Celebrity Look-a-Likes

Celebrity Look-a-Likes

(audience cheering)
(upbeat music) – Alrighty. (audience member shouting) It is time for everybody’s
favorite Celebrity Fan Out, excuse me, Celebrity Look-A-Like. I love Fan Out too though. This is Celebrity Look-A-Like. Our first celebrity look-alike
comes from Latonya K who watches the Wendy
Show on wendyshow.com in Georgetown, Guyana. (audience cheering) And Latonya things that
she looks like Nicki Minaj. So, here’s the real Nicki Minaj. Alright Latonya, bring it. Oh (chuckles)!
(audience gasping) (audience clapping) I do believe you are out-Nicki-ing Nicki Good one! Our next celebrity look-alike
comes from Stewart R. who watches the Wendy Show on KT TV in Los Angeles, California, and Stewart thinks he
looks like Tom Cruise who I think is so good-looking. Here’s the real Tom (groans), (a few audience members cheering) and here’s Stewart. (audience clapping and cheering) Oh. Who are you people? Wow, good one Stewart! Our next celebrity
look-alike comes from Jass M. who watches the Wendy
Show on wendyshow.com in London, England, and Jass thinks that she
looks like Mariah Carey. – [Audience Members] Ohhh. – Here’s the real Mariah Carey, and here’s Jass. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) That’s a good one. That’s a good one with the angle. Maybe if she pulls her face
up, she won’t look quite as, it’s a good one though with
the angle and the makeup. It’s a good one. Our final, excuse me (burps) (audience laughing) celebrity look-alike comes from Marvis B. who watches the Wendy Show on WTTG in Bowie, Maryland. And Marvis thinks that her friend, Tiffany looks like Sade. Well, here is the legendary Sade. (a few audience members cheering quietly) – [Audience member] Okay!
– [Wendy] Okay, come on Tiffany. Let’s see. Yes, very nice!
(audience clapping) I love Celebrity Look-A-Likes. If you or somebody that you
know looks like a celebrity, sharing is funny. Go to wendyshow.com for all the details. (whooshing) (upbeat music)

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  1. I feel like it's been a while since we've gotten one of these. (Even before Wendy left.) I love this segment.

  2. If you look like Sade, God bless you. She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She’s very fortunate to look the way she does ?

  3. Sharday? SHA-Day?
    Yeah…the “r” should be pronounced. I don’t like it with the “r” ?. But SADE is my girl and I’m her Huckleberry I’m making good money now so I can afford to go to one of her concerts. Come back Sade !! ?. I’ve got the money now ?

  4. I'm surprised Uncle Wendell passed up the opportunity to shade Mariah… there's a first time for everything I guess.

  5. Almost all of the look alikes were spot on except the Mariah Carey look alike. ? I think she looks more like a relative of than the actual Mariah. ? ?

  6. Oh lord.. Wendy are you for real??! I am glad you didn’t call her Sharpe ?‍♂️.
    Sade is an icon How on earth did you fk her name? ?‍♂️

  7. Wendy thinks her opinion is it. I don't wish her death… but I wish she was healthy so another gallant woman could beat the snot out of her!

  8. Love this! The way she said "Come on, Tiffany, let's see" , like she wasn't sure how she'd look. I know it's how she does sometimes. Wow lol "Sharde"

  9. I'm melissa Meeks from martinsville va there's a man that works at our Walmart he super sweet his name is nakia & I think he looks like damon Waynes

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