American Idol Exposed! PROOF IT’S FAKE!

American Idol Exposed! PROOF IT’S FAKE!

– Welcome to The Fixify. I’m Sean Klitzner, and
Jersey Shore is fake. Wait, did we already do this? Yeah? Okay. American Idol is fake. And I’m about to prove it. Can I get an intro? (sirens and upbeat music) Now before we get started, I have to say that I’m still a fan. I still watch the show and
I still enjoy the show. I think Ryan Seacrest
has been and still is a fantastic guide through each episode. He drives the entire show. Unfortunately it’s gotten to the point where he’s presenting us
fantastically with mediocrity. For the past few seasons I’ve noticed one consistent thing about American Idol, and the audition process. Ever since the voice
of truth, Simon Cowell, left the panel three years ago, the remaining judges
have been figuring out ways to slyly get the okay as to whether they are
allowed to let someone through to Hollywood or not. This, of course, being because they can’t follow the lead of Cowell anymore, who was apparently allowed
to make those calls while on the panel. So what’s going down, dog? Well the American Idol audition process has just gotten… lazy. Now, I’m not here to talk about the surprisingly refreshing Nicki Minaj. I’m also not here to talk about the Turbanator, and how American Idol reached a new low with
their, “making fun.” – [Voiceover] Gurpreet Singh Sarin is, The Turbanator. – No I’m here to just
indirectly mention those things, while I bring up the obvious. Nigel Lythgoe should be on the panel as a judge, and the face of,
“who gets to go through,” on American Idol. He’s seemingly making
those decisions anyway. I’ll let you decide. Now, I’ll use the first
two episodes of season 12 as a reference, but the proof is the same for the past few seasons as well. The judges aren’t the ones with any power. Usually right after a singer auditions, if they are somewhat-to-decently good, you’ll be able to catch the judges glancing off set to someone. Who could they be looking at? My guess, the man himself, American Idol show
producer, Nigel Lythgoe, who is also the judge from,
“So You Think You Can Dance.” He is the one seen right off screen here. He left the show years ago, but returned the year Simon
Cowell made his departure. Why? The show didn’t have
anyone on the judges’ panel who knew how to make a television show. Because of this, I question
whether the audition process even has any legitimacy to it. Granted, the performers still
have to bring their “A” game, and I’m sure there are
a bunch of unexpected, positive surprises in the room. But if you flunk the audition and Lythgoe still wants you in, they just won’t air your flubbed segment. Here are a bunch of the off-screen looks to the producer after
each singer auditions. Usually the look-off
happens while someone else is talking, or during a distraction, like a sip of the drink, or laughter. Really, they just need to sneak the peeks without the singer noticing. The sneaky attempts just make me focus on how they are going to
improv their way through into saying “yes” to a poor singer, and “no” to a great singer. It’s uncomfortable. It’s almost as if once they know what they are allowed to
do with the auditioner, they don’t care about anything else. The focus switches on how to
convincingly say “yes” or “no.” And recently they’ve gotten
so bored of this game, that they do this new thing they started a few years ago, called
the, “four yeses at once.” They never did that when
Simon Cowell was on board, or maybe once a season. They talked each contestant
through their “yes.” It’s just gotten lazy. Take a look. – [Randy] One, two, three, – [All] yes. – [Randy] One, two, three, – [All] yes. – [Keith] One, two, three, – [All] yes. – [Randy] One, two, three, – [All] yes. – [Randy] One, two, three, four, – [All] yes. – And here’s the most apathetic
“four yeses” I’ve seen. It’s like they are so bored and bothered with absolutely no say. – [Randy] One, two, three, four, – [All] yes. – [Randy] One, two, three, four, – [All] yes. – [Randy] One, two, three, four. – [All] yes. – Just doing what they’re told. Segway.
(voice laughs) Now you might not be convinced
of anything I’ve said. Granted, you can come up
with a counter argument for every argument I’ve made. But something happened in episode two of season 12, which completely baffles me. I can’t explain it, other than with the observations I’ve made so far. Halfway through the episode,
we meet Mariah Pulice, who we knew was gonna make it through, just by the first question asked. – Would you like to tell
us anything about yourself? – Sidebar, if the judges
don’t joke with the, “Tell us about yourself,” question, they usually know the answer’s
gonna be a serious one, thus setting up an inspirational story. And thus the performer has a pretty good shot at making it through. So whether the judges have
the application info sheet in front of them, or they are told prior, they know to ask the question seriously, because of the answer. – Well, I’ve had a rough couple of years. – [Sean] So Mariah’s
story is inspirational, and her singing is fine, no different from a lot
of people who make it, and a lot of people who don’t make it. When she’s finished singing, the judges dive into their critique. – You know, your spirit is coming out through your music– – But they definitely knew they would be sending this girl to Hollywood, because before they even hinted
she would be going though, Seacrest brought the entire
family closer backstage to run in and celebrate with
her after she got the news. – [Nicki] You’re through to Hollywood. (others whooping and applauding) (Ryan whispering) (Mariah sobbing) (girls screaming) – How on earth did
Seacrest know to do this? Now, assuming he did this by chance, he must have at least known
she was somewhat good, because he wouldn’t be bringing in the family of a dud singer. But would he take the risk
of disappointing the family at a closer place,
without knowing for sure that she got through? Especially after they gave her a segment dedicated to her story. You decide. Segway.
(voice laughing) Now before I take off,
I wanted to talk about the voting process on American Idol, and why it’s completely flawed. And this isn’t American
Idol’s fault either, it’s just the way it is. Anybody can get eliminated
at any given time if they are not the
best singer of the week, as decided by America, which means the second
best singer of the week, even if there are 10
remaining contestants, can be eliminated. Here’s why. We don’t pick up the phone and
give our favorites in order. We pick up the phone
and vote for the best, our number one of the week. Which means, if the
entire country thinks that Johnny Mack was second best for the week, he’s not getting any first place votes, and therefore he’s going home. The majority of people may have thought he was better than most
of the contestants, but it doesn’t really matter,
and that’s no one’s fault. It’s just missing that piece
of logic in the voting process, and it flaws any reality show competition where the audience gets to vote. The perception that the worst goes home each week is clearly not true. It’s why Chris Daughtry and many others went home earlier than expected. So when they say, “Vote
for your favorite,” they should be saying,
“Vote for your favorite, “and whoever you think is second best, “and third best as well.” Segway.
(scooter clattering on street) That does it for this exposed
episode of The Fixify. Be sure to subscribe, and
I’ll see you next time. (object whirring) (bell dinging) But it is clear that the producer is the one throwing the ice. Notice when they pan to who threw the ice. We see an extended arm in retraction mode, as if it was a post-throw. (dance music)

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  1. As an amateur camera man I have often asked the question how did the camera man know where to have the camera pointed at the audience to get the one person responding to the singer. How does the camera man know when to pour at the judges at just that right moment? On the Craig Colton audition how did they know to go to him in the
    Q line and to be on his parents in the audience? And why is Simon always reading from a script? I first noticed the script reading when it was the Charlotte and Jonathan audition. And now he even picks it up and reads from it. And why do they complain about the bad talent when the screeners are the ones that send them thru. And how do they get the biographies on them before they perform? ? So much wrong with AGT and the X Factor .

  2. I think they just look off stage for direction . they have to know for example when to wrap it up and go on to the next contestant . stuff like that .

  3. Just like SYTYCD the judges said that they won't vote for one guy it for another and it threw me back because I thought that judges can't vote because I thought that was left to the people

  4. This YouTube video was totally laid out i watched him read prompt. Choreographed as hell, for that reason, im out haha jk jk

  5. Just like beauty pageants like, Ms. Universe…most of the people behind it already know who the winners will be! Of course, it depends on who paid the biggest money, has the sad stories that people can relate to, etc.. in short, it's all about drama and money!

  6. Fake ? They make it sound like a surprise, how can someone with no talent but bags of money judge on those with great talent ? Its viewers watching and very little to do with talent.

  7. hmmm.. but why they record themselves taking a peek to say to know if they should say yes or no and all they can do is to make a sign for the camera man to move the camera to the contestant for second to have a peek and get answer!! i dont think they are stupid to do the things you said!

  8. unfortunately this video also turned out to be fake…
    reason and proof:–"segway"!!totally staged….
    nwys,I'm simply moving on guys..

  9. I'm not surprised, tell me is any reality show real. Well…..ahhh nope. How you know this look up casting calls for reality shows. Sad but true. May be based on reality but it's Hollywood.

  10. As someone who has auditioned….ofcourse this is not the first audition there would be millions on audition in one day too many for one panel of judges.
    First there is an open call audition u audition in one room, usually 10 ppl at a time in front of a producer in that one day ull maybe have about 3 to 5 rounds while they narrow it down. Then u get a call back audition and after that its the televised on infront of the judges. In the application to audition ur supposed to write about urself, ofcourse they know ur back story u told them its on ur application. Ofcourse they will keep outlandish people till the judges audition, makes good tv. Everything on tv is sumwhat manipulated for sure but to say that its fake is an overstatement.

  11. i am on oyur side but i want to say something of the last proff where the famely enters and they get a hole segment and o on.

    1 it is not live so if the system is not rigged they can stil have a contestant have a hole segment where they tell their story as if the contestant makes it you air the story if not you skipp it simple so sorry no prof there. and if they makeit they can be asked for a story to air before the dudition but if they did not make it they never ask.

    2. IT IS NOT LIVE so if someone wins you do not know how long they stay there so it can be seconds it can be 10 mins and as it is not live they can film the famely getting closer cuz she won then make them enter and you wil think they enterd the moment she won but in reality they waited for 5 mins you dont know.

    3. if it was live they stil have a way of having the famely get closer. if not rigged they can have a secret woting buton under the table witch they press for yes. so the voting is done before they go on saying wy they wil say yes or no. so if the show was not rigged as i belive too it is that button can give the clue for someone to bring the famely closer so that they all know she wil win but they dont say it right away to let the famely closer.

    4. just as you told i wil now give some idea of wy they look off screen other than knowing if they wil move on or not. like in ted talks it might be a timer like they are only alowed to use this long on the audition so that they dont use 1 houer on 1 story then sry we cant take all the auditions today. so it might be a timer to give them a clue of how ling they have to go on critisising or not. tho if this was true then shurely they wil have someone saying this to make the show more belivable hell if theyware actualy smart they wil do so to look at the clock and the man saying yes or not to a contestant.

  12. Yep. Nothing on TV is real, especially not the news…all scripted! The only way to survive the coming 5G is to seek the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! God bless!!!

  13. Carrie Underwood put it underneath aa black magic spell,,,shes worship devil sataniac bitch,,and everything was rigged,,look at what happening now shes being exposed, total evil, ,,totally illuminati, ,,,ha ha carrie, ,,Come 2 JESUS, ,jesus is coming, ,,amen??

  14. I wonder if since this has been posted anyway who was rejected has said anything to the judges about your comment ? That would be interesting.

  15. We have this voting system in British politics as well, its messed up, its called first past the post. It just is the worst way to do voting.

  16. I auditioned in Oklahoma City in 2012. Can confirm it is more a scripted TV show than talent contest. I made it through three rounds of auditions: the 4th round is what is televised as the 1st. There were maybe 10,000 people at the first audition July 20th, and ~500 of us in October for rounds 2-4 (was supposed to be in August). At registration for the 1st audition, they have you fill out a sheet that asks questions like if you're related to anyone famous, you've ever been on tv before, if you've recently endured any extraordinary hardships, etc. You turn that in when you audition the next day. The celebrity judges (4th round) actually only saw maybe 50 people. Oh, and the 3rd round is recorded in front of the cameras as you audition for Lythgoe and Warwick. Occasionally, that audition is shown with judge comments- and you never see the judges interacting directly with the contestants for that reason. I guess that makes sense when Lythgoe would have given the approval based on the previous audition. There is a lot more I could share, but I think you get the idea. Lol

  17. your opinion on 2017 would be interesting now. like whenim thinking of the 6 chat challenge and they also have to listen to the audience

  18. Yeah happens on a lot on all talent shows. The production team decide not the judges. Its heartbreaking

  19. He knew because the people running the show told him through an ear piece. Surely you have enough common sense to get that one as you are pointing out lots of obvious things.

  20. So, where is the proof? People who sit there for hours are not allowed to look to their right . I'm not gonna bother watching your videos anymore

  21. Your conclusion about the American Idol "voting" is wrong (unless you meant to say that's how you wish the show would work).
    You're right that it's not necessarily the "worst" singer who gets kicked out – but as long as votes for the other candidates don't matter either way, people effectively still vote only for the "best" candidate and none else. So why exactly should the show state that voters vote for the 2nd best and 3rd best etc as well when there's obviously just the "best" and the "rest"?
    That would actually be a lie then and result in exactly the false assumption you mentioned before your conclusion.

    I do agree that this voting system is crap, that it's unfair altogether, and that it doesn't justify kicking singers just because they're not the "best".
    But that's just how this stupid show works, it's half-staged, so they take their liberties. It's not misinformation, just missing information if you will.

  22. amazing you have to make a video..and people still don't see it. It was purely scripted from the vey start. Hollywood is losing it's demonic energy supply…so you get cardboard for your chewy entertainment of repeation. The 'off' camera look is probably to the actor(s) handler, stylist, cocaine supplier, or even a monitor to see 'how they look' real quick. Your theory is also a possibility, but there is no judging at's always been scripted.


  24. Yes they are all fake. Satanic cult that worships satan. Wake up. Katey perry has said she eats people. Yes she says it..look on YouTube and watch the interview. They can't be famous without selling their souls. All you have to do is go on YouTube and look it up. Everything we been fought is a lie. Did you know most Hollywood are transgender? They've been doing this throughout history. Start looking it up.

  25. Chosen king….. go look at his page for starters. And go from there. Jesus is real no matter how much these new agers have tried to lead you to beleive he is not. Remember there will be 3 days of darkness before the lord comes. When that happens, God help us all!

  26. When Ryan Seacrest says “Vote for your favorite”, that means in practice, “Vote based on whose music you’d listen to the most.” That implies that American Idol is popularity contest. What he should be saying is, “Vote for the best of the night.”

  27. that explains some of the act were so horrible.. they picked some of the horrible one… while the winner had already been chosen… for production value..of course….its all pre recorded….. example…
    Kelly clarksons behaviour… when on going auditioning… clear as day… as if she had already knew she gonna go through… check it out… y'all gonna know what I mean

  28. I was on the Season 12 auditions and yes it is fake, not only did I have to go through 3 pre-auditions, one of which was a panel of around 30 judges, but even in the televised audition I didn't get to sing in front of the celebrity judges. It was a panel of three people I'd never seen before sitting in dim light. The aired footage was edited to make it look like I was in front of the celebrity judges. We were also forced to sing from an "approved playlist" that was emailed to us once we passed the first pre-audition and were not allowed to divert from it on tv. They didn't even bother to put my name anywhere. By the way yes, they do know everyone's stories, beginning at the first pre-audition.

  29. Well yes it’s lack of voting that sends someone home. But if they get no votes then they are probably the worst? Your “flawed system” speech is incorrect in my opinion – people will vote for their faves and people’s taste varies.

  30. Its the same with americas got talent. Ive seen it live. Most of the contestants have previous performance and tv backgrounds. The producers tell the audience when to stand up and applaud. Its really ridiculous

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