Can YOU Guess That Celebrity’s Baby Photo? #2

Can YOU Guess That Celebrity’s Baby Photo? #2

– ♪ Who is that boy I see ♪ – (laughs) Yo!
– How’d you get that? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Well, I have a game
for you guys today. – And what game might this be? – (FBE) Today we’re going to see
how well you know your celebrities. – Amazing!
– Okay, I don’t know. – Well actually, it depends
on what celebrities. – (FBE) So I’ll be showing you
an assortment of baby photos and it’s up to you
to guess that celebrity. – Okay.
– Got it! Got it, let’s go! – Aw, that’ll be cute. – Baby photos!
– Yeah, that’ll be fun. – (FBE) You’ll be competing
against each other, so buzz in when you know
the answer. – That’s okay.
– (FBE) And for each round, you’ll have the opportunity
to answer one time until your opponent gets a chance.
– Okay. – (FBE) Are you guys ready?
– (both) Yeah! – The [bleep].
– They’re really cute! – Okay, well I’m assuming
it’s a football player? (both laugh) – Black and white’s older,
someone my age. (bell rings)
– Antonio Banderas. – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Alright, well.
– Um, that was a really good guess. – Thank you.
– I don’t know! (bell rings)
– Oh wait, why, I don’t know why I hit this
when I saw it. I just saw this face
and I hit it and I’m like “wait.” I don’t know,
and I think about it in my head, I’m like he doesn’t even
currently have hair. But I’m gonna say it anyway,
Dwayne Johnson. – (FBE) Yes!
(bell rings) – Oh! (laughs) (bell rings)
– Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? – (FBE) Yes!
– Woo! – Is this Lin-Manuel Miranda?
– (FBE) That is incorrect. (buzzer rings)
– Oh, I thought you were gonna get it. – (FBE) Izzy, you wanna steal?
– Dude, what? What is it, The Rock? – (FBE) Yes!
– Oh [bleep]! – Oh my God!
– What? – (FBE) Alright,
and here is the answer. – Oh!
– The Rock, I [bleep] had that in my mind!
Next time I’m guessing. – You should’ve, you should!
– I had that in my mind! – That nose, it makes sense.
– That eyes. I had it in my mind,
I’m so pissed right now. – I don’t know why I saw the football.
– How did you get that? I had no [bleep] idea. – I saw the football,
I saw his tan little skin and that smile.
– He’s very handsome, yeah. – Yeah! – (FBE) Alright, you guys ready
for the next one? – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. What? – Who has a brother
that’s a white actress? – All of ’em. – Good point. – I’m trying to look in the eyes.
– I have no idea. Like nothing is coming up.
– Who are you? – Probably no one,
don’t worry about it. – It looks like…
(bell rings) – Taylor Swift.
– (FBE) No. (bell rings)
– Brie Larson? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Aw.
– That was a good guess. Although if we’re going blonde,
I’m just gonna say a random blonde actress.
(bell rings) Gwyneth Paltrow.
– (FBE) No. (buzzer rings)
(bell rings) – Gwen Stefani?
– (FBE) (laughs) No. – Britney Spears?
– (FBE) No. (bell rings)
– Billie eyelash. – (FBE) No.
– Eyelash? – Billie Eilish. – (FBE) Danny, it’s your
chance to steal. – (sighs) I don’t think this person
has siblings, I would guess that’s
who had siblings. I’ll say Margot Robbie? – (FBE) Yes!
(bell rings) – Yes!?
– Oh God! How did you do that?
– Her eyes, I don’t know why. – Oh my God.
– It was her eyes! – You’re so right,
that’s so her eyes. – Yeah! (bell rings)
– (FBE) Kennedy. – Is this Margot Robbie?
– (FBE) Correct! – She just popped into my mind,
like the baby just looks, it looks like her! – (FBE) So this is Margot Robbie. – Oh!
– I wouldn’t have guessed that. She’s not that ingrained
into my soul. – I can actually see it though,
I can see it. It’s the eyes. – (FBE) Here’s your next photo. – Aw, look at that sweetness. – Ooh, that’s a hard one. – I’m trying to use context clues,
like this is a pretty old photo. – Yeah.
(bell rings) – Samuel L. Jackson.
– (FBE) Yes! – (laughs) Yo!
– How’d you get that? – He already looks like he’s gonna say mother[bleep]
to somebody! – The mom is definitely helping. (bell rings)
– Samuel L. Jackson. – Yes.
– (FBE) Yes! (bell rings)
– Jesus! That was, I had that one too.
– Yeah. (bell rings)
– Oh. – Samuel L. Jackson?
– (FBE) Correct! – Woo!
– Good job. – Mother[bleep]!
(both laugh) (bell rings)
– No, he’s too young. He’s too young,
but I’m gonna say Jamie Foxx instead. – (FBE) No.
– Okay. – (FBE) This is Samuel L. Jackson.
– (both) Oh! – What?
– See I know him here. – Yeah, of course. (laughs) – (FBE) Next up, we have. – (gasps) Zendaya.
(bell rings) (bell rings)
– Zendaya. – Oh, Zendaya!
(bell rings) – Zendaya.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Yes.
– Damn, that was quick. (laughs) – I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but. – Yes.
– (FBE) Correct! – How?
– I know my queen. – How do you do that? – (both) Oh! – It’s the eyes, mang!
– It does look like her. – Her eyes! – It’s crazy, ’cause all these people
look like their baby picture. – (FBE) I know.
(both laugh) – But I will say,
that looks like an older photo for how young she is.
– Yes, it does. That one feels like
you could’ve said that, and I would’ve been like
no, it’s Diana Ross. – Yeah. (laughs) – (FBE) You guys ready
for the next one? – Mm-hmm.
– Yes. – I believe in you. (bell rings)
– Oh. – Chance the Rapper.
– (FBE) Absolutely! Congratulations!
– He looks exactly the same. He is so adorable. – (gasps) Chance the Rapper!
(bell rings) – (FBE) Yes!
– What? – Hey!
– What? How did you?
– I could see it in the face. I’m really good with faces. – You are, confirmed.
I am trash with faces, apparently. – No, it’s okay. – Eh.
(bell rings) – (FBE) Trudi? – It’s gonna be, is it Kanye?
I don’t know. – (FBE) No.
– It’s a crazy guess. – Tyler, the Creator.
– (FBE) No. (buzzer rings)
– Damn. (bells ring) – I’ll let her have it,
I don’t care, tie it up. – Chance the Rapper.
– (FBE) That is absolutely correct. (bell rings)
– Yeah, his face also looks very much the same.
– It does look the same. – I’m just trying to get one point. If I can get one point,
I’ll be happy. – I feel that.
– (FBE) Alright, here we go. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Your chance for a point. – Um…
(bell rings) – This is probably wrong,
but Ben Platt? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Looks just like him. – Kinda looks like me as a kid.
(Trudi laughs) (bell rings)
– I have a guess. – Selena Gomez?
(buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– Matt Damon? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Okay, I’m done. – Oh my God.
Oh, it’s, oh, I don’t wanna. Aw, dang it.
David Dobrik or something? – (FBE) Yes!
– Oh! – Is that baby David Dobrik?
– (FBE) Yes. – Yes!
– (FBE) I’m sorry Austin. – What?
(George laughs) Yo, are you guys seeing this? – Listen, listen, listen.
I don’t know how his name came to my head.
– You’re way, way too good at this. (bell rings) – David Dobrik?
– (FBE) Yes! – (laughs) Yes!
He looks the exact same! – (FBE) This is David Dobrik.
– David Dobrik. – I don’t know who that is.
– He’s a YouTuber. – Nope, guys.
– My kids love. – Nope, but he’s adorable!
– He’s adorable. – I don’t even think I’m bad at this,
I think you’re just scary good at this like next level.
– I told you I’m good with faces. Horrible with names,
good with faces. – (FBE) Ready for the next one? – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – (FBE) We’re almost to the end! – Ooh, uh, dude.
This is like an infant. Like, they don’t even
have a face yet. Like, it’s like. (laughs) – (FBE) It’s a girl.
– Um, they’re really cute. – That face is really cute.
– Um, I got a guess. Drew Barrymore.
– (FBE) No. – Oh, that is a good guess. – (laughs) What? (bell rings)
– Gwyneth Paltrow? – (FBE) (laughs) No.
(buzzer rings) – I don’t know, man! (bell rings)
– Taylor Swift? – (FBE) Yes!
(bell rings) – Oh! (laughs) – Is this rigged?
This is rigged, isn’t it? This is rigged! (bell rings)
– (laughs) Taylor Swift? – (FBE) Yeah!
– Oh [bleep]! (laughs) I don’t know why
I’m doing good at this! – Honestly, I’m gonna
go for it again. That feels like Taylor Swift to me.
– (FBE) Yes! – Good job!
– Woo! – Yes!
– Finally! – Yes!
– God damn. (bell rings)
– Taylor Swift. – (FBE) Yes!
– Actually? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Oh my God! (laughs) What? – You can tell that was
a shot in the dark! – Oh wow. – Never would’ve gotten that. – You gotta give props for that. – Sheesh. – That doesn’t even look
like Taylor Swift. – I don’t see it.
– Okay, the other ones did. – Yeah.
– But that one, what? – This one was hard. – I don’t believe what’s happening.
There’s something not right about this – You know what? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen
this photo before, somewhere on like her documentary,
and also the eyes. – This is not real. – (FBE) You guys ready
for the final one? – I guess, I mean,
let me have one, Christ. – (FBE) Come on Austin,
we believe in you! – Don’t, don’t believe in me. – Oh my God.
So frickin’ cute. Yet another random guess.
– Please. (bell rings)
– Prince? – (FBE) No.
– Oh, okay. – Right?
You can see his, a little Purple Rain,
just busting it out. – ♪ Who is that boy I see ♪
– Nice. – ♪ Staring straight back at me ♪ (bell rings)
– Nick Jonas? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– Dave Grohl? – (FBE) No.
(buzzer rings) – Oh, oh wait,
that’s not, I can’t guess the band. – Oh!
– I don’t know his name though. – I don’t know his name! (bell rings)
– Brandon Flowers. – (FBE) So close.
– Really? Also, kinda looks like
it’s not, because it’s a girl. Millie Bobby Brown
a little bit. – Yeah, Millie Bobby Brown.
Kind of a dead ringer. – Dog.
(bell rings) – Okay, I’m probably wrong,
but is this Brendon Urie? – (FBE) Yes!
– What? – (FBE) (laughs) Yes!
– Dude! – Oh my God!
– Dude, how? You know what, it does
kinda look like him. – It looks like him!
– Yeah, it does, but I would have not thought
of Brendon Urie. (bell rings)
– Brendon Urie. – (FBE) Yes!
– Oh, go off, yeah! – Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s. – Thanks for my pity point,
I appreciate it. (bell rings)
– Can’t think of the dude’s name. Lead singer of Panic! at the Disco. – (FBE) You guys don’t know his name? – No.
– (FBE) It’s Brendon Urie! – (both) Brendon Urie! – Ugh!
– Yes! Yes, I couldn’t even think
of the name of the band. How bad is that.
– You know what? I think even when I said
Brandon Flowers. – Yeah.
– That’s what I was thinking of. – You meant Brendon Urie.
– Yeah. – Never would’ve gotten that.
– I’ve never heard his name before. – Anywhere in my life.
I would’ve kept guessing. – (FBE) Izzy, you are the champion.
How does it feel? (bell rings)
– It feels kinda nice! Kinda nice, you know?
– ‘Cause you did pretty well. – The Taylor Swift one actually,
really like got me surprised. That didn’t even look like her. (bell rings)
– That was great. I thought I was gonna lose,
to be honest, but… – I told her she was
gonna get this dub. I said it at the beginning.
She didn’t believe me. I told her. (bell rings)
– These people are like my family members.
I gotta know them. I have to send them
Christmas and holiday cards and birthday texts,
it’s really [bleep] annoying. Taylor Swift always hits me up
for that [bleep]. – I did not get Brendon Urie.
I got him, but I could not think
of the guy’s name. – Yeah.
– His singing’s amazing, but I don’t know
what he looks like in real life. – Yeah.
– Now I know what he looks like as a baby though!
– Yeah! (laughs) There you go.
You’ll never forget. – Thanks for watching us
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  2. The only reason I liked it was because they mentioned Millie Bobby Brown because she is my favorite celebrity from Stranger Things

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    Ethan: HE ALREADY LOOKS LIKE HE IS GOING TO SAY MOTHER( oedipus complex warning no children look this up) TO SOMEBODY

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