Celebs React To Harry & Meghan Stepping Down From Royal Family

Celebs React To Harry & Meghan Stepping Down From Royal Family

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made it
clear that they’ve been under a ton of scrutiny since tying the knot and starting a family. But no one anticipated they would deal with
it by ‘stepping back’ from their royal duties. Naturally, the world had reactions, including
celebs. Here are a few. Famously smug TV presenter and Celebrity Apprentice
winner Piers Morgan, who has been an outspoken critic of Meghan Markle from the beginning,
completely melted down over the news that she and Prince Harry plan to step down from
the royal family. He tweeted, “Wow. What a disgraceful way to treat The Queen. Shame on Harry & Meghan.” In another tweet, Morgan admitted to his history
of criticizing Markle, and justified it like this: “People say I’m too critical of Meghan Markle,
but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry
from William & has now split him from the Royal Family. I rest my case.” Hollywood icon and legendary Twitter troll
Bette Midler took a jab at the British press, and Piers Morgan. You love to see it. The two-time Oscar nominee tweeted, “UK tabloids are having fits that Meghan Markle
and Prince Harry have taken a ‘step back’ and escaped their clutches. Chief among the furious are pundits for climate
change denier Rupert Murdoch’s papers, the vile #DailyMail, & #PiersMorgan. Tough s—, kids!! They got away!!” Comedian and actress Amy Schumer, who previously
photoshopped her and her husband Chris Fischer’s faces onto Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s
bodies for her pregnancy announcement, brought the jokes to Instagram. The Trainwreck star captioned a pic of her
and Fischer at the beach, “Chris and I are formally stepping down from
our royal duties. We appreciate your support.” Actress and women’s rights activist Rosanna
Arquette congratulated Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their decision to step back and
focus on humanitarian work. She tweeted, “Though there are many serious events to pay
attention to I applaud Meghan and Harry for stepping back from Royal duties they will
be doing great humanitarian work in the world and they are educated and fully capable of
making their own livings this move is integrity driven.” English footballer Anita Asante wonders why
the news about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex altering their role in the royal family is
getting more coverage than a certain other member of the family’s friendship with convicted
sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. She tweeted, “I don’t care…I don’t care…ppl coming
for Prince Harry and Meghan should be movin with that same energy for Prince Andrew’s
scandal…how his situation blew over so quickly I will never understand. #Megxit” Hard to argue there. However, former royal spokesman Dickie Arbiter
told Good Morning Britain that the queen is “probably more angry” at Meghan and Harry
than Prince Andrew. “That’s nuts, isn’t it? That’s completely insane.” Comedian and actor David Alan Grier tweeted
out a New York Post article that called Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “smug and gross” and
accused them of “hypocrisy” for quitting their jobs while still living off dear old grandma. His caption? “Harry n Meghan said F— ALL YA’ll HO’S! #GitAGrip.” In response to another commenter who declared,
“Meghan’s the captain,” the In Living Color alum affirmed, “Damn sho is!” Can a girl get two snaps? “Two snaps, a twist, and a kiss. Stop!” And finally, a few Royal celebs react. Much like his grandmother, Prince Harry’s
father and brother supposedly aren’t taking the news well either. According to the report in The Sun, a source
close to the family says that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s statement is, quote, “a
declaration of war on the family.” How do Harry’s father and brother, the Prince
of Wales and Duke of Cambridge, feel about this? “Not great, Bob!” An inside source explained, “There are so many unanswered questions but
[Meghan and Harry have] just up and done it without a thought for anyone else. The plan was there to discuss it and work
out a way that works for everyone in the family.” The source added that Charles and William
are, quote, “incandescent with rage.” That doesn’t sound good. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. So… She ditched her family, spent millions on her clothes, closet and vacation, and when she got bored she convinced her husband to ditch his family as well just so she can go back to work… But they will still be getting and allowance from the Queen… Real classy.
    If they where such humanitarias they shouldn't have spent so much in clothing and private vacations.

  2. Thank goodness a royal is standing by his wife, unlike past royal partners…….. good on you Harry. It’s a pity Kate broke the brothers up.

  3. Pierce Morgan, why are you talking? It´s none of your goddamn buisness.
    Prince Harry is taking the opportunity to get away from the ferocious British press and to get some restitution and a little retribution, from the hideous and heinous British media, that hounded his mother to her death.

  4. He wasn’t even next in line for the throne any time soon anyway lol! William and Kate got that all covered. They’ll be fine, I don’t see a huge problem here.

  5. Based on pic above……. Harry's "hand in coat" has different meanings based on who he is standing next to…… and at times has been rude and notably has a dark side so I don't feel sorry for him. His stance reminds me of Napoleon along side his Marie Antoinette aka "nutmeg." This is just the tip of the ice-burg…… they don't want to be part of the royal family, then they should lose their titles and become "common people" with no financial help from Britain.

  6. Those two need to run and not look back. They want out of the limelight to raise a family. They're doing the moral thing. Harry could care less! He saw what this life did to his mom and hes driven to protect his wife and son from the madness of Royalty

  7. There is an ad for mascara before video what ever you do DO NOT buy. Ordered nov21 2019 and is now jan 11 a d still have not received. They give me the runaround there is no phone to call and can not trac on link given. Do not buy from these people.

  8. This is all a distraction to keep Prince Andrew's name out of the news, and to get people to forget that he's a pedophile and sex criminal… actually, if Prince Andrew had not dropped out of the Queen's hole, he would have been investigated…

  9. Who the hell asked these old timers their opinion , why don't they mind their own bloody liberal business .let's hope they don't come to UK now that their rubbish work had dried out .

  10. Sorry but Prince Harry has never been into the royal bs from the get go. He is his own person and makes his own choices. Meghan is amazing!!! You two keep kicking ass!

  11. If Harry was next in line or even 3rd, it would be a disgrace but they are stepping back to make the World a better place, so leave them be. The Monarchy is COMPLETELY outdated. Charles wasn't worried about the Monarchy when he was banging Camilla and devastating Princess Diana on a daily basis and he's NEXT in line. Wish them well, they are a stunning couple 🤝

  12. Who the F is Piers Morgan?? His opinion doesn’t count just like anybody’s except theirs!! Only a nitwit would believe the Queen or the royal family wasn’t aware of their stepping back from royal duties!! Besides nobody and I repeat nobody knows what is really going on or what spurred the decision except the royal family themselves. Yet everybody is acting as if they have first hand knowledge of the private lives of the royals!! Isn’t it wiser and classier to watch how it all unfolds and let them live their lives as they dim fit?? Piers Morgan has an issue and a personal score to settle that is how I see his aggression towards the royals. His statements concerning Harry and Meghan for sometime now has been nothing short of bullish, vicious and childish. He should grow up and focus on his life!!

  13. We dont know if harry liked that life of a royal or not only those two brothers know HARRY WAS DEFINETELY DIFFERENT THAN WILLIAM BUT THEY WERE ALWAYS VERY CLOSED …. Diana wasnt happy there either but she respected the CROWN …. they should do what ever makes them happy if its genuine …. its clear that most people didnt like Meghan in the Uk she wanted the royal life but it was not what she expected nit everything are roses and flowers in life ….. if it comes to money they are going to be just fine people in the US will give hire them ….. BUT IM MORE CONCERNED ABOUT WILLIAM AND HARRY RELATIONSHIP I HOPE THEY DONT STOP TALKING THEIR LIVES WERE DIFFERENT AFTER THEIR MOTHER DIE AND SHE LOVED THEM VERY MUCH

  14. hope it's an end to the whole ridiculous establishment of the Royals * Australian taxpayers pay millions for their visits to dig holes for little trees & cut ribbons * OZ spent over $1M for 16 days for ole Harry & Meghan * OZ needs to get out of the Commonwealth, get the Union Jack off the flag, and the Queen of our money * they are all absolutely useless

  15. How long before they crawl back. They aren't fit for anything but being Royals. If they are stripped of their titles, will they still be marketable?

  16. Good. Now give the British people their money back that they used to redecorate 2 properties and cut them off from dear Granny

  17. Anyone who criticizes Meghan for "ditching" her emotionally abusive father can suck a fat one. That's ridiculous. What is she supposed to do? Wallow in toxicity all her life? No. Bullshit.

  18. How disrespectful towards Bette Midler, legendary tweeter troll ? Really for saying the truth. How is she a troll and Piers Morgan isn’t? This world is insane.

  19. The queen didn't get it to her damn head she don't tell them what did I do like when the hell is she going to die cuz she need gives it to her damn riding skull that some people can do whatever the hell they want

  20. There's to many hypocritical haters and lowkey racists always got something to say like Megan Markel hurts those poor wealthy people's image…GTFOH! She is the only thing likeable about that family and by far the prettiest woman in it.

  21. I don’t think anybody cares that they are stepping back from Royal duties, it’s the fact that they’ve cost the UK’s general public MILLIONS £, they’ve taken and taken from the public purse (£35 million for their wedding) and now they decide, nah we want privacy (but the UK tax payers can still pay for their security which again is upwards of £6 million a year provided by the Metropolitan Police)
    The UK public feel ripped off and taken advantage of. Whilst they struggle to pay bills and put food on the table with job redundancies because of Brexit, this entitled couple whinge about “surviving and not thriving”. Harry gets all the sympathy for losing his mother at a young age which is extremely tragic but 100’s of THOUSANDS of children have list parents that have been serving in the military or due to sickness, they didn’t have access to ANY support or counselling never mind the best of the best in the field that Harry had. As for Harry’s feelings towards the media he seems to forget that the reason his mother died was that the driver of the car was DRUNK, his reactions were impaired due to alcohol, he was driving at high speed ( as he always did which has been proved) and he crashed into a concrete pillar!!

  22. Yes they need to stop seeking for attention omg Megan and Harry just grow up the queen did her Royal duties all her life and you two are adults get a life

  23. All they had to do was stay away from social media. Stay away for MSM until she learned to take the advice she was given but previously refused to take. Shut her pie hole for a change. Do what she is told and do t like KATE!!! But she was bound and determined to do what she wanted how she wanted and KABOOM.

  24. It’s worse HOW THEY DID IT. NOW WHAT THEY DID. BUT HOW THEY DID THIS. SHAMEFUL. UNGRATEFUL. DISRESPECTFUL are just a few of the things they have done. Expect ed it of someone who blew off her father and family Proof is who AND WHAT she is. This was to be expected from the sociopathic narcissistic unknown so called actress Megan. But Harry knew better and did it anyway

  25. She did what she set out to do. It was all part of her plan. Nab Harry to move up the social ladder. Use him financially. Had a baby to further secure her financial future. Drive him away with his family and isolate him. Manipulate him into thinking life will be better for them in Canada when it will be financially better for HER. Now that she's rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elites like Oprah and George Clooney (something that would have never happened before) she's going to open up a Clinton like foundation where the rich donate and she only has to donate 5% of those donations and she gets to keep the rest of the money to spend. Without Harry she'd still be a struggling pushing 40 something D list Hollywood actress most have never heard of. She only got her role in Suits because of her ex producer husband whom she slept with to get to the top. She doesn't even care about her own family. Using them and ghosting them and she did the same to the royals. Sad they welcomed her and she spit in their faces. She never wanted to be part of British culture or the royals. They don't pay her enough money. She wanted MORE. But she still wants to mooch off British taxpayers and have them pay for her security while she becomes "financially dependent". And all the media can talk about is her being "black" when it's her character that is being judged. If anything her black side is allowing her to get away with all this for fear of being called racist. And she's got Harry on a white guilt trip. Classic narcissist golddigger opportunist.

  26. As long as the do not eat taxpayers money what's the big deal. The Queens uncle abdicated let them go and live how they choose.

  27. Ahhhhhh celebrities. The one group who thinks they are the absolute smartest people. No one cares what they think about politics or anything else. They should just stick to whining on twitter.

  28. What a toxic disgusting duo. Ppl cal Melania a Trump a gold digger but at least she takes care of her parents and family. This golddigger Meghan has alienated her father after using him. She can't do anything nice for him for help him financially! He raised a real pos. The media have all been supportive of her otherwise they would have broken out the on camera sex scene Meghan Markle was doing pre Prince Harry fame.

  29. Piers Morgan does not like black or coloured human beings and finally got slashed by Omaraso. See on You Tube: Omarosa and Piers Morgan.

  30. The English are the dumbest people on earth. They spend millions on AMORAL people like Charles, Camilla and that man who had a sex scandal with Jeffrey Epstein. Pathetic bunch of people to spend so much of money on a bunch of fools who are called royals and have no moral standards WHATSOEVER.

  31. Incandescent with rage. Where was this rage when the press was going after her especially during her pregnancy? A weaker person would have buckled under the pressure. They are a pack of hypocritical bastards who defended william, kate andrew and left Harry hanging by himself. William is a traitor to his brother but we all know why. It was left to the Archbishop of Canterbury and female members of parliament to defend Meghan. I am sure if the palace had said something once this would have stopped. But maybe they are the instigators.

  32. Meghan didn’t ditch her family. Her family was trying to use her and when they couldn’t, they try to bash her and bring her down, except her mom. Her dad was a deadbeat, her aunt want to use Meghan for fame and money, but was never there before. It’s like winning the lottery then everyone all of a sudden is close with you. Pier Morgan. Grow the f’d up.

  33. Rude and disrespect to the queen and the royal family without consultation and discussion!!!!

    Humantarian work????,

    Dont waste time!!!!

    Take care and help her poor bankrupt father living in Mexico 1st!!!!

    This is the good upbringing of her stupid mother!!!!

  34. "What a disgraceful way to treat the queen"??? Hmmm.. I must be missing something. All I see is a woman who fell in love but wants to keep her life.

  35. Pierce Morgan is now concerned about the Queen??? Absolute Bullshit!!! Pierce Morgan is upset because he wont have anyone to tear down daily.

  36. Piers Morgan is just jealous that Meghan ditched Piers as an acquaintance when Harry filled Meghan in that Piers was trashy tabloid fodder king

  37. I totally agree with Piers Morgan – such a disgraceful way to treat the Queen, who unlike the rest of her family has never once brought shame, disgraceful behaviour (like Andrew.) for the nearly 70ys of her reign. Also agree with Anita Asante – why is Andrew's scandal suddenly being pushed to the backburner? His is the worst scandal since the abdication crisis in 1936. I don't agree with Bette Midler or Roseanna Arquette – they don't seem to really understand the protocols with the Royal family, Harry was born into that life – he knew that he had an important role as the 2nd son of the future King. He is lucky that his father isn't like George V – if his son (who became George VI) wanted out – there would be 'Hell to pay' Meghan & Harry should be stripped of their allowance (which Prince Charles pays for 95% & the taxpayer) & Frogmore Cottage. (perhaps even their title of Sussex) as the people of Sussex don't want them.

  38. a man shall leave his father and his mother and (QUEEN) and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.
    So happy they chose to live their lives separate from the rules and demands of the queen. Love and Happiness always

  39. Amy Schumer is so annoying. Harry gets to lives his life how he chooses with his wife. Australia is on fire and think that should be bigger news. I think Harry would agree.

  40. Mm tried to blackmail the queen. Made her cry. Mm threatened to go public. Lese majesty is a charge , may go as far as blackmail charges, treason, false pretenses🤷‍♀️. Go to celt news channel under community tab and channel according 2taz latest video🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
    I pray to god its not true🤯

  41. It will be just like when King Edward abdicated the thrown. Harry and Meghan will probably keep their current titles or be given different one. They will get a Stipend paid for by the Queen to live on, and life will go on. What I believe happened is Meghan wanted the perks of being a Royal without the responsibility.

  42. They are moving to Canada because it's still a commonwealth of the U.K. The British taxpayers can continue to fund their lavish lifestyle and security while they void themselves of any Royal duty PLUS she can now use Harry's fame and fortune as a platform to make money for herself now that thanks to him she is rubbing elbows with the elites of the world. And it's close enough to Hollywood. Once she becomes richer than him it's adios. This bitch is disgusting doesn't even try to take care of her father. Very cold and calculating. All she needed was a dumb schumck like Harry!!

  43. Meghan Markle had money and fame before the Royal Family. She did not inherit, she made it from hard work. And, while you are throwing stones, lets not forget Camille ditched her first husband for Prince Charles or that Kate was dating Williams best friend before they got together. OR, first marriages end in divorce 55% of the time. Why are we blaming Meghan for stepping back? Seems a bit hypocritical, given we tell new mothers to focus on the baby. We say in the vows the husband is supposed to protect his wife and family, thst they are to cleave together. Is that only applicable to white women?

  44. People need to stop fucking focusing on mainstream shit. You guys are very much asleep. Prince Andrews should be being focused on just as much. But of course he’s not. Anita is right. How that situation blew over so quick is beyond me too. Jeffrey Epstein and him were friends. That’s the real issue. There’s a reason Andrews was fired

  45. It's all the setup they're going to try and pretend like they're normal people and then he's going to run for president of Canada what a scam

  46. Did they jump or where they pushed. They were pushed. No doubt about it! Treasonous actions. Sick of these two. Piers Morgan called out MM all along. He seemed to be silenced for awhile, but now Bravo Piers for staying true to your story and your excellent journalism! "Piers Morgan unleashes fury on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle calling them ‘whining, ego-crazed, deluded leeches’"! Let's not forget Meghan's time spent as an Epstein Yacht girl! That says it all folks!

  47. I think harry is being lead by wife. They should have made a plan with the queen. And if they want to just leave their duties then they should get no money.

  48. If you watch the footage of Piers in the pub. You will see that he seemed to fancy his chances with Meghan. That was creepy. What do you think? Did he or didn't he?

  49. Humanitarian work?? Who says that’s what they’re gonna do?? When anybody else talks about financial independence do you also think of humanitarian work??? Wtf??

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