CRAZIEST & FUNNIEST Auditions & Moments On American Idol 2018 Auditions | Idols Global

CRAZIEST & FUNNIEST Auditions & Moments On American Idol 2018 Auditions | Idols Global

You guys do on the farm Well, I grew up milking cows every morning Can you show me how to milk the cow just like the hypothetical milking of a cow well oh oh we have a whoopee cushion That could simulate an utter can you show us how to milk a cushion oh really yeah don’t Ruin this well The main thing is that you have to like start at the top of the utter and push all the milk down and then squeeze Did you use utter aid ? what is utter aid? utter aid is lotion that you put on cows Yeah, give myself some uh Therese. Oh, it’s great like for your skin. That’s amazing Because if you had your utters milked on a regular basis Howdy hi Excuse me one second. Uh oh oh What are you doing over there? It’s a surprise. You’ll see oh oh I’ll see you’ll see so tell us who you are. My name is Michele sassette I’m a singer of course. I’m from Miami. I’ve been in United States for three years, and three months. I’m originally Born and raised in Venezuela so you’re from Venezuela Venezuela yeah Venice teach me the proper way Venezuela Venezuela there you go Yeah, I go that was very good. That was very good look. So how will you stand out in this competition? How are you gonna? Share your dad’s, but God is gonna say. Thank you. Well I consider myself a show woman I’m here to make people dense laugh and enjoy music and make them have a super super happy moment. Okay well Let’s see some of this entertainment sure CBN in now bylaw with vamos a gozar Depending add or me my camera back in baila baila see but I Still read moments, but at descansar yes the vilest party Okay you guys you ready Hey All right you covered get down low girl ready I said oh the dog is taking a poop Right there and happy she can be Let’s try to get Oh, this is just Tommy good no Just this could be the finality Just let the credits roll the credits roll like me blushing you’re fine Another one can I do it a capella? perfect Now this you can’t script this she’s just doing a drive-by I couldn’t sing one more song to try to when you guys. Hope maybe you seen one more song she’s gonna vomit And Watch that attack module down. Okay. I think you’ll be good for a while Yeah, I think so yeah, you want to stop at a rest area Clean up on American Idol Hey was that on your job description Tell us who you’re I’m Tori Teasley my middle name is Nicholas so if you put the initials together as Tian Tian Okay, I see you driving round town with the boy. I love and I’m like That’s a change in my pocket wasn’t enough I’m like You kissed a girl and liked it. No I’ve never been in a relationship really. I can’t kiss the girl without being a relationship Wait hold on You you can’t there’s like what on the cheek? He didn’t even make the smush And he fell down That’s a first Hello Hello hello are you guys doing what’s up? What’s her name? My name is niko bones You look like an interesting, dude What are you gonna sing for us words? That’s what Luke said he had actually before he stepped into this. Yeah, I look through my poop And you just crossed it Nico, what’s the ladies and trails baby? We’re saying stuff that you can’t say I won’t say it. I won’t repeat it. Okay Let’s get back to the boat all right Are you ready? I’m scared nobody likes me everybody hates me just because I Short fat hairy ones long tall skinny one see yeah, the little ones words Nobody likes me everybody hates me just because I ate one short back everyone’s one Tuscany watch the other mirror once were Yes, yes sir, what’s hey Wow love the shoes babes? Thank you how you doing doing good? So what’s your name? My name is subduer Milano. I’m 26 years old and I live in Orlando, Florida. Thanks for being here well Let’s hear you saying okay. Can I check my pitch? Okay I’m ready one two Before I let you go land never could my heart good dance. Hey ho Hey Listen I was just too broken record. Oh one-nighter stand You

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  1. That mutt is nasty😝!!! I loved when Katy went down and needed help getting up😆😆. She’s so cute💕.

  2. Katy Perry is hysterical trying to get back up from the floor. Her dress was too tight and she couldn’t do it without help. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Many many girls will be after him coz she chose to kiss him, and if he was saving him self for special kiss, he definitely got it, he won't ever forget it, and will realize how lucky it turned out to be.

  4. Oh my god how inappropriate! The first girl was totally disrespected by them. Kind of making fun of her. That’s my opinion.

  5. Honestly if I had to audition for anything I’d want to audition for American idol cause they are all so chill and fun

  6. Imagine if it was a guy who snuck a lip kiss into a young female contestants mouth without their permission. The internet would go crazy but no it’s ok cuz it kattyyuh

  7. No offence to the Latina girl could be singing basically anything in her language she could be saying “ U guys smell so bad”

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