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hey guys how are you guys doing welcome
back to my channel Taylor here so look at this look look look I’m wearing it if
you guys didn’t see my last video where I reacted to super junior Dean East bout
you then click on it up here and watch that but I said that I was going to be
wearing this and another shirt in my next videos and that flour certain will
be coming up in my cute next Q pop reaction to damash so watch out for that
next week anyway but look how cute this shirt is I love it and I thought that it
was appropriate for this BTS reaction so I’m super excited you know it just just
like look at the whole aw look at all about them yeah I mean I’ve never tried
like tucking the shirt in in the front before I think that it’s called
something I can’t remember but the guy on the new queer I called it but yes
like I I did that and you know what I’m kind of loving like the entire outfit so
it’s fantastic anyway back to the video so basically as
we all know BTS just dropped their latest music
video for Idol and I am super super excited like it looks so amazing and it
apparently has got I think it might have break broken some records or something I
don’t know I haven’t actually looked into that yet because I’ve been too
excited to watch it so I can’t tell you but whether or not it did but I think I
heard or saw read something that said that so if you guys know anything about
any records that this particular that this particular video has broken then
comment below and let me know because I mean fascinated to learn about it I’m
going to end up looking it up but you know if you want to go ahead and beat me
to looking it up then by all means either way this video does look amazing
it looks super colorful like I saw the screenshot for and everything so I’m
only too excited so let’s go ahead and get into this okay yes already here can be already I can’t with these colors on these
graphics though I can’t like this everything funny
I need that sweater I love the sauna and then acts like this
this video is everything god it’s just there’s so much happening and I love
holiday and pain everything just everything like that was
just BTS BTS you did it again like they 100% 100% did that like that
was just oh I’m a little hot that was that was everything that was just
amazing like so I can’t get over how colorful that video was like I cannot
that was just so freakin like pretty and like all those colors like it I don’t
like a lot of k-pop videos or like very colourful and stuff but that was like
really just really colorful and really out there that was amazing I loved it
like oh okay so I am gonna go listen to this on repeat for the rest today and
just continuously watch the music video for a thousand and one more times and
probably go buy some more shirts like this cuz I’m loving the way that feels I
mean it it’s just the way it striping and everything like oh I love it so yeah
probably they’re like smoothies oh I’m loving the way that I look in them umm
anyways so if you haven’t seen BTS I know which if you watch this video all
the way through thing you did then if you want to see the original without my
commentary then I will link it down below and I’ll also link the previous
videos that I just came out with as well please be sure to check those out please
be sure to check out the one that I did yesterday where I react to Gabi Hanna’s
honestly it was kind of a very emotional sort of deeper reaction video I get a
little bit emotional and talk about my past but there’s a good life lesson in
there I feel for everybody so you know if you want to see that then then check
that out as well if you guys want to see other kpop reactions of me reacting to
other kpop videos then click the box right here if you guys want to see me
reacting to q-pop and which I promise you next week
I will have to I will be coming out with aq pop reaction to the next song I’m
going to react to by damash because you guys have been requests
staying in it so much so I promise you I’m coming out with that next week I
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