Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend And Kelly Guess Famous Celebrity Voices

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend And Kelly Guess Famous Celebrity Voices

(audience applauding) – I’m Carson Daly, you’re
host for the next few minutes. Here with me, The Voice coaches, the great Gwen Stefani. – What. – John Legend, Blake Shelton, and of course, Kelly Clarkson! – Yeah. (audience applauding) – Also joining us in his
booth backstage is comedian and celebrity voice impersonator
Josh Robert Thompson. Hi, Josh! – Hello. (audience applauding) – It is time to play
guess the famous voice, famous Voice coaches. ♪ Guess that famous voice ♪ ♪ Famous Voice coaches ♪ All right, the game is very simple. We’ve got two teams, boys versus girls. Kelly and Gwen, they’re going to be playing for all the ladies in the audience. Blake and John, they’ll be playing for all
the men in the audience and we’re sending the winning team home with a new Yamaha YAS-109 Sound bar. – [Kelly] Ooh! (audience cheering) – Josh is going to do
a celebrity impression, if the coaches think they
know the voice he’s doing, they’ll just hit their button. They are allowed to ask the
famous voice one question, so you can ask the famous
voice a question, all right? – Then you’ve got to guess–
– This sounds like the premise of another show on… – [Carson] Who it is. – [Kelly] No, I don’t know
what you’re referring to. I don’t know what you’re referring to. – [Blake] For God’s sake, can we play? – If you’re right, you get a point, if you’re wrong, the other team can ask a question and steal, alright? – [Kelly] Okay. – I’m gonna let Kelly win. – No, you play first! – Josh let’s start this sucker off– – [Blake] You’re on the same team. – Here we go. Josh, who is our first famous voice? – Well let me tell you
something, first of all, of all the morning talk shows– (button dings) – He’s a body builder! – No, it didn’t light up. – Wait.
– It didn’t light up or anything. – [Carson] That’s all
right, it’s her show. – No, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger! – That is correct! – Yeah!
– Hooray! (audience cheering) – I thought they were gonna sing. – I thought they were going to sing too. – It’s one to nothing. – [Kelly] No! – [John] I thought they
were going to sing. – And this pice of crap show, this doesn’t even light up! – It’s the first season! (audience laughing) – [Carson] Season two, they’ll get one that’s connected to something.
– Season two! (speech drowned out by yelling) – We got picked up, next
season it’ll light up! – All right guys. (audience cheering) Score, one to nothing. Let’s get to it. Who’s our next famous voice? – Come on Kelly! – Hey man, I’m just sitting
back here with my shirt off, playing some bongos– (button dings) – I know it! He’s in Austin! Did you got to school in Austin? Did you got to college? – I sure did and I’m smoking
something I can’t mention. – Matthew McConaughey! – That’s correct! (audience cheering) Kelly Clarkson! Two points for the ladies. (audience cheering) – Wow, it’s really interesting how the host of the show keeps getting all the answers right.
– I didn’t know! – That is true, that is true.
– No, no! – That’s really interesting that the host of the show–
– I do not cheat! – Keeps getting the answers right. – They did not tell me. I am just awesome. – How convenient is that? – I am just awesome. – I’m just awesome! They did not tell me! – All right, the score
is two to nothing, girls. A bit of a button hog
over here, but here we go. Who’s our next famous voice? – Now listen boys, I wanna let you know that I was the sexiest– (button dings) – Oh, oh I know that.
– John Legend. – Morgan Freeman.
– Yeah! – That is correct, the
boys are on the board. – How do you do that? – I knew that one, damn it. – Yes! – Two to one. – Yes! – Two against one. – Good voices. – Morgan Freeman, that was amazing. – He’s really good.
– Gosh, I am not good at this. – I appreciate that. I will narrate you for a fee. – That’s alright, I got you boo. – Morgan, what did you do, what did you do after
you got out of Shawshank? – After, I got out of Shawshank, I got bought me some penguins. – Oh. – Oh my gosh! You’re unreal!
– He’s really good. – Yeah, and I just followed
them around and I narrated them. That’s what I do. – [Carson] That’s right, you did. – I know that’s right,
I know that’s right. – Oh my gosh. – That’s uncanny. – Josh, who’s next? – Hey, look guys, y’all
know I’m a rapper man. I’m a rapper, okay, that’s what I do and now don’t make me bring
back the mullet, okay? (button dings) I’m not playing around guys. – Hey, hey ,hey! – Oh, that’s Blake Shelton! – No, no, no! We did not say that! – Yes. – [Josh] I’ll do it, I’ll
bring back the mullet. I’ll do it. – It’s Blake. – Wait, I thought that that
was, wait, team discussion. – Deliberate and I need your final answer. – Wait, let’s ask one question? – Okay. – Do you have– – Bill Ray Cyrus. – No, that’s mine. You don’t. Do you have a daughter in music? – Do I? – Yeah, do you have a daughter that’s really popular in music? – No, no, I don’t, no, I don’t. – Oh, you were right. You were right, go. – Gwen, you wanna answer this? – Do you have a girlfriend on The Voice? – That’s super hot? – You know I do. – Woo, I won! (audience cheering) I got one! – Blake Shelton is the correct answer as guessed by Gwen Stefani. (audience applauding) – I thought it was Billy Ray Cyrus. – Don’t even know your own voice, man. – That was good. – I totally thought it
was Billy Ray Cyrus. – Seriously, I’m so excited
for myself that I got one. – Can you see how competitive I am? I was like that’s not our answer! – I know! She goes, team meeting! (laughing) – Because I thought it
was Billy Ray Cyrus. You were right. – Josh, do you call restaurants
and get good seating because you’re Blake Shelton? – Sure man, yeah. No, I get all the best seating, yeah. – He does not sound like Blake. – He sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus. – I don’t buy it. – [Josh] I was doing my
Morgan Freeman again. I started doing Morgan Freeman. – [Carson] Yeah, That’s
was like Blake Freeman. – That’s Blake Freeman. – Because he said the mullet
thing, that’s when I knew. – That’s why I thought Billy Ray Cyrus. – Oh, good point. – How many country artists
used to have a mullet though? Probably a lot.
– But he threatens to bring it back all the time. – I will pay you can
ungodly amount of money to bring the mullet back. (laughing) – You will? – Not that you need it.
– Yes, exactly. – Can you put that on tape? – He’s gon’ do it. – Okay, we have– – All right, we have time for one more. – [Kelly] Okay. – Final voice, this
one is worth 20 points. Josh? – It’s like Family Feud. The last one.
– I see you. Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? (button dings) – Oh! – I’m looking at you. – Kelly hits the button. – I mean were you in a movie called, “Falling in Love with Meryl Streep”? – Wow. – That’s a deep cut, that is a deep cut. – Okay, were you in “Meet the Fockers”? – [Josh] Yes, I was. – Robert De Niro! (audience cheering) – [Carson] That is correct. (yelling) Robert De Niro. – He didn’t really sound like him. – Yes!
– Oh my god! – [Kelly] I love games! – Oh look, he’s so cute. – Robert De Niro, the
girls are the winners! – [Kelly] I love games! – The ladies win!
– I didn’t know the answers. – [Blake] Is that cheating a little bit? – Okay. – [John] I am pretty
sure, I’m pretty sure. – Okay, but because I am nuts– – [Blake] A little bit cheating. – We did not cheat! They did not tell me. I would never cheat. – You played very aggressively. – Can I ask you a question? – Go. – When you do this show, do y’all go over, what’s gonna happen during the show? – In the briefing.
– Producing. – [Blake] Exactly. – No, no, no sir. – You cheat! – In the briefing, which this
is actually the only show I did not have a briefing
for, but in the briefing, it didn’t say anything. It just said they’ll ask a question here and then the answer– – [Crew Member] She had a special script. – I had a special script!
– You had a special script. – A special script with answers! – No, with nothing in it.
– Oh, a special script. – No, with nothing in it. – And the answer is, Robert de Niro.
– I am just awesome! – Wait, but because this is
my show, everyone’s a winner so you’re all going home with
the Yamaha YAS-109 Sound Bar. (audience applauding) – Okay, I take it back, I take it back! – It’s the best way to
immerse yourself in the music and sounds you love from
all your favorite shows, movies and artists.
– Thank you, thank you! Plus, this Yamaha Sound
Bar is packed with features including built-in subwoofers,
Alexa voice control, music streaming services,
and 3D surround sound. This is awesome! (audience cheering)

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  1. Anyone else, besides Kelly and myself, remember the movie “Falling in Love” with Meryl Streep and Robert DeNiro? It’s not as popular as their other collaborations BUT it is my favorite movie of theirs! They need to do another romance!!! 🥰. #BEST Actress & Actor

  2. Kelly Clarkson I really like your down to earth personality and the episode that you had of a very giving young man Rodney Smith JR the raising boys to become men was excellent. I have been following Rodney from his first Facebook post from my sick bed. I survived a major heart and lung surgery in April I really want to get everyone I know motivated to keep Rodney and his vision and good deeds known. He gets local interviews as he journeys from state to state. He is making a difference. He’s getting teady for the next tour of 50 states delivering gifts to homeless people in each state. One of the things his last interview this past Saturday he mentioned that the funds for driving to each state is one thing he really could use help with the funds for gas. I’m very aware that his automobile has over 200,000
    Plus miles I couldn’t pin him down. I asked him a question. I asked who’s taking care of Rodney and Rodneys needs. He has a Aunt in his state that he calls home. He is so full of making a change and the mission he’s own he doesn’t even think about his needs. His needs to continue on making a difference one yard at a time could use a new automobile that would give him more space. He said he was thinking about getting a small rescue dog one that could keep him company but not bark all of the time likes few of the small breed of dogs do. Tyler Perry was on your show the same day and was very impressed with Rodney & Rodneys mission. I’ve tried to make contact through your shows producers, Ellen’s producers, and was going to try Tyler Perry’s group more aware of his needs to keep this movement going its changing lives. But during research I read where everyone contacts or try’s to contact Tyler and other stars for selfish reasons. Rodneys need and wants are to be of service to the elderly, veterans, single parents,disabled. I know after the December tour of states passing out tents, sleeping bags other items for the homeless. He Always asks if there’s one thing they would like for Christmas something special just for them I saw one Video where one man wanted a cup of coffee, the other man wanted a large Mountain Dew a shower, they never ask for much then he leaves gets their requested gift and with the help of donors gets them three nights in a hotel. When this trip is over there will be a short break then he will start his next 50 state tour for Autism the lawnmower is painted and ready to go. All of the lawnmowers for the police officers that took part in the community outreach program were assembled customized with the lights and are either ready for delivery or may have already been sent out. A young man giving of hisself so generously needs a little reward. The funds for gasoline would be great but he’s going to need a new automobile soon. The one he’s been using is his one and only personal automobile. My wish for Christmas is that this post finds its way to you or someone else that can pull off a very special Christmas for Rodney Smith JR. The founder of a non profit lawn care company Raising boys to become men. The girls have joined in and new shirts were made for the girls.

  3. Kelly I compete just like you, my three sisters won't play w me. (I just play to win too, w excited passion.)
    PS: I voted for you on Idol, all the way from Hawaii.
    Big fan.

  4. Kelly is just the most excitable person in the world. She is like a puppy when it first sees snow. Just mental levels of excitement 😂😂

  5. Hey guys. I just started my YouTube channel. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check my videos out. Thanks!

  6. I know it's her show, but Kelly is so annoying. I mean she should have let Gwen answer. They were on the same team. Sheesh! Whatever happened to southern hospitality… She just ran around screaming. The rest of them were just standing there awkwardly.

  7. I had to stop watching. Too much yelling and talking over each other. I like Kelly but if she could take a deep breath every now and then, that'd be great.

  8. Whether they believe she cheated or not, they were being way too sensitive about it. I mean y'all deal with the same w Jimmy Fallon but don't dig as hard! YOU LOST! GEESH!

  9. So I work 3rd shift and I finally saw John and Kelly remake of “Baby it’s Cild Outside” and I like it it’s Kitchi

  10. I wish women would take more notes from Kelly. I'm disgusted by the number of beautiful women who go under the knife and end up looking like lizard people from those conspiracy theory sites. Kelly is a buxom beauty who should inspire women more to leave their faces the hell alone. If you have to keep licking your top lip because of a surgery then you've gone too far!

  11. Okay, uh, I don't usually click when I see Kelly C., but I love Blake and Gwen, so I clicked anyway. Here's the thing, it's nothing personal, and maybe she's just not very self-aware. But omfg, no matter what show she's on, it is always the Kelly C. show (and the reason I stopped watching The Voice, which I always loved before her arrival). The girl always has to be talking, squawking, screaming, jumping, prancing around or doing something that makes her the constant center of attention. And it's not at all entertaining. Dang girl, just reel it in a bit, and if you can't, get some therapy and figure it out. It would have been nice to get to hear the voices of the other ppl on stage, and without you bellowing over them.

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