Boxing Day Sales Toy Hunt UK & Haul – NECA, Disney Store, Lego, Smyths,  Harry Potter, Funko & More!

Boxing Day Sales Toy Hunt UK & Haul – NECA, Disney Store, Lego, Smyths, Harry Potter, Funko & More!

hey guys me house it was on the arrest
Union so today’s boxing day and I’m gonna go with mrs. oops oral and try and
do some shopping this morning we’re gonna brave the craziness and hopefully
pick up some new maybe I’ll look at some pop vinyls or look at NECA figures see
what other goodness we can find absolutely do this then I can hibernate
like a bat so we’ll be back in a couple hours guys stick around the end of the
video and you’ll see our haul of goodies make sure you stick around through the
vlog see the whole so see you guys do that so the first thing we found today
were the Select Thanos’s and Marvel Legends marked down in the Disney Store
the selected oz was marked down to 13 pounds and the Marvel Legends were
marked down to about 13 as well this awesome set of a lighting and judgment
for the live-action movie he’s an awesome doll set but it will run you at
200 pounds it’s insane but I do like the look of that Jasmine but oh yeah very
expensive gifts that they also had some of the mallanna San Diego Comic Con
stuff as well as some regular pop pop vinyls all dis counseling price
including the latest Nightmare Before Christmas set they also had these
awesome flocked versions of Bunyan rookie and they were marked down to 7
pounds apiece a lot of toys toy stereo stuff was in the sales so if that it
does interest you please head over to Disney Store ASAP for some awesome
goodies then they had some Star Wars and Marvel stuff not in the sale just on the
shelves they had the venom eyes pops and the new Hulk select and over that they
have you also have the mark the Captain Marvel selects and all the restock of
all the toy box stuff including Boba Fett randomly house in boba fett a long
time but he’s back on the shelves all the usual kind of stuff here at Disney
Store there wasn’t anything new in store but I wouldn’t know I wasn’t expecting
anything new given the fact that it was only just Christmas Day yesterday so I
have no new delivers or anything so we will go back on New Year’s Day hopefully
the valve had a bit of a restock between Christmas and New Year
for those January sales so stay tuned for that his lego star guys near this
awesome big Star Destroyer which was awesome
he also have the new bat car in stock as well the bat the Batmobile from 1989’s
Batman movie and they did also have the Disney Train on offer as well
the Batman Batmobile is running at 200 and something odd pounds I can’t really
the exact price but it was hella expensive not discounted reason either
so just regular priced but it does look bad at least I look at it it is awesome
they also had this really cool Jurassic Park piecing as well I really would like
that but I got nowhere to put it is so big but it looks awesome on display I
had to take a picture too now over to Avalon one of my favorite
stores here and they had the Wes Craven’s new nightmare clothes NECA
figure amongst all the food there Freddy Krueger’s the cargo in stock which is
most of them we also had all the Jason’s and Michaels they didn’t have Laurie
Strode or I would have picked her up today but definitely never in stock well
they did have a few of the fray of other Freddy’s and Jason’s and some of the
Living Dead Dolls including the girls from The Shining and Catwoman and they
did also have the mega versions of Sam from chicka tree as well as the new
clothes version via NECA then they had some awesome Dragon Ball Z statues in
stock and ready to go these were very nice moving on to the Marvel stuff his
thoughts mighty hammer among some other great a gentle giant statues dance
effects statues then add some more the Living Dead Dolls including the puppet
from saw and have called all these awesome predators including a have the
predator and laser shot predator and I think broken tusk may have in there too
and look at Lana Lana look so scary that’s an awesome doll and get quite
expensive though always I would collect these big dog whines but they’re so
expensive going back to laser shot though he’s
definitely one that I am considering today because he is a badass now I’ve
seen in person I really want it I didn’t want it when it was on pre-order but now
I’ve seen it in person definitely want to pick that up put on the top shelf
there the did doom Slayer and the hide teenage girls but they don’t have the
one pack in stock and here we go ere is the Harry Potter stuff and whilst these
prices do say a $23.99 on the box these actually are twenty pounds and in
stock at the tills I’m gonna why they said the vault stickers on them but
they’re worth twenty pounds I think in finally this is the last shelf in Avalon
with all the gremlins on it get both sets of the new winter gremlins for
fifty $4.99 each and this awesome Godzilla which I’ve not seen before in
that color variant I wouldn’t you have a fortnight goodies in mankind’s window
here but I actually have all of these figures so don’t need any of them and
the I never buy neca from there in cases well that’s been really really rare
because the NECA figures at mankind will run you about forty five pounds which is
you’re not worth it other pop vinyls now over HMV nothing on
discount everything saw relatively new here is that Galadriel new naquadria
from Lada rings because an exclusive sticker on investor page envy and they
seem to have a lot of them on the shelf not sure if that is actually a new a new
one or not I can’t tell if someone knows more than me about pops let let me know
in the comments I also want to pick up that new Hellboy from the new movie but
a $14.99 is insane I know he’s about nine pounds right now and Amazon well
not no new pops me today I’m gonna keep on moving cuz there’s nothing I really
want to learn Galadriel but I’m not paying 20 pounds for when I know damn
well she’ll drop in price and other tons of her left with me an exclusive should
be like Smith that should only be charging a tenner for that cuz it’s not
it’s not that exclusive again that Hellboy’s badass but not for 15 quid
these do have the me goes in as well I really like that Bruce Lee figure and
they do have the bendy Coraline back in stock although she’s quite expensive and
some other ones up there as well including Spock Kirk Elvis and many
others in we go not sure if I’m gonna be collect collecting any more amigos I’m
not sure yeah and saying that do you have the awesome vintage line stock all
markdown at the moment and all the rogue one on solo products all markdown I’ve
got this fuzz awakens there as well geez was that last Jedi my god that there’s a
lot of old stock there in there I don’t think they’ll ever shift that will have
another big January sale I reckon trying to shift these bad boys for dirt cheap
again nothing crazily new though and so I’m definitely not buying anything here
today sadly but that Millennium Falcon is pretty cool for the price quite like
that but I think I’ll leave these stuff behind here for today for the next
collector because they’re doing nothing for me these are more kid kids toys then
collector friendly stuff look a lightsaber and then finally as a mob pops here at
entertainer then stay do have really good pops though cuz the odds of regular
priced between ten to fifteen pounds and they do have some nice ones in stock as
well including these new Knights of Ren figures and the golden star wars as well
they’ve got the Chewbacca which were exclusive to them apparently Alan M
would you of the Marvel ATF stuff they definitely have one each of the of the
first-class x-men it has taken me a lot did not buy them because was the ten
pounds each it was like five fingers to get would remove out fifty quid for the
whole set and then you’ve got Hulk and all variants of colors just like the fun
off where we got when he came out in that singular variants and then finally
Smith’s guys will be my last stock of the day where they had lots of awesome
goodies but nothing crazy that I’m after at the moment but then you have a load
of basic of these Star Wars of the Avengers stuff in the red gauntlet that
not watching the way of sales going on yet so I’m definitely gonna wait until
the new year and there’s a lot more sales are in stock they’d also have
Pokemon including Dragon Knight and Gyarados which of both dropped in price
and are currently 1699 really nice I would like to get my Pokemon stuff but
my collections diverse enough at this point don’t think I can diversify any
further so guys let’s go back to the main come and finish off today’s video so guys when showing today as you know
is around all the usual hunting spots one thing I did want to show you guys
the thing that’s show yesterday cuz if I are going quite later on in the day this
was from my my brother this is a Christmas present for my brother this is
rey’s speeder he got me this awesome piece from Amazon there was armed Amazon
wishlist he picked this up from a for Christmas a big things my brother and I
did have a little play with it yesterday and I managed to mark appraise clothing
pretty bad I cut my finger on one of the ropes eyes inside the box and kind of
bled on Rea a little bit only I could do that agrees was day after every nephew
beers so anyway I’ve got this for review
business guys I will be giving this a full review I have already a little
little play with it and it is awesome so full review of that coming real soon
well so today Boxing Day sales about two new items
it’s a reasonable price of actually I’m quite happy with the price as I paid I
went zoom it a whole shopping sense as you know you Sheffield which has some
awesome shops the Harry Potter shop first of all Harry Potter shop I picked
up this awesome Voldemort and you know what the only ones had 20 pounds for it
it was mine now it says $23.99 there but that’s an old sticker and these were
actually 20 pounds of piece and that’s in the shops and it’s called the boy
under the stairs and they had all the and all of them in except Ron yeah yeah
my any Harry and Lord Voldemort left and I got last of all d’amour on the shelf
so they were just run those damn mine isn’t Harry left so I’ll be even a full
review of out real soon as I’ve been dying to get my hands on this figure
Plus now I have my Legion of Doom that I’ve always wanted I’ve got Lord
Voldemort Thanos Drakon and Darth Revan everybody’s Val Vader Palpatine these
pop Z then got like a random Oh doctor dooms gonna be in there doctor do we’re
gonna be there maybe Magneto sorry gals are good are these really
awesome I gotta do some skits with all the villains and stuff but yeah a lot
volt mines one figure I’ve always wanted for such a long time this isn’t
McFarlane to figure and for 20 quid couldn’t pass it up then there’s another
shop without going to admit all which is it’s called Avalon and the great guys I
belong have this awesome figure in so this is the Ultimate Alien Hunter
predator laser shop predator with removal must eat a jewelry shield
flexible grappling hook and clawed left hand free during an electronic led
targeting light look at that oh yes so I did pay a
little bit for this one I paid $39.99 browse no I have not seen it cheaper for
the in the UK anywhere else and this apparently causes an LED light so
definitely to grab this one there is some others in the collection as well
it’s a nice big box oh yeah it just it just looks super cool so I had to be
done got way to review it I look pretty at the figures guys you can’t wait to
review this predator it just looks badass so guys what do you think of the
activity picked up today I didn’t want spend too much because in the new year
I’ve also got all those new Marvel Legends coming we’ve got the the new
Spider Man wine we’ve also got the new Fantastic Four series coming up and the
Black Widow series a review have reserved all three of them plus I’ve
still got the sum from trick-or-treat we’ve still got the clothes and regular
ultimate NECA versions of those coming here within the next couple of days as
well and stick around in the coming days like I said is coming up to New Year’s
so we will be doing our top 10 actually figures of 2019 gonna do a regular
edition which includes like necro McFarlane figures of the usual stuff but
then we’re also gonna do a dedicated Marvel and a dedicated Star Wars list so
three videos about my top two action figures of this year coming up real soon
we’re gonna be having a address of the channel on New Year’s Day where I’ll go
through all the new stuff that’s happening what are we expecting to do in
2020 and what events and stuff I’ll be attending and then also I’ve also got a
plan to do another video which is all the action figures and goodies that I’ve
seen advertised already that I’m looking forward to in 2020 such as you know baby
you know we need to do a baby unit video at some point so loaded baby Yoda stuff
I’m as a bunch of new actual Alien and Predator merchandise coming out they’re
gonna be at Smith’s store by the looks of it and I’m actually made for adults
their kids collectibles which is weird so again I’m gonna make a video all
about that in the coming days so stick around guys have some awesome stuff on
the channel you’re gonna want to subscribe if you haven’t already
so you don’t sound some awesome content as well guys if you are new around here
and if you can smash that notification belly we’ll let you know when I upload a
video and hit that thumbs up guys because it really helps me out
please leave a comment I won’t really reply in the comments from now on again
sorry I start I stop started playing to comment for a little while just well we
started out that if they ever ended with copper well I was figuring out what well
whether or not my comments going to be turned off and it looks like my comments
are gonna remain on I’ve managed to look at my channel and decide yeah my house I
don’t aim this at kids it’s not kids video if I’m not meaning to aim at kids
I mean adult collectibles and all collectors and that my analytics back
that up my main audience is between 18 to 36 so I’ve got no like I’ve got no 13
to 17 year olds at all which is surprising I thought I was expecting a
lot more but no none so my camera is predominately aimed at dolls I can back
that up without all it takes so I’m gonna stick with that so I’m not marking
my child my content is child friendly or anything like aged just cuz it can be
seen my kids doesn’t mean its kids content anyway I’m not going to acting
for the compa thing back to anyway that I’m not kids so my comments should
remain on in the new year so I will start responding to comments again and
replying to you guys and having a chat so please leave us a comment down below
to respond to you and I will get to you and thank you very much for watching as
always I’m your host supersorrell and I’ll see you guys in the next video may
the force be with you you

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  1. Oh cool toy hunt I love that coraline doll I got her last year , dylan loves the look of the batman lego hopefully we can go on a hunt next week ready for dylans 18th wow lol my baby , hope you all had a amazing day

  2. I have that predator as well its amazing I recommend the golden angel ? predator as well super it comes with the pistol ? that Danny glover gets at the end of predator two

  3. Nice shirt! Looking sharp AND festive. ?

    I'm heading out to my local comic shop for Boxing Day…will I dare drag myself to the mall as well??? I hope not…. ??

  4. Did you know Rey's speeder is actually lukes hovercar turned sideways from the original star wars movie episode 4: a new hope.

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