Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels accused of body-shaming Lizzo

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  1. Jillian has a point, but my issue is was that Lakers game. Now that's a lot of untapped confidence that could be channel in another way.

  2. I don’t believe it’s her fat that being celebrated it her confidence. 🤦🏾‍♀️ not sure why that needs to be explained

  3. If you're fat, you're fat, who cares. But being fat shouldn't be celebrated because it shouldn't be anyone's goal.

  4. How is it that Jillian thinks it’s wrong for people to encourage Lizzo for loving her body, but she doesn’t see anything wrong with people encouraging her for being a homosexual? Many people in this world have a sick sense of what is right or wrong. Ask Jesus!

  5. She didn’t lie.. It’s unhealthy, Period! Y’all are shaming to skinny girls or people in general.. But if it comes to big famous girls it’s body positivity, right?! Hypocritical air heads

  6. I was flipping thru channels the other day an came across her jumping up and down on stage at some awards show, I swear to God she knocked my goddamn tv right off it's stand! That's one big lady!

  7. Jillian Michaels is 100% right and should hire Jillian Michaels to help her loose weight before she really gets some underline illness because of obesity! You liberal non thinking news people should shut the hell up and speak through to poewrs

  8. Hippo is a disgusting , fat, obese slob.
    Jillian has the right to her opinion without it being "fat shaming". Lizzo should be ashamed of herself for being such a pig.
    Now as in shape as Jillian is, her face is about as brutal as it can get. jeez, talk about a face only a mother could love. i've seen men who look more feminine than her.

  9. Jillian Michael’s was keeping it real fat people should eat healthy and exercise to avoid diabetes, y’all to sensitive.

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