Cedric The Entertainer On His Pre-Fame Jobs: Insurance Agent, Best Buy Employee & Adult Paper Boy

Cedric The Entertainer On His Pre-Fame Jobs: Insurance Agent, Best Buy Employee & Adult Paper Boy

– Before you became
Cedrick the entertainer, well we were all different things, right? But, you were Cedrick the claims adjuster. – Oh yeah. – How’d you end up working
in insurance for a living, and I wanna see it. – I worked for (laughing) I worked for State Farm. I was a – Good company, solid company.
– Yeah I was State Farm, you were in good hands. – You were in good (laughing) – How did you talk to people
about their accidents? – Oh man. I considered myself bilingual, ’cause I spoke regular
English and angry Negro, that’s what I was (crowd
laughing drowns out speaker) – Oh my God. – The black people, the black people call me and
they threaten you the most about they car, like yo, “Oh you gon’ fix this right here.” Everybody be like scared. And I like, “Bro, come
here, come here, man.” – You calm him down? – Yeah. People want they cars totaled
for the little of nothing, so they can get a new car. – Absolutely. – But I was a really, I was not a good claims adjuster ’cause I was starting my
comedy career at the same time, so I would leave people in rental cars a very long time. (laughing) Which was good if you
wanted to ride around in a cool new car. And somebody might be in a
rental car to this day right now, (crowd laughing drowns out speaker) – Just still waiting. Waiting. – 20 years, just riding around like, in a Malibu. – Did you, – Did you enjoy it? ‘Cause I enjoyed some of my previous jobs. I really liked some of them. – That actually was a good job, because, you know you had the
office, and then you would get out sometimes ’cause
you have to go around and see people, stuff at like shops to make
sure they were working, so that was fun. But then I sold equipment,
I mean like electronics for Best Buy, at one point in time
– Oh my gosh. Another great company. – But the job
– I get lost in that store. – The job that I was most embarrassed I was an adult, I graduated from college, but
I didn’t get a job right away, and I had a paper outta, through the Wall Street Journal, and so – Oh my gosh, I actually think that’s so nostalgic and endearing, like a paper boy? That’s cool. – Yeah, but I was grown, I was like 27. (laughing) It was not, – I actually, I forgot
to put that together. – Yeah, exactly. When I’m like
– ‘Cause you’re like – On my little brother’s bike.
– A grown man. (laughing) – But my mother was not
paying my car insurance, so I had to get the money
from somewhere, so I was like

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  1. I remember when Cedric did a "Since You Been Gone" joke long time ago. It's so funny to see them two together Lmao

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