Date With a Kpop Idol ♥ Wengie

Date With a Kpop Idol ♥ Wengie

sHi guys, is Wengie here. Welcome back to my channel I’m here today with Prince Mak Hi guys, I’m Prince Mak from the Kpop boyband, JJCC And it’s my honor to be here on Wengie’s channel We’ve know each other for a very long time. Too long, too long We used to dance at the same dance school, so that’s how we knew each other So yeah, I put on makeup and he’s just an idol now I’ve got a Valentine’s Day Mom!! Don’t call me now I’ll say Hi to mom We should put on speaker Do your listeners know you speak Cantonese before? Rarely, rarely Let’s say something to your mom Yeah, so remember to bring the oranges and the buckets Like the shovel, oh the shovel and the bucket That’s orange, how you put orange in a bucket, all right I just spoke to your mom for the first time Today I’ve got a Valentine’s Day special for you, guys We’re here with Prince Mak, we’re going to ask him some really, really telling like questions about his love life And what kind of girls he likes and he actually doesn’t know what questions these are You guys set them in for me, so we’re going to surprise him You guys that are, you know, alone on Valentine’s Day You can spend the time with us and you can have some fun I’m going to start with the first question Well, I think for me, I’m not too picky about where it is I think is more, so, with who…with who Even if it’s just at a park, even if it’s somewhere boring if you’re with the right person doesn’t matter where you are But I really, really do want to go to Maldives Somewhere I really want to go I’ve always seen a lot of beautiful pictures there. I think is very romantic But…are you going to take her there on the first date though? Well, maybe not, no. I think that is something probable for like an engagement Or Or the honeymoon. How about you? Where do you…no, no Today is not about me I’m actually really curious ’cause I’ve actually known Max for a very long time as well Maybe I’ll ask you like in a private time Well, he propose on in America so Oh America Very important, she has to be caring And I don’t know. I always compare, when a find a girl or when I like a girl I always like to compare her with my mom. I think if a I find someone like my mom she will be perfect So what’s your mom like? My mom is very caring, very hard-working and… My mom’s pretty silly. You like someone that is a bit silly Yeah, I suppose, has to be caring and just like my mom Maybe you should check out how my mom’s like Well we saw her on stage the other day in the concert Oh yes, yes. You drag her up so cute I had a concert in Sydney just few days ago and yeah, I invited my mom on stage, she was quite surprised I invited my mom but dad came all along That’s actually the first time I’ve seen her in three and a half years Really? So ever since I came back to Sydney at that concert was the first time that I saw her Wow that’s crazy Draw a picture of your ideal girl, and a lot of people asked this question so… Just with my finger? What is your ideal girl like? You’re supposed to describe her. Draw a picture. Like what would she be like Oh describe her Maybe someone like yo…wait, wait, wait Max is just standing He’s filming us. That’s how you answer If girls says not like you they get angry so I was going to answer and oh no Max’s just there, sorry Max I’m married woman almost so, yeah ok When I was a kid I always thought my ideal girl has long hair but then Recently, I don’t know why I really like girls with short hair Prefer, prefer, yeah prefer this is not like, don’t have to be Tall or short? Tall but not taller than me Do you…so how tall are you? 179 Ass or chests? Told you that was a really good question, see Aaaa…chest I’m going to get trouble but Eyes Eyes The always say the eyes, don’t they? When was your first kiss? Hey I told you we were going to I have to think, I have to think Like, with a girl right? Yeah of course with a girl I’ve got to do the maths, it’s been so long. I think, I think it was the eight The 8, so you’re like thirty. On July, it was just one of those kisses Oh so she didn’t end up being your girlfriend So when was those kind of nerve kid Nooo, move on Have you’ve been rejected by a crush before? Ah, yes. I did like a girl for very long time but she had a boyfriend at the time and she never knew I liked her They were together for about nine years They’re both very good friends of mine but they ended up breaking up not because of me I did tell her I liked her for a long time. She probably used nice words saying it because of my job Because I’m an idol and because we’re not even in the same country, it’s kind of hard So I think, I think she really liked me but she has kind of rejected me in a nice way That’s so sad I think it’s a rejection, right? Yeah, well when a girl says no to you, it is It’s pretty like a rejection Well she didn’t actually say No, like hey Prince No So it’s that how you reject people? No, no I’m nice, I’m nice about it I’m pretty sure you rejected a lot of people in your times, Wendy I’ve known, Wendy for a long time so I’ve seen her grow, I’ve seen her change And I’m actually really happy for you know Yeah, she once asked me: hey Prince, should I be a Kpop star? I remember you ask me. Let’s move up like Wendy, you could do something much better than Kpop And now she’s doing Youtube and she’s so successful Thank you Yeah, but before she thought she was too old. You said you were too old to be Kpop star Yeah, I’m like auntie, men No, no, no you’re not auntie But I think you’re like a sister to me now Even though you’re older than me I’m sure I’m older than you How much you can say about this stuff Oh jeez We’re here to get the goss, men Look this you can be very intrude, it can get me in trouble Wengie I have stories, I have stories but, but not right now. I’m like scared right now Ok, well maybe if you guys give us enough ‘thumbs up’ he might reveal something You make that another statement, let’s stop, ok? Oh jeez this is too much, I’m sweating now Well, let’s move on to your most embarrassing Valentine’s Day story I’ve got roses for a crush that I had In some schools you can actually order from school And then send it to the Rockwell Do you have that? I went to a girls’ school so I don’t know Because I didn’t have much at the time I wouldn’t buy a lot of roses I got a rose and I carried up to school on the wrong day And everyone was just wondering why did I have roses And then I give it to one of the teachers And then people thought I liked the teacher, I was the teacher’s pet And just, kind of just left it like that You got good grades for that class? No, actually and I wasn’t a very popular kid at all I was a fat, nerdy kid Wow, not imagined that Once I, I hated puberty Things started to change a little bit, I also changed schools. I went to an academic school afterward Where there was probably more Asian background students and things just kind of change I started to get a little bit more popular, there were kind of some fan girls as well Which also kind of push me into doing what I’m doing now ‘Cause I really liked it when girls cheer me on So you can go through that I mean I like it. What’s, what’s my favourite makeup on you, right? This one’s really cool That’s the winner Yeah, with the blue hair, and the big eyes and the colour lenses Your eyebrows, eyebrows done really well Oh, thank you And girl, what really, really is cloaked is this Yeah, I know how they call it in Korean But what’s the word in English? ‘Cause the English calls them eye bags but they’re not really eye bags No, eye bags. Eye bags is what I have Is what Wengie has Cool. Yeah, you like that one? We got a winner Will you ever kiss a fan or date a fan? This was asked by his fans No, I would, I would, I would really would even if the fan was the right person I’d date a fan, I’d marry her What age would you want to get married? You see, when I was a young boy I wanted to, yeah I wanted to be an idol, I wanted to be an artist I was always expecting myself to be famous around 23-24. I’ll retire by 30 And get married before 30, and have kids at that age as well I really want to be like a great grand-father so I knew always I had to do this early But I think at this right I’m kind of a bit behind so Prince Mak’s fighting after find a girlfriend and they get married I sep. If you want to apply guys, comments section Apply?! Apply He’s single, ladies Yeah, find the Prince Mak’s girlfriend Like we can do a whole segment on my channel All right please help me out. Find the Prince Mak’s love, you know I do kind of need a bit of help In my job, we meet a lot of Kpop girl idols We meet a lot of girls but everybody is pretty much the same, very strict, very controling life And as a Kpop, male Kpop idol we are actually not allowed to look at girls even Oh really? Not even your fans? Oh fans are ok but when we see other Kpop girls we try to, is just the manage Just manage that we don’t actually, of course not stare but even we just say Hi, that’s it Even if they’re the ideal type. I mean, there’s lots of beautiful girls in Kpop We can’t look, we can’t stare. This is part of the rules I haven’t actually met any possibilities People that I could even think of maybe she could be my girlfriend But I mean if we’re all working in the same industry is kind of hard Well you know girls, he’s open to… Yeah, I prefer normal girls, I love normal girls Please apply in the comments section I actually have one interesting question for you If you were a girl, which male Kpop artist would you want to like go out with? Oh wow He’s not a Kpop idol but Kim Soo Hyun Kim Soo Hyun, is he actor? Yes, actor. He is the main actor of My Love from the Star Have you seen the drama? No… Are you serious? I don’t watch Kdramas because I want a life still I think I’ve saw every important scene drama it is the most popular drama. I love that drama I think I have a man crush on him So that’s who you’ll marry if you were a girl Yes Kim Soo Hyun, if you’re out there and you’re watching this, we have a potential wife I’m a huge fan but I also do like Jun Ji Hyun, who was the female lead of the drama I talked about But she’s married and she’s pregnant, she’ll have a baby So you missed the girl. Just like you except you’re not having a baby. Not yet, not any time soon But when you have a baby I hope to be the godfather Thank you so much for coming He has a Youtube channel by the way, guys so if you want to go check it up I’m going to link it down below Yeah, and if you want to follow his career I’m going to make him do a Q&A on it so you’ll have that So yeah, my Youtube channel has been inactive for long But I’m going to reopen it and just start posting more stuff on it so please look out for that And also I have SNS, I’m on Twitter and stuff And also follow Wengie, there’s the subscribe botton here, thank you Yeah, it’ll be here Oh, here, yeah okay, here, it’ll be here Well, thank you so much for coming. Thank you for having me. And joining us We have a really tight schedule so this was like super hard to get organized Yeah, I’m actually kind of being late. Wengie and Max has dinner date Yes, we do. And it’s actually on run now. So he’s going to drive us there I am going to drive you there before the waiter gets angry I hope you guys are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Yes, and we’ll see you guys in my next one Bye, bye guys Instagram, Twitter, Youtube I’m just pointing anywhere, whatever Bye, bye, guys I’m your driver, how many people have a Kpop idol as a driver Yeah, we’re pretty special, right? I’m going to be driving these two love birds An out finish show. OMG These are our outfits Wow it’s Pikachu I’ve always been use to left-hand drive I don’t even remember how to park If I don’t return guys, you’ll know where to find me Whose driving is scarier? Mine or Henry’s? You know what? Prince’s Oh, hey man, don’t compare me with Wengie

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