AUDITION LEAVES JUDGES SPEECHLESS! Emotional Original Song On American Idol 2018

AUDITION LEAVES JUDGES SPEECHLESS! Emotional Original Song On American Idol 2018

My biological mom had me at a very young age she was 15 or 16 when she had me I guess she just felt like she wouldn’t be able to give me the life that somebody else could so she Supposedly traded me for a car to some family in Birmingham That Person wasn’t capable of taking care of a baby so a short time later. I was adopted Patricia elder raised me no father in the house most of the time she worked two jobs Just to make sure that I could play those sports and do all those extra things that everybody else was doing My mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 14 she was Cancer-free for two or three years and then the cancer came back you got to the point where there was nothing they could do anymore It was tough tough for me it was tough for my whole family And that’s really when I turned to music mom got me my first guitar that Christmas It was just cheap guitar, and I started playing and I was really terrible at it. I Started singing a lot in front of her she liked it, so I just kept singing My mom’s battle with cancer ended and she passed away in April of 2016 Without her there’s no telling where I’d be right now You know she provided me with a stable home and worked very hard to get me where I’m at today Man I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a story like that so me either I guess it makes you a lot stronger in life. Huh yeah yeah stronger I guess humble blessed to be here, so well. No matter what happens here today, man Congrats on being here thank what a what a ride and What are you singing for us today? I’m actually gonna sing an original song. It’s called gone It’s like a tribute song that I wrote for my mom. Okay. Oh Let’s hear I know I can go I can Give you everything that I had any more All that I ever had Was for you to give me everything that you had no more Because the days are getting shorter It’s a nice grow long and I sit alone all day Just to ride in this song, but I can’t see you anymore cuz of your up dog your uncle When I was a young boy, you took me in and loved me as your own The ladies love that anyone can ever know Is the love from a mother’s heart though, we are far apart I know As it is for my guitar I look up at the star you were finally home I Know I can know I can Give you everything that I had Oh Brandon I’m honestly honored you did something few people can do you wrote a song Magically from the heart that had two chords. You just slayed it in my opinion but Speaking on behalf of songwriters around the world to express everything To where the first time you ever hear it you get Got it yes sir, man, that was amazing like Songwriting is in your wheelhouse forever You wear your heart on your sleeve it makes for great song line I’m going to sit here for a moment and Decide whether the singing part is the part? I wanted push you forward You’ve got a genuineness about you A realness that you know is hard to find and are they weak we got to help your voice out just a little bit But I think there’s something there Thank you. Let’s do the vote okay three times the lady was about my mom I Think you did it very well. I think you got a yes for me Thank you That’s a yes for me Thank you. I love your voice I was not expecting your voice to be that dadgum good. I didn’t see you coming brother So now he’s going, but now you’re Dollywood. Thank you. Love it Thank you Thanks, man awesome. It’s awesome preciate a job. It’s great to meet so yeah, Thank You Philip. Thanks. I appreciate it you guys Thank you. Take care, man

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  1. If we discover gold in papa bears mansion we must not be tempted due to the laws. Don’t steal gold if you choke on papa bears chicken pot pie. Can you leave the children alone because they are innocent!

  2. I love to his voice and I love the song was so beautiful personal and I'm sure we can all relate to that I hope that a you can stand up to the other powerhouses that are going to be coming on the stage I think like hollow hondros if he has all of his originals that he can carry it through to the end wishing you many blessings on your journey Dude❤🤗🌻

  3. What a blessing you are!! Your mom is your Angel watching over you!!
    May God send tons of blessings your way!!

  4. My wife passed away from Breast Cancer and I know from experience that it would change you and make you a better person when someone close to you passes away. God Bless.

  5. Your mother is smiling down on you! To be so humble, honest and true to yourself, is very rare. Please don't give up your dream, because your heart is in the right place!!

  6. Used to watch american idol till they brought washed up lionel richie and OMG skank of all time katy perry'miss I sold my soul to the devil for a record deal.Stupid show is as bad as they come now.I liked it in seasons 1 through 3 with simon cowell cuz he made it entertaining.Those 3 just suck as judges.

  7. I lost my mother when i were 18 , then my dad when i were 19 .
    Not for cancer or anything but it's the hardest thing you will ever witness on your life.
    And this song it's just me represent me it's heartbreaking to see the ones to be loved dies in front of it's just…..😓 there is no word describe what you fell cuz ain't nothing gonna changes what happened.


  9. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, your heart speaks loudly about your strength.
    Your bravery shines. Your integrity is welcoming.
    Your journey isn't over so hold on tight.
    Hats off to the hand that rocks the cradle.
    Stay golden!

  10. I don’t want to cry no more!! He’s life was so sad and when he finally find someone she pass away!! God bless him and I hope he can make a family!!

  11. That young man has lived a thousand lifetimes of pain and still has a smile on his face. What an inspiration to us all.

  12. AI is a talent competition. I'm not a fan of these heartrending narratives. It's supposed to be about his abilities not his tragic back story.

  13. Closed my eyes and thought I was listening to a Jason Isbell Jr. and that's a HUGE compliment !!!!!! Brandon has an amazing voice and song writing !

  14. I was tearing before he even started singing.. but he has such emotion in his voice and it was beautiful! Legit got goose bumps


  16. Your mom is so proud of you! Looking down on you with happiness and so much love. I love you and I don't know you. I'm sorry for the hard times you have been through.

  17. The real pain of losing someone cannot be explained. I lost my mom to cancer and damn his song just made me crryyyyy…

  18. He has such gorgeous eyes. God bless his adoptive Mom. May she rest in eternal peace and joy. She is watching over her son and proud that he is such a talented young man!

  19. Wait hold on. HOLD on.

    You mean to tell me this white male didnt have any privileges in his life and had to struggle most of his life and had to work very hard to get where he is now?!

    Sad story by the way. I admire his dedication and hard work.

  20. My mother gave birth to my older brother when she was 16, and me, at 21. I was born into a four-room tarpaper shack. We moved into a block house my dad built when I was around five-and-a-half, where we spent ten years as a family, until my mother and father divorced. I graduated high school at 6'2 and 145 pounds and playing in a band with my brother which helped me eat. I paid my way through junior college and later, a four-year, state university … paid for by playing a guitar. To quote a boss I later had, "Live ain't easy; but it sure is hard." You keep going. You find Jesus. And sometime it gets even worse. But you keep going. Sure beats living a hard life in this world, and then going to hell without Jesus, in the next …

  21. 5:13 his smile perfect teeth and that song was freaking amazing crying a river over here!!!😭😇🙏💔🎸🎤🎵🎶

  22. I hope he can at least make a single of this song . It would sell . But i think he has more to share . Good luck my friend

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