Classical Musicians React to Vanessa Hudgens Playing the Cello (and other celebrities…)

Classical Musicians React to Vanessa Hudgens Playing the Cello (and other celebrities…)

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to another episode of… Did you practice? ’cause if not, go practice. Close you window right now. But if you have practiced, join us. We’re about to review some people – that clearly didn’t practice.
– Wa ha ha! Is this gonna be a roast video? I don’t know. Maybe a gentle… – Gentle-
– Simmer of steamboat- simmer- That doesn’t make- Alright, I don’t cook. First one. Vanessa Hudgens. Brett, do you know who Vanessa- Just copy it. Brett, do you know how to copy and paste? Do you know who Vanessa Hudgens is? I guess she’s a… famous… celebrity? She’s in the movie called Pitch Perfect. I don’t want- I don’t even wanna press play. Haven’t even pressed play yet, and what is that? Brett: Dude, that bow hold. Dude, why those fingernails!? Nooooo… No… they’re too- You can’t play cello with those fingernails! This isn’t even funny!
– Ka-ching! Ka-ching! – They’re gonna dig into the fingernail- the nail board.
– Poor cello. Brett: That cello looks kind of legit as well, you know. It’s not even off the stand! She has a stand in case- The producer’s like “We need to return this cello, so you can’t drop it.” “So we’re gonna leave it on the stand. ” Okay, first of all, like… She looks like, from this image, she’s wearing a tight dress, so her legs are together. And so she’s playing the cello outside her legs. Yes, they really thought this through, have they? Yeah, cellos have to go between the legs. Yes. Which means you probably should wear something that allows her – to put the cello in between her legs.
– To put something in between her legs. Yes. This sounds oddly suggestive, but that’s not where we’re going. – Yeah.
– This is Yes. So I know this is a violin, but just to demonstrate. Between the legs. Not here. The bow hold is not like this. Check out the video where we try to learn the cello. But even in like 1 minute, – we were able to learn to do this.
– Yeah. Put it here. And between the bridge and the fingerboard, please. – Please, guys.
– It takes about 2 minutes- – Obviously, it takes a long time…
– To learn. – to learn how to sound good.
– Yeah. But it takes about 2 minutes to know you should relax, put it here in between. Yeah. – That’s right.
– That’s the basics of the beginner. Is it just me, or is her eyes like red? Eddy: She looks so tired.
Brett: Yeah, she’s like… “Why am I doing this?” Well, there you go! I’m glad they kept it at 10 seconds. – Yeah, ha ha!
– This one was pretty… pretty uh… They maximised the time you should… kinda watch- be looking at that for. I think 10 seconds is the limit. – Yeah.
– to that type of sacrilegious playing. Mhm. – Next.
– Next one. “Zendaya” Who’s… Do you know? – Nah.
– Okay. Okay, here we go. Why does she go down like that? I mean… it’s got style I guess? Yeah. To be fair, that’s probably what we would sound like – if we try to learn a bassoon.
– Yeah. But um… Nice leg splits. Vanessa Hudgens should learn from her. Yeah, ha ha ha! Next we have Mackenzie Ziegler learning the timpani. I don’t know who she is. Oh my god! That’s so loud! What did you expect? That’s all she did. (both) I mean… – That’s not-
– There’s not much else you can do on a timpani. OHHHH!!! I didn’t know how hard it is for timpanis to… They actually have pedals. For those of you that don’t know, – there’s different timpani tune.
– Oh, pitches also change. Yeah, and you can actually change the pitch of a timpani by pressing the pedals. – But it’s actually quite hard.
– Yeah. And so sometimes you’ll see in a symphony performance. If the composer requires the timpani to change pitch, they actually lie down on the timpani like this. And then just gently tune it. – Dong, dong, dong…
– That’s what they’re doing. – Yeah, to hear the pitch.
– Yeah. I mean, I wish she did it for longer, too. – It was so short.
– Yeah, I know. That’s not enough for us to… – add our commentaries.
– Yes, our… …constructive commentary. “Lele Pons tries to…” First of all, I mean, I’m not a percussionist. But is that a marching band drum? Or is that a snare drum? I’m actually not sure. I wanna check that. Yeah. Yeah, there’s no such thing as a marching band drum! That’s a marching snare drum. Does it say a marching snare? – Snare drum.
– Is that what it said? I’m pretty sure it’s a snare. It’s just a snare drum. There’s a lot of different drums in the marching band. There’s a bass. There’s snares. – Marching band drum.
– I mean, I don’t know much about percussion at all, so I might get a percussionist to check this afterwards. – Yeah, ha ha ha! Yeah.
– But I’m pretty sure that’s a snare drum. – Anyway.
– We’ll roll with that one. Okay, you know what, I’m gonna do it again. But I’m gonna do it now like actually screaming out things that I hate. Alright? Alright, alright, let’s go. – Oh really? I want to watch.
– Nah, I’m just joking. Did you hear what I said? I don’t know, man. I mean, was that supposed to be funny? I… – Oh my god…
– Are these all from the same dudes? Yeah, who are these Allure guys? They are really pushing the limits here. Dude- Guys, keep it like… PG please. Like… That music had no trombone in it. Yeah, like why the choice of music there? There’s a slidy thing… – You hold in your hand in the middle.
– that you’re meant to hold like this. You’re not meant to hold it like… Like that. – You know what I mean? Like…
– Yeah. – It should be inside.
– It is like a equivalent of this. – Something like this that you do.
– Should be like that. Yeah. – You’re not meant to do…
– Yeah. God… Okay. That just sounds like a fart to me. I don’t- Okay. That’s all my pipes. That’s all my pipes, too. Whatever that means. Brett: Yeah ha ha ha ha… Who’s Emma Chamberlain? Is that the YouTuber? Oh, that’s the YouTuber that went to LV. – Oh, it is, right?
– It is. (“Don’t Touch This.”) (Oh “Can’t Touch This!”) Can you guess? Okay. Guess. Ready, ready? STOP SINGING and listen! Oh! Come on! Did he get it? I don’t think so. That was actually audible.
(Brett singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat) (Edd singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat) For someone that doesn’t play a string instrument, at least he got a pitch out of it. He’s put the bow between the bridge – and the fingerboard!
– Whoa… Dude, in comparison to the others we just saw, this is a lot better. Thank you, Jimmy. I’m glad you watched our videos, Jimmy. Yes. Gosh, this is heavy! Hold on to that- No no nO NO!! Oh boy… Brett: Hey, but it looks alright. Like oh… Okay. – Dude, the band member’s face is like
– It’s just like… “Done this for too many years.” “I’m sick of your jokes.” Alright, can we please make a public announcement right now? Yes. The chin rest is on this side which may make many beginners think… the violin goes on this side. which is my right side in case things are mirrored. I don’t know how YouTube works. But! For everyone in the world to hear right now, so this never gets repeated again. The violin sits on the left collarbone. It does not move, it will never change again! Even if you are left-handed, No, you don’t play a left-handed violin – on the right side.
– Yeah. We don’t care what your preference is. Yes. Left hand goes here. Right hand holds the bow. Please, let’s just make this like… Very clear. It takes about 10 seconds to know this fact and you’re done. Just 10 SECONDS! VIOLIN’S ON THIS SIDE! Keep it there and that’s it! (Wait, what are you playing?) You know what? This would sound better if I licked it. At least she’s self-aware. Yeah, ha ha ha… Hey, guys. I think you can get this. It’s so easy. Duh. Duh. Oh! Uh… Billie Eilish! – Billie Eilish!
– Yes! Oh, oh, yeah! Yeah, scripted comedy. Yeah, yeah!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! Alright, last one. Let’s go. Jimmy: Is that a violin or is that a fiddle? It’s a violin. – Can she get on the right side?
– WHOAAAAA!! – OOOH!! She got on the right side!
– WHOAAAAA!! OH NO!! – She got the bow on the wrong side!
– Oh, the bow… We were so excited when I “Yeah! She got it right!” – Dude, the bow just…
– And then she… I thought she was trying to put her hand on here. – Yeah.
– But then she was like… *Sike!* Alright. She flipped it back. Oh, she flipped it back. – Okay, guys *mumbles* heart attack.
– Thank you, Zooey- – Zoey? Zooey? Zooey.
– Zooey, Zoey Deschanel. Yes, that’s the first note of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. Ha ha ha ha, nice! Eddy: Hey, at least she’s got like a fingering like how- Brett: Yeah, and she knows where to put it. Eddy: The thumb is on the- Yeah… Brett: The bow is near the tip. I guess it’s old school, you know? People were actually educated back then. Yeah, back in… whenever this- …whenever this was. Now we’re all.. getting- losing touch. He’s already started then like… – “I’m so sick of these jokes.”
– Wow… He’s been putting up with this for like how many years? Whoa… – Dude, she’s shifting!
– Noti- Yeah, I know! You can use other fingers as well. – Just so you know.
– Yeah. – Twinkle Little Star!
– Mary had a little- Yes! Well, there you go! Did you enjoy watching people that don’t practice with us? These people need to see these videos, guys. Please spread the knowledge that the violin is on the left side. Mhm. Tell all your friends, all your family. Spread the knowledge. It’s our duty. Anyway, guys. Please like and subscribe. Keep practicing if you’re watching this. And if you’ve already practiced, and you watched this video, what do you do afterwards? Keep practicing. That’s right! See you guys next time.

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  1. I learned that the Timpani had a pedal in 6th grade. Our Timpani players don't lay down on the drum to tune it. They use relative pitch and a Xylophone..

  2. Twoset does Ling Ling apply to cellos? I'm trying to practice 40 hours. Can cellists get Ling Ling Insurance? 😂😂👀

  3. In point of view of Trombone player

    The girl in the video: Naw, just gonna hold it. 2 breaths and I am done.

    Trombone player: WEEK!!! 😂😂😂

  4. Imagine living in a reality where you don’t know who Vanessa or zendaya are….. I wish that was me I’m so up pop cultures ass lol

  5. As a percussionist I am hurt by his many instruments they managed to disrespect and almost break, yet I am thankful that these celebrities weren’t able to get their hands on any other instruments we may play.

    And just as an FYI: that “marching band drum” isn’t even a marching snare….it’s a concert snare.

  6. Eddy: Did you practice?
    Me: looks over at my violin, flute, piano, and choir folders
    No…..but I will now that you’ve reminded me!
    Also me: watches video and forgets about instruments

  7. i play bassoon and you don’t play standing obviously and her hands are on opposite sides which you can’t even reach the keys

  8. (Drum luthier here) yeah, that marching drum is legit.. rolls are on the snare. Snare drums used for marching usually have a 90 degree bearing edge and are tuned higher cuz it's louder

  9. Le Le is playing a concert snare drum. Also how are these people making millions of dollars in music when they can’t even play a musical instrument? This video actually pissed me off. 🙄

  10. Twoset: STOP, have you practiced?!
    Me: no
    Twoset: then go practice
    Me: looks at the time it's too late… .-.
    Results: didn't practice for a day

  11. Twosetviolin: The cello's supposed to go between the legs
    Me: Vanessa's not a bowgart, is she?
    (mainly MSM fans will get this)

  12. Sometime, I'm thinking: I'd be curious how I'd fare. It seems obvious to me that, with a string instrument (banjo or violin, for instance), you just try to respect the rhythm, and respect the general orientation of the melody (higher pitch if it goes higher and vice versa). Trombone should be too bad, since the farther you but your arm, the lower the sound. With trumpet, I'd be totally lost, though.
    I don't know a thing about playing both of those instruments (well… a lot more than those people it seems), the sound would be horrible. But honestly, I barely understand how people could guess the songs played…

  13. I practiced before watching this what should i do next ? Hmmmmmm…. maybe STUDY FOR THE FREAKING HARD EXAM ON MONDAY
    guys this exam is my whole life changer im so sceared help 😭

  14. thanks eddy for telling me to practice at the start of the vid…. I'd been putting it off but when twoset tells you to practice, you practice.

  15. It’s a bit weird that left-handed people have to hold the violin in the same position as right-handed one’s. It’s very hard for left-people to hold the bow in the right hand since it’s very difficult for them to coordinate that hand. If you are right handed, try to play violin in reverse and you’ll get that feeling. It’s like forcing the parts of your brain to work in the opposite way. So how do left-handed people train? Does that mean it takes longer time and do they manage to perfectly coordinate the right hand as if it was their left hand?

  16. It is a snare drum.

    The one I own from military school is deadass 16" deep.

    The snare drum she is using is what I got after I saved up for a year to buy my first Pearl forum kit.

  17. Me trying to clean my screen for 2 minutes because there is something dirty on it

    Twoset laughing cause it's the camera that's dirty

  18. The poor snare drum… and the trombone jeez. I’m in middle school in percussion but I used to play trombone but you probably don’t care lol

  19. 4:37 No, that is a snare drum. You are right to think it is not a matching snare. There are also marching tenor drums and marching bass drums.

  20. As a trombonist, I’m cannot say how INCREDIBLY incorrect her playing was. I’m in physical pain just from watching it. The way she was holding the bell would make it harder to hold and I feel like the bar in the slide (that Eddy was talking about) is pretty obviously where you’re supposed to hold the slide.

  21. I look at the title and I'm like, "I'm gonna get a heart attack from watching this." (I'm a cellist)
    But yet I still clicked on it.

    I very much regret this now.

  22. I play trombone and literally everything that person did was wrong. Why was she holding the bell? And the way you grip the slid is with you thumb, pointer and, middle not you whole hand. I cringed so hard when I saw that.

  23. Eddy: Did you practice?
    Me: Uh, not today?
    Eddy: Cause if not, go practice. Close your window right now.
    Me: *Pulls out guitar* I can multitask.

  24. ooohh can you guys react to actors playing instruments in movies/tv-shows? Like the cast of TBBT, Allyson Hannigan in American Pie, Matt Barr in American Pie, Justin Long in New Girl, etc. I'd like to see if you guys can tell us if they're faking for the sake of the character, or they actually seem to know what they're supposed to do/ did their research ( I kinda doubt they played anything live in the shows/movies but.. yeah.. I know Will Smith didn't really play the harmonica in The Fresh Prince, but if I didn't see the blooper reel, I wouldn't have known that LOL)

  25. so my orchestra directed broke his right arm a long time ago so he couldn't bow it correctly so he plays a left handed violin with it on his right collarbone lmfao

  26. this is random but i just finished my las vegas academy audition for cello and im excited to find out the results 🙂

  27. 2:21 to 2:32ish… Death stare with 1 eye twitching WHAT. THE SACRILEGE. WAS THAT?? 😵😵
    P.s. you can play the cello side saddle, BUT NOT LIKE THAT. 😒😒

  28. Try roasting 2cellos. Let's take over their comment section and roast the S A C R I L E G I O U S vids. You guys will love it.

  29. Omg the fingernail thing. I cant express how much fake nails piss me off. The kids in my orchestra have like three inch ones 24/7.

    aND tHaTs nOt eVeN thE wOrSt pArt.

  30. I played violin for a year at my school and my friend was very interested and wanted to play it Everytime I had it with me. So the following year, I introduced him to the orchestra teacher and helped him sign up for the class. Now he's better than me. I haven't talked to him in a while, but I think he loves the violin.

  31. Its an snare drum and she is holding the sticks wrong my friend is an percussionist and I am a clarinetist so he teaches me a few stuff but i cant with these people it honestly cringes me out 😫

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