Alejandro Aranda AMAZING Full Audition Leaves Judges Speechless – American Idol 2019 on ABC

Alejandro Aranda AMAZING Full Audition Leaves Judges Speechless – American Idol 2019 on ABC

All right, what’s up, what’s up homies How’s everything going? It’s chill So so tell us who you are where you from your your credentials man My name is Alejandro Alejandro Alejandro and um I grew up Just like every other kid, but I was home-schooled picked up music later in life started to play out in the street Really? So you taught yourself how to sing you have me? How did you yeah, really self-taught the whole thing. It’s the whole thing Yeah, Wow, I was always been like super nervous about singing so I’ll tie down the street and push myself. I play piano to you and Wow. Yeah, it’s been pretty cool loving it Yeah, man, what you gonna play for us? It’s an original. I wrote it’s called out loud out loud. Yeah, it’s a bow, I really didn’t tell the truth when I was younger and later on in life that took me a while to really speak the Truth very good Mia cause or to your fantasy I can try to be I’m feeling you sort of like a burden Are you letting me know I See the buds across her face. No saving my last breath flee Broken hearts Marta to her It’s hard to breathe No The truth That was the greatest Man Thanks Ari with that Thanks me this is gonna be the greatest this is gonna be the greatest show another level of Idol here boy You my friend are So talented I am so inspired Thanks. I just want to hear a piano song just because I want to hear and play the piano Is that okay? I haven’t played in a minute without you you want to try it. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll go for it. This guy is She’s drifting away So, please don’t go away I’m begging you Stop my I don’t reckon it’s up to You Thank you very much ma’am Unbelievable. You are no joke and you are no kidding around I mean I just Feel like I’m in the presence of greatness I’ve just never seen somebody do what you just did with a guitar. I mean, I I’m in the presence of greatness I have nothing to tell you other than I am so glad you are here. Oh I just never seen anything like that It is totally Rock to my world It was like watching my favorite movie That did not want to end Tara. It was like the first time I saw Forrest Gump I Didn’t want to Dan. Yeah Alejandro Do you think you’re the next American Idol? I don’t know There’s a lot of good singers and there’s a lot of amazing talent. Why do you think you’re special? Don’t I don’t really think I’m special. I think I’m just hard-working What kind of artists do you want to be? Like who’s your hero? Trent Reznor Chopin and Bach Those are my three inspirations, okay, Alejandro, I think you’re the winner I think you’re really special I think you’re an absolute genius Thank you. I don’t even want to see anybody. You know, I quit we’re the lucky ones We’re the lucky ones because the universe chose this time to bring you in front of America you have such a career and the fact that you don’t know it Makes it even more special There’s nothing like you my friend. I will not sleep. Enjoy watching performing. I Stay humble. Let’s do it. You’re going to have it Oh my goodness You know you see you now Hey YouTube, thanks for watching subscribe below

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  1. I'm just back here to watch Luke's reaction 😂😂😂 and @4:43 the way katie asked "do you think you're the next american idol?", man she iz hotttttt

  2. I'm so happy I came across this video. I am inspired and am feeling blessed to have witnessed such a down to earth person who also possesses such talent.

  3. Finally the number of views increased ! It took a while homies… Or am I the only one returning here for like `I need to see this one more time but than play it 122 times after each other and just keepon looking to Luke`s reactions ?

  4. Luke bryan sounds like will farrell and John C Reilly commenting on how great it was.
    It was like watching my favorite movie.
    it was like the first time i saw forrest gump

  5. Where is he!!! He should be on all and any TV Interviews. I know he doesn't like to fly, but he is so talented!!!!

  6. Is it only me, that keeps on watching and watching and never get tired watching his greatness!!! You can really feel that he's with the music 🙂 This is the first time I became a fanatic hahahahaha so freaking awesome

  7. idol is won by votes. and there are a lot of voters who are not musicians or not into music. these idiots vote the other guy bcoz of his good looks. into music, and for one can defeat you till the world ends. youre one and only.

  8. This is by far the best audition in every contest that shows talent and musicianship. He sets the bar really really high! God bless you..

  9. What did just happened? I didn’t see that coming, like nothing at all! And then Boooooommmmm!!!! The dude starts playing and singing 😧… speechless

  10. Judges: Alejandro, you are going to be the richest artist/producer who ever lived on earth my man

    Alejandro: Thanks homies

  11. I'm back this is so dope.! wow I get the chills watching this. the judges are so receptive and alejandro is amazing. see you in dallas homie next month.. any ladies wanna go with me?

  12. This is why the Voice is killing American Idol. People only vote for the good looking home coming queen and king. Talent is only a plus.

  13. Guy on the right hand side of Perry who is judging the show seems like he is very confuse with the life. If u r agree too u can hit the like button…

  14. I finally get to see him perform tomorrow in Chicago!!! So excited!!! I don’t even know what to expect since he can literally do anything and it will be great 💙💙💙

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