Colin Farrell and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

Colin Farrell and Ellen Answer Ellen’s Burning Questions

We’re back with Colin Farrell,
and we’re both in the hot seat getting ready to [in unison] answer
my burning questions. [applause] None. [ding] Hers. [ding] Yes I’m nailing this obviously. Quiet. [ding] At the start, a decent student,
at and at the end, a disaster. [ding] What? Walking. [ding] [laughter] Curling. [ding] Eating pizza. [ding] Oh, cheeseburgers. [ding] What’s his name? [laughter] Peter Faulk. Yeah, Peter Faulk. I can do Peter Faulk. Pardon me ma’am, I don’t mean
to bother you, but [ding] [laughter] Norman Mailer. Norman Mailer, who would
kind of talk like that. He thought he kind of
had an Irish accent and thought he was your
Irish, and was very angry but a very smart man. Highly intellectual,
very erudite. Wonderfully articulate. And would make a point
and, you wouldn’t know if he was trying
to make a point or he was going to slap
you in the head. [ding] [applause] That’s how you play the game.
See? Cotton balls. [ding] [laughter] People parking in handicap
parking spaces that don’t have handicap parking passes. [buzzer] [ding] It creeps you out? It gives me the shivers. No, it makes me want to commit
murder but I just thought I’d use the
opportunity to call people out. I don’t know Irish curse words. Just say an English curse
word in Irish accent. [beep] Which means kiss me arse. [ding] Me arse. One of my pets. [ding] A giant Sequoia. [ding] [laughter] This game goes on. I didn’t
know what the deal was about. Well, we’re trying to find a
good one because you’re not playing right. [laughter] Love [ding] What she said [ding] [laughter] The most useless
talent you have is– This game. [ding] [laughter] [applause] I agree. [ding] [laughter] [music]

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  1. Although I am a Kurdish and Muslim girl, when I get married, it will be the name of my first child, Ellen😍 I swear and I will do my best to send you a personal message I love you so much❤️😘 I just feel envy of all the people who know you before long time ago😔 god bless you and portia❤️❤️❤️❤️ #layla

  2. I feel bad for Ellen when she's playing with a guest and they don't take the game seriously, or start to not give shits in the middle of it

  3. Hope Nicole Kidman Invite Colin Farrell join in Big Little Lies season 2 🙏🙏 !!! Colin Farrell is hottest than Alexander Skrarsgard

  4. I dont understand. What is the point of this game? There's no time limit/countdown,questions arent hard… can someone explain?

  5. Don't think that was the kind of hurling Colin was talking about 🙂 Think he was probably talking about the Irish hurling sport (or camogie for girls 🙂

  6. Ellen, You, Colin & One of Your trusted Producers on your show & me get together to produce either a feature film or a Broadway Musical where 4 students use music to save the world from World War III…Serious request. Producer friend of Steve Scaffidi near Metairie, LA. here. Not doing this for money….Really think it's important and could make a difference…"The Music Miracle"

  7. I couldn't forget his leaked Sex Tape. Every time I see his face, I see his sex tape's face and it weirded me out.

  8. I love him Colin Farrell so much, I've had a crush for years and Just recently kinda told him. I think we could have an everlasting kind if friendship and love

  9. Ellen dear, can we have a show with colin and jared i am so desperate (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

  10. I didn't know him but I saw a bit of this video in another video and had to look him up 'cause the guy is such a sweetheart

  11. Yeah never be on TV because this amazing they ever happened to me and I am yeah is do I say thank you so much I’m just leaving Stout catering on my book OK these are my feelings are there and how I feel I feel like a new person I was a kid the kid I never will I be watching TV I was a kid I didn’t know anything about them but it was how much I miss a lot to me because I never I just feel like this is my first time being on TV cause there’s anything you guys see the show or not never one I’m gonna say I’m not gonna see a show I’m going to be on it right I’m just reminding you that’s all it is

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