CP Time – The Chitlin’ Circuit | The Daily Show

CP Time – The Chitlin’ Circuit | The Daily Show

(saxophone and drums
play upbeat jazz) Hi. Welcome to “CP Time,” the only show
that’s for the culture. Today, we’ll be talking
about the history of black entertainers. I know these days,
you can see black performers on all the biggest stages– the MTV Awards, the Grammys, and even on Broadway. I once paid $1,000 for tickets
to see Hamilton. Turns out they was a fake. Apparently, they don’t print
Broadway tickets on the back
of Jamba Juice receipts. -(laughter)
-Lesson learned. But what a lot of people don’t
know is that back in the day, the biggest stages
and best venues only allowed white performers, and so, many black performers
actually got their start on the Chitlin’ Circuit,
which was the name given to a network
of theaters and clubs where black performers
could play for black audiences. It was like BET, but
without all the Martin reruns. (laughter) The Chitlin’ Circuit
was first established in Indianapolis
by Denver Ferguson, a man who looks like Chris Rock in the new season of Fargo. Ferguson started
the Chitlin’ Circuit as a way to launder money
from illegal lottery games, but it unexpectedly became
a huge success. That’s right–
by trying to break the law, Ferguson accidentally started
an artistic revolution. It was like the time I tried to vandalize
my ex-wife’s apartment and ended up launching
the Street Art Movement. -Banksy, my ass.
-(laughter) The Chitlin’ Circuit went on to
launch the careers of legends, like Aretha Franklin,
Marvin Gaye and Duke Ellington. Without Duke Ellington, we we wouldn’t have legends
like Kenny G. The boy may look funny, but I made all
my favorite children -to the sound of his saxophone.
-♪ ♪ “G” is for
“Goddamn, that’s smooth!” Mm. I actually have tickets
to see Kenny G this weekend. Oh, wait.
These are for Lenny G. Ain’t that a bit… I got to stop buying my tickets
from Uber drivers. They’re good seats, though. The Chitlin’ Circuit
also launched one of the biggest crossover artists
of all time– Little Richard. We all remember his smash hit
“Tutti Frutti.” Everyone was singing… “A whop bop buh-lubap
buh-whop bam boom.” But what you might not know is
that Little Richard had to rewrite the original lyrics
to “Tutti Frutti” to make them
less sexually-charged for white audiences. The original lyrics
to the song went like this. These are the real lyrics. “Tutti frutti, good booty. “If it don’t fit,
don’t force it. You can grease…” Goddamn, Little Richard! You’re filthy. -And I like it.
-(laughter) Another man
who was vital to the success of the Chitlin’ Circuit
was Don Robey, a music promoter
and the first black music mogul. Unfortunately, Robey did not
have the best reputation. He was known
as the “Gangster of Gospel,” because on several occasions, he pulled a gun
on gospel artists and demanded
their publishing rights. That’s right. He held up gospel singers. In fact, that’s where gospel
singers got this move from. “Uh-uh.” ♪ Lord, Lord, Jesus. ♪ Don Robey’s ruthless
business tactics paved the way for black record moguls
like Suge Knight, a man who I have nothing bad
to say about, because I do not like
being murdered. That’s all the time
we have for today. I’m Roy Wood Jr. This has been “CP Time.” Remember,
we’re for the culture. And here to play us out, the one and only… Lenny G! Hit it, Lenny. -(playing upbeat, smooth jazz)
-Mmm. Oh, I feel another baby
coming on! -♪ ♪
-(cheers and applause)

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  1. Before the 2 min time I thought you might have a watchable video. My thoughts were thrown down when you used THE LORDS NAME in a curse and showed how little your heart and soul were. I will report your action to YT. 💩🤢🤮

  2. White black black white…do these guys even know anything else other than racism? Seriously, Daily Show is such a shitshow. Like there is no jokes other than on race in this show.

  3. Trevor I have been watching your videos from this channel for a while now . I haven't heard about any give aways from this channel.  So please have a give away once in a while Trevor.

    For me 😂 I wouldn't mind receiving a PC strong enough to run software's like blender  and movie editing software.

  4. Theres something about Roy. He makes me wanna laugh before he even opens his mouth. He always seems to be amused and about to burst into laughter. Love this guy!

  5. Just read a short biography of Denver Ferguson, the inventor of Chitlin’ Circuit theaters.
    That would actually make a good HBO show. ^^

  6. Roy Wood Jr. doesn't need a milk mustache to be funny. That irked & distracted me when normally I would have enjoyed his work.

  7. apparently the words were rewritten because they referred to gay (male) sex, not just bc they were sexual! :+) same shit happened to the picture of dorian gray in 1890…..ppl rly just can't handle anal huh

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  9. I heard, right from Little Richard's own mouth, that the 'Wompapa a bim ban……"(spell check no use here) is back when he was a dishwasher. It was what he'd say in place of cussing.

  10. I hope Comedy Central keeps this up with all kinds of history lessons. I've been wanting something similar to 'Drunk History' but, without the drunk part. Just the educational, comedic, ironic parts. No offense against drunks.

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