Camila Mendes’ Guide to Effortless Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Camila Mendes’ Guide to Effortless Glow | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  1. Camila def’ knows her stuff when it comes to skincare! I’m loving her beautiful clear skin~ and, her words she spoke of self-care and love are just 💯💗✨

  2. Love how your name would be the same as Camila Cabeo (Sorry if that's not how you spell it :'( ) If her a Shawn Mendes got married lol

  3. such a flawless human inside and out. how can you dislike her? she seems like the loveliest person that has ever walked on this planet.

  4. Very basic and ordinary, lady. Nothing special. Just an ordinary looking girl you see every day on the street, the coffee shop, the university, the shops. I don't understand the hype on her.

  5. I'm realizing that if Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes marry at some point, then there are two Camila Mendes'.

    So enjoy the days where you can say Camila Mendes, without being asked which one is meant.

  6. This has taught me that I clearly don’t do enough for my skin….which is probably why I still get pimples in my late 20s -.-

  7. Looking like that without makeup I would never put make up on unless I’m doing a festive or important outing. She’s gorgeous♥️

  8. Everything is great about her face except her eyebrows.. they are just too close to her eyes.. It just makes me irritated:(

  9. Love that she didn’t mask anything. She really just kinda brought a little more color and life to get beauty. Finally a good one

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