AMAZING ACOUSTIC Auditions on American Idol 2018! | Idols Global

AMAZING ACOUSTIC Auditions on American Idol 2018! | Idols Global

Oh My goodness, oh Hello, what’s your name? I’m Madi vom. How young are you Maddy? I’m 19 So who’s here with you my best friend Marcus? He has Down syndrome and we have been best friends for six years And um, yeah, he’s part of the reason that I think can we get Marcus in here to sit with us? Yeah, come on. Yeah Hey Marcus, would you come with me? I Love you–as. Hey Marcus. Hey Dad. Hey Marcus. Hey, buddy. How are you? Katie I’m Lionel, how are you? Hi, Marcus. You want to sit with us while we listen to your best friend play? Yeah Can we get that chair here. Do you want me to help her you can grab his hand can we borrow that chair right there? Very good. You see it? Sure. He’s not wrong All right. All right. Okay, we’re gonna check this out. Do you love hearing her sing? Yeah, does she sing to you a lot he sings with me He’s incredible. All right, Maddie. What do you want to sing for us today? I’m gonna be singing new rules by du liebe That is my favorite song Okay Talking in my sleep and I’m making myself crazy Out of my mind out of my mind Already out hoping You ain’t getting over em I got new rules account Good All right. Now I’m dying to hear the song between the two of you. Yeah Oh goodness. All right home base Okay, you wanna sing our song Even better than the it’s always been inside So great you guys can you say, thank you Thank you Marcus Nani, yeah, you’ve got a set of pipes on you if you do you’re an incredible woman Yes, you are. I really do think you’ve got great potential. Okay, push yourself Okay, bring it down from deep and let it fly out You know, sometimes you get a little timid Hey, yeah, but you caught it. You got a you’ve got a got it Okay, should we just say this out loud and say yes for me yes from me yes from me Hello hello guys, how are you how you doing? Fantastic? Thanks for having me. Good lord your dreamboat Yeah, my eyes lit up. What’s your name? Dreamboat? My name is Trevor Holmes and I’m 27 years old and I’m from Thousand Oaks, California. What’s your story? Do you work? I’m actually doing construction right now, which not fond of but I’m doing it to help support my mom. She suffers from lupus So I’m a part-time songwriter Part-time construction worker wanting to be full-time musician, but sometimes you got to pay their bills so hot. Oh, This is a real I mean here’s the thing like only hot guys are typically named Trevor. Is that right? Yeah Well, that’s like one of the names Trevor. He’s hot he does construction on the side. Eddie loves his mom I do very much though Trevor yes, ma’am. Don’t go me ma’am. I’m sorry. I’m just I respect you so much Thank you Katie this is the man you need. Listen, if you’re not going a Hollywood. Maybe you can just come hang out Are you engaged? No, cool. I Do have a girl Lord I hope you can save Katie is cheering for you I Can’t count the times almost sitting with so my mind, but I could And just the other day I wrote down all the things I’d say I just could Baby I know you can watch it. Oh So here goes nothing in case you didn’t know Katie I’m crazy I would be lying. If I said I can’t please – yeah, even move I Don’t sell you all the time you had my heart a long long time ago in case you didn’t know oh Okay I’m in the old chair. Okay, let’s get down to business. You’re cute and all but It’s just kidding You guys go I can’t talk Katie can I tell you something really quick I have literally had a crush on you I’m sorry about it. I’m sorry, but you have been my literally my crush for I’m sorry. I had to get off that off my chest all joking aside. Just dig in a little more on your voice Every tool you got at some point Which thing Lana got to have things he awesome because the competition coming Other than that, I find nothing wrong with you at all. Thank you so much. There’s nothing wrong Thank You Katie I said Trevor your girlfriend’s out. Oh the girlfriends outside. How about you folks? So much I can’t thank you enough teach me how to be hot again wait wait wait He’s gone, she’s heart broke, it’s alright, how are you he walks in I’m like you’re a dreamboat Her eyes are doing whirlybirds That’s great. Yes Great my friend. Thank you very much doing love in that There in the heart of the yard. All right in the middle right now. Tell us who you are. My name is Brandon Diaz I am 21 years young and I love it from where from Ashburn Virginia Yes, I live up in Boston, but I’m originally from Washburn Wow And why are you auditioning to tell me I’m auditioning today because it’s really for my dad He was born in Cuba and he immigrated here when he was about 3 years old kind of just escaped was a musician Yeah, he’s a singer. He’s uh, he’s an incredible vocalist. He’s taught me everything I know and this is really for him and he’s always like searched for this American dream and he’s always pushed for me to do that and he’s always been right there and You got your hair from yeah. I got a little bit of the curl. It’s the Latin curl it’s my it’s the Cuban in my blood but He had long hair but his is more straight more straight, but I cut my curl off before. Yeah. Amen All right. So what are you gonna do for us? I’m gonna sing unaware by Allen stone for you guys unaware Got it Every time the deficit grows You spend a molding you People close eye on your authority You say that I Was on the way I Don’t know where you know you do Want it Till you can’t reach it father Very good. Thank you. I’m amazed The false setter to the point of just wanting to remove myself from the room for a moment You have to know everything how high can you go for real? I’ve I don’t know if I’ve ever actually tested it I don’t know if I’ve Well, I know mess it up stay alone. I’m gonna keep it clean your false set is very clean. Thank you so much That’s seriously means the world my one little advice Yeah went to high once went to high once okay, but we can cut you some slack Katie. Tell me what you’re thinking um, well, I think he’s the best male singer we’ve seen so far and I think he’s top ten so She doesn’t do that like that that much my biological mom had me at a very young age She was 15 or 16 when she had me I guess she just felt like she wouldn’t be able to give me the life that somebody else could so she Supposedly traded me for a car to some family in Birmingham That Person wasn’t capable of taking care of a baby. So a short time later I was adopted Patricia elder raised me no father in the house most of the time she worked two jobs Just to make sure that I could play those sports and do all those extra things that everybody else was doing My mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer When I was 14 She was cancer-free for two or three years and then the cancer came back It got to the point where there was nothing they could do anymore It was tough tough for me it was tough for my whole family and that’s really when I turned to music mom Got me my first guitar that Christmas it was this cheap guitar and I started playing and I was really terrible at it. I Started singing a lot in front of her she liked it. So I just kept singing My mom’s battle with cancer ended and she passed away in April of 2016 Without her there’s no telling where I’d be right now. You know, she provided me with a stable home And worked very hard to get me where I’m at today Man I Don’t know if I’ve ever heard a story like that. So me either I Guess it makes you a lot stronger in life, huh? Yeah. Yeah stronger I guess Humble blessed to be here. So well, no matter what happens here today man Congrats on being here. What a what a ride and What are you singing for us today? I’m actually gonna sing an original song. It’s called gone It’s like a tribute song that I wrote for my mom. Okay? Oh Let’s hear I know I can go I can Give you everything that I had anymore all that I ever asked Was for you to give me everything you had Because the days are getting shorter It’s a nice scroll long And I sit alone all day Just to ride in these song, but I can’t see you anymore Cuz you’re all gone When I was a young boy you took me in and loved me as your own The gate is long time anyone can ever know Is the love from a mother’s heart though, we are far apart I know As a teaspoon my guitar I look up at the star you were finally home I Know I can know I can Give you everything that I had Brandon I’m honestly honored you did something few people can do you wrote a song? Magically from the heart that had two chords you just slayed it in my opinion, but Speaking on behalf of songwriters around the world to express everything to where the first time you ever hear it you get Got it. Yes, sir, man. That was amazing like Songwriting is in your wheelhouse forever You wear your heart on your sleeve it makes for great song man I’m going to sit here for a moment and Decide whether the sing part Is the part I wanted push you forward You’ve got a genuineness about you a realness that you know is hard to find and I think we we got to help your voice out just a little bit but I think there’s something there Thank you. Let’s do the vote. Okay Three times the lady was about my mom. I Think you did it very well. I think you got a yes for me Thank you That’s a yes for me Thank you. I love your voice I was not expecting your voice to be that dadgum good I didn’t see you coming, brother But now he’s going but now you’re going. Oh, thank you. Love it Thank you Thanks, man, awesome, it’s awesome preciate a job. It’s great to meet. So yeah. Thank you Killa. Thanks. I appreciate it. Hey guys Thank you. Take care, man Hey, so tell us about yourself I am David Francisco 25 years old. I moved to Nashville to do music in 2016 and then I actually got hit by a car And paralyzed from the waist down. Oh Just three weeks after I moved to Nashville a distracted driver ran a red light and t-boned me on my bicycle I don’t remember anything except for waking up in the hospital and Asking why aren’t my legs on the bed? And I looked down and sure enough. There’s my legs on the bed, but I can’t feel them When they told me that I was paralyzed from the waist down I thought everything’s over music’s over relationships are over I cried every single day for months And then I’m in bed one night and I see my foot move just a little Within the next two three months I had a lot of improvement and that continued for until today really I don’t take anything for granted While I was recovering I got a letter from a friend when I heard about what happened to David I was devastated and I wrote him Hopefully encouraging him to not give up at all We ended up reconnecting through the accident I was amazed by how she didn’t seem to be fazed by the fact that I was in a wheelchair He is the most joyous the most energetic The bright light of the room life is so much fun with him And I cry but I also laughs I think we’re super blessed I’m so happy to stand by his side being on American Idol is huge because this is the next step trying to reincorporate myself into real life and Then maybe I could send a support myself with music This lovely lady is my fiancee Yeah Graduations honored to be here. You’re very late. Let’s hear you sing. Let’s do it Well, the song I’m gonna do is isn’t she lovely? Yeah, let’s hear Nice very good. Yeah, so isn’t she lovely thank you so much Isn’t she lovely Isn’t she wonderful Isn’t she pretty Less than one minute. Oh, I never thought the love we’d be Making one as lovely is she but isn’t she lovely? babe Isn’t she pretty Truly the angels best boy. I’m so happy I can’t believe what God has done To us. He’s getting a life too. It’s so very lovely. Hey Stop stop Stop Bring it bring it. I’ve come to you An inspiration to us all First of all, I’ve lost my voice but like I’m just watching her and like yeah how it love she is You know it is the blessing of life yeah is your spirit If you lose your spirit You’ve lost everything you are an inspiration and I’m gonna tell you something. I want you to be very proud of yourself Thank you God he can get here You know did we say you’re going to Hollywood You

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  1. I came here to look for the next Clapton, Jimmy Paige,Jimi Hendrix, or Stevie Ray Vaughn but it turns out no one has talent anymore!

  2. ….I've watched various "Voice" type shows from around the world and these judges seem to be the most sharp, and most "into it", as well as eminently qualified, of all that I have seen……I guess it's fitting that they should be on the show that started it all……

  3. People saying "if you dont have sad history you cant win"

  4. Lol sometimes I just wonder how those people who disliked this video manage to be among the naturally selected ??

  5. I love how it's ok for women (Katy Perry) to sexually harass and be inappropriate towards men but if this was one of the male judges slobbering all over a female contestant it would be drama. Double standards are a %@#$% joke. How was that ok?

  6. Half or these were decent. Not amazing by far. The judges were much more generous than they used to be

  7. I love the girlfriend in the second audition asserting her dominance towards Katy without saying anything xD. The body language and acts are sooo obvious. Great audition(s) tho

  8. @9:40 dude starts to lie and had to get cut off before he put his foot in his mouth

    "My dad immigrated here when he was THREE years old…. to escape…"

    What the fuck was he escaping at 3?

  9. you know people backstory that make their personality.sad backstory make you personality tough up.while happy backstory make it harder to face future reality

  10. the first one had a great voice and a even greater heart …the rest were just average bums with a sad story…

  11. It was worth it just to hear the pony tailed guy and he PLAYS n sings ! Not that I didn’t like the others!

  12. I’d love to audition and when they ask me what’s my story, I say…I don’t have one. And see the reactions

  13. I’m auditioning for my dads brothers friends son that got stung by a wasp 8 years ago. It was really hard for me to know that happened.

  14. American Idol just change your name to: Americans w sad stories who also happen to sing. Can't even watch this shit anymore wtf

  15. “Errr I’m John and last year I was stabbed and got ran over by a truck right after finding out my mom had died while resuscitating my dog which was run over by the same truck. And the truck was driven by my Dad who actually ran away with another guy the second I was born. Now give me that ticket to Hollywood.”

    Can the producers reveal their stories AFTER they’ve won the important rounds or something?

  16. all these performance were awesome, i really love the original song the guy wrote for his mother, it brought me to tears, honestly it touch me in a way because i lost my mother too at the age of 3. and the guy who performed last, he was an inspiration not only to the judges but to someone like me who was injured in 2014. If he can over come his pain and still play maybe i shouldn't give up either. Thank you to whoever posted this video.

  17. 0:38 no please don't do that, the one thing you don't do to a person with down's syndrome is talk to him like he's a kid, well unless he's is actually a kid

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  19. Thank you God am blessed to be alive. Music really connect human beings with the feelings last guy who got hits by car got me cried people are truly amazing may jesus restored his life

  20. The thing is,I don't know if I should like or dislike,because I hate the fact that they're "using" their sad and/or personal stories as a tool,but on the other hand all of them were literally amazing singers!

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