Alexander Skarsgård Is Too Swedish To Be Cocky

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  1. He's so??? Precious??? Dry and sarcastic humor is my jam. His comment about Denmark? Hilarious. His half Swedish, oddly half southern sounding accent? Wonderful. He's so humble and nice. I now have to watch everything he's in

  2. Swedes: humble
    Also Swedes: boasting about being humble
    Swedes yet again: being humble about boasting about being humble

    We can't win. Then again, why would we need to do that? We're Swedes.

  3. Uh.. I think this is the first time I've ever heard Skarsgård speak as himself and not acting. The clip from Drummer Girl is basically his voice as Eric Northman, cosplaying as a 70s spy. I love it.

  4. I love the entire awkward but clearly genuinely fond interaction they have. Like, Colbert so desperately wants to be proud but doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable and Skargard is trying so hard to reassure him. It’s just so lovely!

  5. All of what he tells there. We got it in Norway to. Scandinavia is pretty similar in that way, we're kinda the same. Just different groups kinda :p but the Jante law is like a thing in the whole of Scandinavia.

  6. You can catch us Brit’s in a loop of politeness. If you compliment us we will immediately self deprecate apologise and then compliment the person that complimented you. People have been known to be stuck for days at a time.. many have starved in the process…

  7. i wonder if the actor knows their movie is complete crap while promoting it, or do they just delude themselves into thinking it isnt

  8. I saw the owner of Ikea on an english bookshop in Bern. Very regular and nice person. Regular clothes and just him looking at books.
    Didn't see what he was driving, though… probably taking a train

  9. Säk jakt that he was talking about is equivalent to Navy Seal in US. Its former special forces kustjägare= coastal hunters that changed name. Its only badas that are recruited!

  10. I’m from Sweden and I’ve almost never heard about ”Jantelagen”. Where I grew up, and still growing up, you should be proud about stuff and show it

  11. You tell a Swede something private and emotional and they be like ”Tack för att du berättar det här” meaning thanks for telling me this. I swear Swedish people are so weird but there’s other good things about them

  12. What a beautiful human being. Humble, has a great sense of humour and it doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome. Nothing but respect for him.

  13. I feel like, as an American, this is my life. I feel sooooo bad for if I do something and someone gives me great praise, I'll freak out because I'm getting too much praise, so I should hide…… Soooo, I'd fit in????

  14. when theres so much effort put into being humble, doesn't it defeat the purpose? I mean now youre just being cocky bottling up all the proud feelings u have, when u could've just owned it—then it's done. LOL. But props for the swedish culture for having those values in place 💖

  15. Stephen pushed too hard to make that more interesting than it was.
    It wasn't too hard to understand that he simply meant; don't be ostentatious & flashy.
    I wish we were more like that in the US, the Kardashians, Trump & the Florida couple who own the hideous Versailles house wouldn't be on anyone's radar.

  16. He’s so sweet. I wish more of Hollywood was like this; I think some forget they started out as normal people….

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