Cedric The Entertainer Says Being A ‘Popsy’ Is Cooler Than Being A Parent

Cedric The Entertainer Says Being A ‘Popsy’ Is Cooler Than Being A Parent

– Congratulations, it’s
now season two, right? – Yes season two, we’re
back, it’s awesome. It’s always good to be on you know we got a full order so we’re
back 24 episodes, excited! – That’s awesome. (audience applauding) So okay, it’s called The Neighborhood, but it’s like, we have
this thing, actually, too called the good
neighbor that we do on here because I feel like people don’t talk to your neighbors anymore. – No. – Do you know your neighbors? – I know them, you know,
like you know an LA neighbor. Hey, oh the guy with the
Tesla, oh it’s the people with the dogs, I know them. – [Kelly] That’s amazing – It’s really all you even
know about your neighbor. Oh they got the little dogs, that’s them. (Kelly laughing) – That is true I feel like
if there’s not a crisis going on, you never see people. – Exactly. But I have one neighbor, he’s
got this really big house so you just kind of go by every time he’s just one of these
guys that feel like he had to have to best
house in the neighborhood and he just keeps adding to it. – He’s overcompensating. – So many lion statues. – Yeah. – He just built a moat the other day. – Wow that’s just somebody that is so rich that’s just bored. – It’s like come on
brother is that a falcon? What do you have in front of your house? – It’s a phoenix! – It’s a phoenix and I
thought it’d be great. – And it lights up, there’s fire involved. I know, I drive though some neighborhoods, and people are crazy here. – He’s got a hologram
mailman, that’s not even real. (Kelly laughing) – “Put the mail here.” Well what kinda neighborhood
did you grow up in? – I remember my childhood from being in a little town
called Caruthersville, Missouri. You get “What?” – What? – Again, a small city southeast Missouri, so it was that kinda neighborhood where you didn’t do much, there wasn’t games so like to have fun your neighbors, we would throw rocks at
each other as a game. – We did that as a kid. – It was fun, it was a game. – Yeah, which seems kind of
abusive now that we’re adults. – It was very abusive
but yo with the shoe. (yelling) Oh, you almost got me! – You’re supposed to play dodge ball with an actual dodge ball. – Right but no rocks was it. – We did that too. – But it was great because you go outside, you race everywhere. – Right. – You race everywhere. – And tag sounds like hell now. – With this weather no way. – Yeah. My kids are like “No
you want to play tag?” I’m like “No I’m 37 girl
I’m gon’ to sit right here.” – Right. – You play tag. – Yeah. – Wear it out before bedtime. – Hide and seek would be like
go, hide, all right good. – I know my husband and I are like– – You’re a winner, wherever you are. (Kelly laughing) – Play in traffic you’re fine. – You’re fine, you’re great. – So what’s it like when you go back home? Are they excited that you’re super famous or do they not care? My family doesn’t care. – No they care because you’re usually gonna come back in with some
good gifts or something. – Yeah. – That’s the main thing
but after that part then it’s like you’re back regular. But I think that’s a big
thing about going home is that’s the expectation of
who you know and who you met. – It’s not really you, it’s
who they can know via you. – Yeah it’s not even about
me they like oh, y’know, they call me Tony, that’s
my at home name, Tony. – I love it. I want an at home name. – So then it’s like “What’s Denzel like?” (Kelly laughing) – Wait have you met, what is Denzel like? Wait, I love Denzel! – Kelly knows he’s a star. (laughing) – I’m like wait, I
could watch those movies all the time, “The Equalizer.” – Yeah “The Equalizer”
good right, he’s bad. – He is crazy, yes it’s so good. – Yeah I want to be that bad – Me too, me too. Well on “The Neighborhood” you have, on your show “The Neighborhood” you have a thing called a yardacue? – Yeah.
– What is that? – Well this is something we
had to do for television, but basically do get a
barbecue in the front yard, and actually it’s
actually all about getting people to come and be a part of it. Usually people barbecue in their backyards and it’s only invited guests but when you do a yardacue you do it in the front yard and it’s more like a
block party it’s more like people welcome to come. – That’s fun, that’s really cool. – Some just stop by have a
good time at the yardacue. – Do you ever have people though where you’re like “Bye.” – [Cedric] Well sure. – Wait you aren’t invited. – Yeah you don’t want to
get people who mix it up for a yard sale. “What about these chairs?” Like no we using these bro. – I’ll give you five dollars. – Yeah “I’ll give you five
dollars for the grill.” No it’s a brisket on there right now. – I totally grew up with
garage sales as well. – Oh all right. – I heard that you’re now a grandpa, is that better? Because I’m the parent of four. – Yeah. – And is being a grandparent
cooler than being a parent? – Of course, and I wasn’t
really ready to be a grandparent because you know most of
us see ourselves as young and grandfathers are
like “I don’t know how to “fix a washing machine.” (Kelly laughing) – [Kelly] Oh my gosh she’s adorable! – [Cedric] Little Kylo,
she’s a sweetheart. – [Kelly] She’s adorable – Yeah she’s a sweetheart, she’s so, she calls my Popsy, Popsy. – And you just wanna give her everything. – And that’s my little grand cookie, that’s what I call her. – You call her grand cookie,
that’s so cute, oh my god. – Its great though, but it’s like you say being a grandparent you get
to have the fun cute moments and then you go “Okay, bye bye.” (laughing) – All right I wanna know,
I love it, I can’t wait. I feel like my kids are so mean sometimes, they’re so cute but they can be so mean, and I can’t wait to be a grandparent, because then you load them up with sugar and you’re like “Bye.” – Yeah exactly.
– Yeah. – Everything, she can have it all and then I’m like “Okay bye bye.” – Yeah and then I’m like “peace.” What is it like when you
go into a barbershop? I’m just curious. ‘Cause I mean, you know what I’m saying. – Everyone want to do
the joke, everybody like “Oh wait a minute here you go.” – I know, I know. – Yeah but I like barbershops
I still love the energy because that kind of
country club mentality you go in and everyone
is just talking trash. – That’s like a salon too, I love it. – That’s perfect – That’s where all world crises is solved. – You know once you start
doing this you don’t get to do that as much but I still do that even though my show, I
have a room designed like a barbershop so that people
just come there and hang out. – Oh my gosh that’s so cool. – While I’m getting my hair cut. Yeah isn’t that cool? – Cool, yes.
– So it’s fun – Great idea you’re so inclusive, I love it.
– Yeah it’s where you want people to be, you don’t like anybody around when you get you’re hair done. – I love people around that’s my problem. – Oh that’s why you have this show. – No my husband is like
“Sometimes it’s fine to be alone.” (laughing) Because my husband is surrounded by women. – Oh yeah. – He had a lot of sister
wives, some women, or men, would love that but not mines not as excited as others. – Oh yeah same here, same here my wife’s sister, her mother, and
my wife loves people. so many people at our house. – [Kelly] I know I’m like that. – Sometimes I’m like
“Hey nice to meet you, whoever you are.” – Welcome to my living room.

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  1. I love Kelly's show! ..She is so real and down to earth, you almost feel like it could be you interviewing these celebs.

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