– [Coyote] I’m Coyote Peterson
and I’m about to be bitten. (Coyote screaming in pain) This guys this is
worst than a sting. (Coyote screaming in pain) One, two. Yeah he got me. (jungle music) It’s a fair statement to
say, that my job bites and I guess sometimes
it also stings, but today we’re not
gonna talk about stings, we’re gonna save that
for another video. Because this episode is
all about the worst bites I have taken thus far on the
Brave wilderness channel. And there have been many
like the collared lizard, which really wasn’t that bad, and then there was
the spiny lizard which also wasn’t that bad. I think we can all
remember the helder mite, (shudders) that was
a living nightmare. And even something
like the Burmese python which did draw blood, but
really left me pretty unscathed. Now most of the bites
I take are intentional, but then again, sometimes
they happen on accident just like the gila monster. That was not a good day. Now what I wanna do is
count down the top five best and when I say best, I
mean most painful bites that I have taken over
the course in three years on the Brave Wilderness channel. And to kick it off, let’s travel
back down to West Virginia where I had the unique
opportunity to get up close for a day of tactical training
with man’s best friend. (classical music) – You will feel every
bit of the pressure from the bite of the dog. – Oh yeah. – Just no puncture. – This is what you have to wear if you wanna get taken
down by a canine. Alright Jer are we ready? – [Cameraman] I think we
are ready, you ready Mario? And we’re rolling. – One, two, I’m running to
the telephone pole, three. (Coyote screaming) Man she’s a lot stronger
than you would think. (screams) She’s spinning me
around in circles. (screams) I can see how this would
easily take down a criminal. (Coyote screaming) (Coyote grunting) – [Cameraman] You alright buddy? – You know, despite her
ferocious appearance, Mya was actually
the most kindhearted and loving tactical attack dog I think you probably
could of ever worked with. Now a dog makes a good pet, but you know what doesn’t
make a good pet, an alligator. I think you guys all
remember this episode, so let’s travel
back down to Florida and see what happens
when your baby alligator reaches it’s fourth birthday. Roll the footage. I am trying to mentally
put myself in a place where I’m not gonna
feel the pain. (sighs) – [Cameraman] This
is the real deal. – This is the real deal. Alright Junior, go
easy on me buddy. Ready, everyone ready? – [Cameraman] Rolling. – Here we go, one, two, three. (wails in agony) Oh yeah he is into my
arm and he is holding on. (grunting) Yup, alright,
that feels like big needles going into my forearm
and I can see there, that those teeth are
deep down into my skin. Oh yeah he’s really holding on. (Coyote grunting) Alright I think to
get him to let go, I’m gonna try to just pry
his jaw down a little bit, and pull my arm out, you ready? No he’s not letting go, he’s
locked onto my arm guys. You know what, let’s get a
bottle of water (grunting) there’s some teeth
underneath that have just popped through the
underside of my arm. Alright I’m a dump a little
bit of water on him you ready? Here we go, alright
buddy let go, let go, oh! I don’t want him to like
slide back. (screams in pain) He’s biting down harder
and harder and harder. Believe it or not, my arm was stuck in the mouth of that alligator
for seven minutes. Still wanna get an
alligator as a pet? Now reptile bites
can be really bad because often times they
can cause infection. Now this next bite didn’t
exactly go according to plan. I don’t think this is one
that I’m ever going to forget. (classical music) Oh boy we are seconds away from me being shunt by the
common snapping turtle. [Cameraman] Coyote
your go pro is rolling. This is crazy, this is
crazy, this is crazy. – (sighs) I’m Coyote Peterson
and I’m about to enter the chomp zone with the
common snapping turtle. Are you ready? – [Cameraman] Let’s do this. – One, two, (sighs) three. (screams in pain) He missed the wood! He’s latched onto my hand. – [Mario] Are you alright? (screaming) Oh he’s ripping
the side of my hand. Oh my gosh, okay I’m not
gonna touch the turtle. He missed the wood, this is
bad, he’s– (screams in pain). Mario get me a bottle of water. Ah ah ah ah, he’s
biting down harder, he’s biting down harder,
that’s not working, that’s not working, oh boy. I’m gonna go straight
to the rubbing alcohol. – [Mario] You ready? – He’s got the
backside of my hand, yup, go ahead just kind of
dump some into his mouth there. – [Mario] Ready? – Real light, real light. Okay there he goes,
he’s trying to get off, he’s trying to get off, there
he goes. (wails in pain) Wow he cut major
holes in my hand. Okay let me dip him in the water to get that rubbing alcohol off. There you go little buddy. – [Man] Oh my goodness,
you had me really nervous. (Coyote grunting in pain) You okay? – Yeah, ow geez, oh man. He bit right there and
slid off to the side. (wailing in pain) Oh that hurt. It missed the wood! I honestly couldn’t think
of anything else to say in that moment because the
pain was so incredible. Fortunately, my
team was on hand, and Mario jumped
in to help me get the turtle off of my hand. Now I’ve said it before,
and I’ll say it again, guys do not try to
catch snapping turtles because if you are
bitten, trust me, it’s gonna be a really bad day. Now the next bite is one that I have avoided for
a very long time, but due to popular
Coyote pack demand, I finally decided to face my
fears and go through with it. I’ll tell you what, I’ve been bitten by this
creature as a child, and trust me when I say, it
is absolutely excruciating. (classical music) Oh, look at that creature. An alien from another planet. I’m not doing this
scene in the dark guys, we’ll wait until
tomorrow morning. And yes I’m going
to let my big toe be bitten by the toe biter. Oh look at that! Oh it is so strong. – [Man] Did it grip? – Good grip, good grip. Are we ready? – [Man] We’re ready. – Okay here we go. (screams) Get back
into the container! (wailing in agony) This guys this is
worst than a sting. Oh my foot is throbbing. Oh this is like, this is like
dropping a brick on your toe. Ow, I can’t move my toe. (shudders) The feeling of that
rostrum going into your toe is like (screams) the
pain is unbelievable, and I think it goes
without saying guys that whatever you do, try
to avoid giant water bugs. Now I guess as I say that I
also realize that our number one most painful bite needs
no elaborate introduction. So if you guys are ready,
let’s jump right into being bitten by a
giant desert centipede. A centipede, oh look at this! Oh no no it’s moving, give
me that Tupperware container. I got him pinned, oohwee! – [Man] There he goes. – [Coyote] Oops, oh
he got out, aargh! – [Man] Nice, we got it. – Whoo! (sighs) – [Man] That is a big centipede. – That will get
your heart racing. The bite from this
creature is one of the most painful here in the Southwest. And if there is one creature
that gets my heart racing, it is the giant
desert centipede. Here we are, seven
o’clock in the morning. I think we all know
what’s going to happen. Alright guys, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be bitten by
the giant desert centipede so that I can explain
to you just how painful the bite from this
creature really is. I’m gonna gently go
in and pin it, ready? – [Man] Yeah. That’s creepy. – There’s the commitment. Okay, got a hold on it. Ow man those little legs
are digging into me. Whoa, look at those fangs,
my goodness, okay here we go. Ow! (grunting in agony) Immediately searing. Oh my gosh it’s so much
worse than bullet ant sting! (grunting in agony) It’s just searing my skin. Oh my gosh this is the
worst pain I have felt since the gila monster. It’s absolutely, just
completely eclipses all the insect
stings I’ve taken. (grunting in pain) (grunts) That episode
still makes my skin crawl and trust me when I say, a bite from the giant
desert centipede, is the worst bite
I have ever taken. Now the venomous bites
are often times worse than the nonvenomous bites, and no matter what, if you’re
ever bitten by an animal, make sure that you
seek medical attention. But I have to tell you guys, always try to avoid being bitten and the best way to do that is to simply admire these
creatures from a safe distance. Now I know a lot of
you are wondering, and maybe even writing in
the comment section below, Coyote, are you going to be
bitten by a great white shark? No, are you gonna
be bitten by a lion? No, are you gonna be
bitten by a tiger? No guys I’m not going to
be bitten by any of these major predators or
highly venomous snakes. When it comes to Bigfoot, hmm, well that might make a
pretty interesting episode if we can actually find one. I’m Coyote Peterson,
be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Hey Coyote pack, I have
some exciting news. I’m proud to announce that
the crew and I will be back on tour in 2018 with
Brave Wilderness live. Visiting cities all
across North America. Our first shows are in Anaheim
and San Diego, California. From there we head
to Phoenix, Arizona. Beyond that we will be visiting
San Francisco, California, Portland, Oregon,
Seattle, Washington, and Boulder, Colorado. With many more shows to be
announced in the coming months. Tickets can be purchased at
the Brave Wilderness website so make sure to reserve
your seats today. And don’t forget, subscribe so
you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave. (audience chatter)

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