Chair Prank on Donald Trump!

Chair Prank on Donald Trump!

What’s up guys, my name is Li Li Li AKA Riceman, so I on one of my last video I asked you guys which celebrity should I do the chair prank to, and Donald Trump was the number one choice And guess what today I’m gonna make it happen go eat more rice LI LI LI! [chill beat] [halloween music]

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  1. I will be coming to Canada to do some chair prank soon! and later India! Please suggest me more places and I will do it!

  2. Like when his back was hunched over and he kept having a momo smile on his face chasing in bloodiest and weirdest way, that just made me fall off my chair!

  3. If you did this on Kim jong un you would literally be killed (even tho it’s not the real trump so it’s probably not gonna be the real Kim)

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