. I will pray that you succeed
in saving Baghdad. Take care of my Yasmine. Sure. Always stay together. May god bless you
with all the happiness. It is the blessing of
Yasmine’s great great grandma. Ensure that it comes true. Carpet.
– Wait. You consider yourself to
be a great magician, right? I will show you one
of my magic now. By that magic,
you will be Baghdad in a minute. I might not get an opportunity
again to tell you this. ‘I am in love with you.
Yes, I am addicted to you.’ ‘Our game is over.
We are doomed.’ ‘This mirror will tell
everything to Zafar now.’ Very good. Very good. What does it mean? I thought
of you as useless. But you proved me wrong. You finally
found this mirror. Very good. ‘What do I do?’ ‘He’s already laughing.’ ‘Because he knows’ ‘the he won and I lost.’ ‘As soon as the gag
is removed, the mirror’ ‘will start telling
the secrets of Aladdin and I.’ ‘So only an angel
can save me now.’ My dear angel. I mean the ever loving
brother and dear sister-in-law. You are here. Sir,
the sunset is about to happen. Aladdin, we don’t
have time at all. – Yes. We need to do
something about this mirror. Let’s go.
– Come on. Where is
‘Angooti Chaap’? Along with them,
he too turned into a zombie. What?
– What? Aladdin,
destroy this mirror at once. And bring back everyone. Why isn’t this mirror
getting destroyed? Yasmine, your father
had written in the letter and even your great
grandmother also told us that every problem
can end with this Noor-E-Taj. Then how is
this mirror still intact? The power of this mirror cannot be destroyed by this crown. If you ask me,
in these last moments of yours remember the almighty God. Because,
my army of zombies will be on its way. You will get beaten up. Aladdin Noor-E-Taj
doesn’t harm the mirror What will we do now? What shall we do? Yasmine! Do you remember what
your great grandmother told? ‘This secret is known
only by those who understood.’ ‘There will be
thousands of shards of glass.’ When the queen
claims her right. Yes, so? Yes, Yasmine.
I understood its secret. But neither of us
understand anything. Wh-What is the meaning? There was a hidden
message in what grandma told. What?
– I’ll tell you. ‘There will be
thousands of shards of glass.’ When the queen
claims her right. Glass refers to
our enemy, this mirror. And the queen
is Yasmine. The moment she claims
her right by being the queen This mirror will break
into thousands of pieces. But this means..
– Yasmine, it means Your crown ceremony
had to be done right away. What are you saying,
Aladdin? The crown ceremony is done
in front of the people at the court with all
the rituals. And you are saying that I should wear the crown
without performing any rituals? No, had father been here today he would have never let
this happen. He would have, Yasmine. He would have given us
the permission to do so. Because there was
nothing more important to him than his people. And what we are doing is also for the benefit
and protection of people. Princess Yasmine,
Aladdin is right. We don’t have much time. Please do whatever you want
to do quickly. Let’s go. How will we tackle with
the living dead and go to court? With my magic. The thin ones are weak,
the wrestlers are strong may my appearance change. Actually, I did not want anybody
to see my real appearance that is why..
– Keep quiet, Genie And use your magic quickly. Take it. Two multiplied by two
is four, may we reach the court. Because the mirror will change everything. It’s time to tell the humans the real use of this mirror. Because the mirror will
change everything. My dear living dead,
come with me. The next attack will be
at the court. Because the mirror will change everything. Come on, come with me. Drink this, sir.
You will feel better. This will definitely make you
feel better. Take it. Not even this. Take this, sir.
It’s carom seeds. Quickly. Carom seeds, ‘Hing’
and black pepper none of your tricks
are working. I am doomed. I will look for something else
to help you out. Wait for Jhumru’s message. I should have received
that message by now. That means he is in
a problem. Seems like it is more
dangerous out there now. Now, I have to stop pretending.
This will not help I will have to do
something else. Sir? What happened to you?
Are you okay? Ma’am, one of your tricks
has worked on my body. I feel better now. Can you get me boiling water? Yes, absolutely. Take this boiling water. Forgive me, Ms. Ruksaar I had no other way to stop you. Now until the time
your strong son tackles with the problem
in Baghdad you will be safe in this room. May God help him. Who attacked me? Genie and the mirror
are also missing. What if the undead attacked them and took them? No.. It’s not possible because it’s almost impossible
to lift Genie. Where is the mirror? If I don’t release
its evil powers then how will
I reach till Malika? Let me see,
what’s the situation outside. All of them are going
towards the court. Who’s there? What if Genie is there? Where were you? Do you realise,
I was waiting for you. Tell me, where did you go
leaving me alone? I was here, very close to you. You couldn’t see me. What do you mean? Close.. We will have to do it quickly. Be prepared along
with the royal sword. I will arrange the rest. Aladdin, father is no more. I wish, my mother
would be there with me. Yasmine,
even if our parents aren’t here but their blessings
are always there with us. After Malika is back your crown ceremony will be
celebrated in a grand manner. Go, Yasmine. Sit on the throne. ‘I will have to die one day.’ ‘When that happens, I want you
to take the responsibility.’ ‘I want my daughter’ ‘to be prepared to
tackle the world.’ There is no better successor
for Baghdad rather than you. ‘It’s my decision, Princess.’ ‘You will become
Baghdad’s princess’

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