Andy and Jeannie Go Through “The Purge” Haunted House

Andy and Jeannie Go Through “The Purge” Haunted House

[music playing] One of my favorite things
to do this time of year is send Andy to a haunted house. I already showed you Andy going
through with Sarah Paulson. I also sent Andy
to a haunted house with our receptionist Jeannie. I don’t think either of
them really enjoyed it. No? Andy? But I did. And I think you will. So here you go– Hi, Ellen. I’m here again at
another haunted house. Which I obviously did
not want to go to, but you said to me that
I could bring a friend. And so I said, Jeannie,
would you go with me? And she said, I’m not your
friend but I’ll go with you. Side by side. And she keeps telling me I have
to go side by side with her. You have to go side by side. There’s no rules. Yes, there are rules. And if there are
rules, I make them. You asked me to come! Side by side. I’ve been doing this a lot of
years, and so I’m in charge. I don’t exactly
understand the theme. See, it’s very– This is terrible. Why is there fog? Oh there’s smell. There’s fog that smells. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You go this way. [chainsaw noise] [scream] Oh god that’s loud! Wow! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Oh my god. Oh my gosh. Y’all have five more
minutes of this. I’m going to say this– I’ve been doing
this many years– Oh my gosh. –first time there’s a chainsaw. Now– oh no! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! You look like Hamilton. And why so sudden? Oh my gosh! Oh no, not a woman! Oh my gosh. And a man. All right. We’re not even in– OK. OK. Hi. OK, OK, OK, OK. You see, they don’t– they
don’t react to the OK, OK. I feel like I’m
hurting your arm. [bang] Oh my gosh! Why a drum? That’s not real. Oh, look at her. Oh, Andy. [scream] Oh my gosh. OK. Are you joking me? This way. OK. Thank you. [scream] Oh my gosh! OK. OK. OK. OK. No! With the body! OK, OK, OK. This is awful. Wasn’t that a real thing? You cannot scream– OK, OK, OK. –unless– [scream] No! Mean These aren’t real. These are just the hanging– I’m not looking. OK. If you stay calm
and they don’t– [growl] Oh my gosh! Let us get through the door! Gosh! [growl] Oh my gosh! They’re coming at you! We see you and then they still– [growl] [scream] I wish I was with her. [chainsaw] [scream] No! [growl] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! We’re good. How did that scare me? I can’t even see. No more. You’re good. [chainsaw] Oh my gosh! I grabbed your boob. [laugh] I’m sweating so bad. See, I’m trying to
have fun with it. My new thing is just
have fun with it. [scream] Oh my gosh! You can have fun with it! There’s too many
of these schmattas. [laugh] Is that what they’re called? No! Oh gee! I don’t wanna look. No, we’re good. I don’t wanna look. We’re good. No! Oh my gosh! Same guy with the
tooth and the face. There’s a– here. Breathing break. Breathing break. Breathing break. [growl] I didn’t even breathe! It’s break time! Nobody come. Are we halfway through? Yes. Are we 3/4 of the way through? We’re halfway through. That’s it? Wait. Should I switch arms? I feel like you’re not going
to be able feel this arm. Yeah, no, I’m here. Hold onto the guns. That’s just a thing. [growl] [scream] What? Ow! Go back! What do you mean “ow”? You ran me into the door frame. You need to be ready to– I need you more mobile. Ready to do what? You need to be mobile. I don’t know what that– [scream] Oh my gosh! You weren’t supposed to be real! Oh my gosh! You came– he came so close. The guy on the right. There’s a guy on the right. [scream] I told you. Ow! I forgot which was my right. This is horrible. Luna, how much longer? One-eighth. Oh my gosh. One-eighth? I’m not– I can’t
do the fractions. That is not– that’s not– Yeah. You know– [scream] No, not– you cannot
do– that is illegal. Two on one, illegal. Two on one? [laugh] There’s two of us. You are horrible at fractions! There’s a lot– [growl] [scream] Why was– Are you serious! Go back in. Hold on. OK. Andy, just go! I’m trying to go! Just go! You’re holding me back! Just go! [scream] Oh my gosh! I see you coming and
it still freaks me out! [growl] OK! Back! Oh my gosh. Back to the monster! Back– you don’t exist. If I turn my back,
you’re not there. Let’s just– let’s just go. Just go. One is real. Just one, two, three– [scream] It’s that one. I told you to go
one, two, three. Go, go, go, go,
go, go, go, go, go! [scream] There’s only one real per room! OK. OK. And we’re done. We did it. Are you sure? We’re outside. Look. [scream] Oh god! Oh my gosh! [growling] Got it. Got it. Good. Thank you. Jeannie, I didn’t love that. But I was so happy that I could
be there to keep you safe. That’s it, Ellen. Honestly, I say this every
year, but we’re done. This whole charade,
this whole thing– done. Thank you. [music playing]

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  1. I'm just trying to imagine what these two were like in their car before they got to be event like how do you psych yourself up for that

  2. They should do a Slenderman’s mansion Maze with the Creepypastas in there and I would laugh so hard at Jeff the Killer yelling go to sleep at Andy then Jane chasing him Oml please make that a maze!!

  3. I can binge these videos all day lol. Also LOVE that it's The Purge haunted house but they added Bughuul from Sinister at 3:43. Glad they're showing that movie some love!

  4. You should send him to Thrillvania in Terrell, Tx. And Reindeer Manor in Red Oak, Tx… get a sense of something more Realistic but with a story rather than the Hollywood acting. You would really get a kick out of that one. Hahahaha!!!! Love you Ellen!

  5. I love these andy haunted house videos they make me laugh so much! I can't wait for this years haunted house, I've catching up on all the andy haunted house videos ??

  6. 3:18 Andy: “There’s a.. here breathing break..breathing break..breathing break..breathing break! ITS BREAK TIME!” Jeannie: “Nobody come.” Andy: “Are we half way through?”????

    Also isn’t that the baby mask and costume from happy death day (in the room where he says that)

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