Celebrities donate time and money to Australia bush fire victims

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  1. Hey
    I request you to make a video with caption for how to give donations from other countries
    I'm from India
    And please make a full video by explaining in the laptop that how to donate.
    Australia needs help and so many of us wants to help but there are so many websites we don't know which is the verified website to donate?
    We want our money to go in safe hands
    Every single donation counts🙏
    I hope you'll reply soon and make a video and I'll try to share with so many people in all over India.

  2. …….The GREENS did this on purpose so they can point at it and say CLIMATE CHANGE. They murdered a BILLION animals….for more power.

  3. Worldwide people have been very, very generous with donations. I wonder if our X Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, a very wealthy man has donated at all.

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