Demi Moore’s Not So Easy Family Life

An A-list Hollywood actress, Demi Moore has
passed all the way through difficulties to the stars. She had to become independent and responsible
for her actions at a young age as her family was unstable. To make some money, she was shot nude for
Oui magazine. After that, she was immediately noticed as
an extraordinary model and so, she kept pursuing modeling career, appearing on covers of Vanity
Fair and other famous magazines. However, real fame and recognition came to
her after the debut in the moviemaking industry. Her talent, contribution to the cinematograph
and dedication to work is so obvious that she is now one of the highest-paid actresses
not only in the US but all across the globe. Demi Moore’s father, Charles is her biological
parent, who worked as an air force serviceman. He divorced Virginia after just two months
of marriage and has never been present in daughter’s life. The mother, Virginia can hardly be called
a good parent. After the divorce, she remarried a man named
Danny Gene Guynes, who committed a suicide when Demi was 16. This loss made Virginia devastated and she
became addicted to alcohol and drugs. The actress sent her to a rehab, where she
successfully passed the treatment. However, the mother-daughter relationship
was very far from being perfect. Virginia humiliated the daughter by posing
naked for one of the magazines. They reunited only when Virginia was diagnosed
with brain cancer. She passed away at 54. Demi’s step-father, Danny was an abusive
man with alcohol addiction. The family life was filled with violence and
his regular shortcomings. He committed a suicide two years after the
divorce with Virginia at the age of 37. From mother’s second marriage, the celebrity
has a half-brother named Morgan, who is also a part of the entertainment industry, working
as a special effects technician. When Demi’s biological father, Charles remarried,
the family was added with three more half-siblings. A half-brother, James has been having troubles
with the law since teenage years. He was convicted for beating his fiancée
with a phone, was charged with theft, was arrested for cocaine possession, etc. So, we very much doubt, Moore is in touch
with him. Another half-brother is Charles but we don’t
know any information about his life as he is out of the spotlight. And finally, a half-sister, Charlotte who
always describes the actress as an amazing person. As for Demi Moore’s personal life, she first
tied the knot with a rock singer Freddy Moore in 1980, being just 17. Their union lasted only 5 years and didn’t
result in any children. Her next spouse was a well-known American
action movies actor, Bruce Willis. The couple met at one of the premieres and
in no time they were already married. The two love birds had been together for 13
years during which have produced 3 kids. Even though their relationship is over, they
remain to be great friends and co-parents. After Willis, she walked down the aisle with
an actor, Ashton Kutcher in 2005. Absolutely everyone was talking about their
age difference and actor’s infidelity. Eight years after, Demi made a decision to
walk separate ways and filed for a divorce. This decision was very hard for her and she
turned back to drugs as a way of reducing pain and depression. She was in a rehab for several months and
returned back to normal healthy lifestyle. Demi has 3 wonderful daughters from the second
spouse. Rumer was born in 1988, making both actors
parents for the very first time. Rumer is a recognized figure in the show-business. She won the 20th season of the TV show Dancing
With the Stars, appeared on a Broadway show and has been successfully performing in the
Empire since 2015. In 1991, the second daughter Scout was delivered. She followed parents’ steps and is an actress. Tallulah became a cute addition to the family
in 1994. She was a troubled teenager with substance
and alcohol addiction. However, she passed a treatment in a rehab
and is now back to quality life.

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