Cedric The Entertainer And Kelly Try Movie Stunts With The Help Of A Professional Stuntwoman

– Okay, so will you- – All right, are you ready for this? – Yeah. So go. – You ready? All right. Allright. – Boom. Boom. – What? What? Yeah! (crowd cheering) Okay, I wanna know how to do that. I don’t think I could ever do that. – You just did it. – [Kelly] I heard you do
all your own stunt work, is that true Cedric? You do all your own stunts? Yeah. You do all your own stunts. – Yeah, definitely. Always. – [Kelly] It’s crazy
out there on the road. – [Cedric] Yeah, I do
things. I do a lot of stunts. I’m not like Tom Cruise
or anything, you know. – [Kelly] He’s dedicated. – No, I’m not that dedicated. – [Kelly] I feel like he’s super method. – I wouldn’t jump off a
mountain, you know cause- – I love my life! – Off this mat about it, you
know, that’d be my stunt. You ready? I’m coming down! That’s it, that’s my stunt. (laughter and clapping) I’ll save you! – That’s my kind of stunt. – Shoot the camera from way up high. – [Kelly] All right. You
look so good hero posed. – Whoa! Jump really far. – The hero shot. Mindy, can
you put him to the test? Okay, let’s say someone’s
attacking you, what should we do? – [Mindy] So- – [Cedric] Okay, what are we
doing Mindy. What’s going on? – You’ve got this. Good game. – I’m gunna throw a punch, and
then you’re gunna throw me. Okay? – Oh! – This is fair. (Kelly laughs) – Oh, okay. – You got this? – So, I think I got this. – Okay, ready? (attack grunt) – What? (crowd cheering) What! Have you done that before? – [Cedric] She’s bad, man. – I am like, “What?”

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