Desus Tries to Name Famous White People | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

Desus Tries to Name Famous White People | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

We recently sat down in the office and
tested my man’s knowledge of notable jacobians. Take a look. Hey!
-Fuck! What happened what’s wrong? We gotta talk B. Look, we got a big budget now you know I’m saying It’s a bigger platform you know I’m saying. Right. The guests are more… they’re very…. They’re very… varied. There’s more white motherfuckers, man on the shoulder.
-Yeah Uhh, we have to learn some of them. [BREATHES OUT] John Le-egg-za-mo? Damn, nah. [SINGING] Life is unfair Uh, Malcolm the Middle. Nah. That’s not. Oh, she was in Bird Box right?
– Mhmm Sarah Jessica Parker
-Yeah, ahhh You serious? Yo my man. This is Sandra Bullock. She was in mad movies, she’s like, In Bird Box? Yeah! You know what I’m sayin’ I’m sayin’, you’re naming people most
people would not know. DESUS: I know him I just don’t know his name. It’s Chris something right? We out here, yes. Yes Chris. Star Man. It’s Chris something. You’re there! You’re almost there! Chris… Matthews? Ah I’ll give
you half a point for that one That was almost as heartbreaking as a
Patrick Ewing finger roll in ’94 B This dude is wild famous
– Okay Is that Alexandria Ocasio’s boyfriend? I don’t know who that is. [LAUGHING] Oh my god Yo what the fuck! DESUS: Who is that? That’s uhh…Cumberbund! No! He looks like every Irish
guy Woodlawn. I don’t know who that is. I mean I can’t disagree with that. Alright. He’s, he’s named after a tree. Yeah, you got the Chris part right. Chris… Chris Maple? No think like more like holiday season. Pussy WIllow? Chris Pine nigga! Chris Pine! This is Chris Pine!
– OFF CAMERA: THAT’S CHRIS EVANS Chris Evans fuck. [LAUGHING] I was like where the fuck is this going!? It’s not me! All you white people look alike!

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  1. It’s not the same , Vice Desus and Mero was glorious , not being a hater just prefer that format they had on Vice

  2. You need to quit frontin and enough with the white people stuff sit aint funny no more . Cause if a few white guys had a show like this and had a segment named name that black person yall would would hate that shit

  3. it would have made more sense for mero and desus to have been switched. im sure desus knew all of these people.

  4. It's a good skit,and there are people who really don't care about celebrities because they have so much going on. Unlike me because I knew who too many of them are.

  5. Way to take a well-known psychological phenomenon, where all other races look alike to someone of a different race, and purport it as fact like we're living in the 50's or something. You would never see a white host do this shit with black people, and I know that is because it's racist if whites do it, but regardless this is harmful continuation of a negative phenomenon.

  6. JESUS..  WHO is doing the MAKEUP on these guys? Ever since moving to showtime they look like corpses user the lighting. Does ANYONE else notice that except for me? Ease up on the foundation

  7. yo these cats play the " lets make a joke about white ppl" card so much lol. I get the sneakin suspicion they not actually funny… Lmfaoo

  8. I’m sorry man but I have no clue how these two have a show in the first place. They aren’t funny nor relatable. And their content isn’t funny either. And don’t get into that bullshit of saying oh it’s because they are black bc unfortunately u can’t say shit about ppl these days who are black or Hispanic o whatever bc it automatically becomes racist. Don’t act like it isn’t true either bc u know it is. I have the same opinion about Fallon who isn’t funny either and Colbert who also isn’t funny whatsoever. Kimmel walks the fine line between funny and not funny as well. Conan is the only late night host who actually is funny and had funny content. Corden is ok as well bc he’s relatable and can be funny. But the rest are just awful. Now there are ppl who I had no idea even had s talk show like busy Phillips and Chelsea Handler. I knew Chelsea did but still couldn’t believe it because she isn’t funny either just a middle aged bitter cunt of a woman.

  9. I love these guys but if the roles were flipped and white people were trying to guess the names of black celebrities the outrage would never end.

  10. "He's named after a tree…"
    Me: An Evans tree? ? E-e-e-evaaaaans Tree?
    thinks about how confident he looks as he provided the clue
    Me: They (Evans Trees) must be native to New York.

  11. I didn’t know anybody on that list except Sandra Bullock and that was because I know that she adopted a black baby and has him in dresses and braids and shit. The only movie I’ve ever seen her in was bird box and that was because of the bird box challenge.

  12. I watch a lot of movies. A lot. More than the avg person (special shout out to movie pass). But I only knew Bullock.

  13. Just saying… If you don't have Anna Kendrick on your show every effing week then i will boycott your lame asses.

  14. This would be so hard for me. I have white face amnesia. Once i went to a drive through. Order was wrong so i park, go inside, and start explaing to a woman who stops me and is like yes, yes, i was the one who gave you the food. Face still didnt look familiar. I called three different women barbara at my old job for a year thinking they were the same person. It really is a problem.

  15. Black people know Sandra Bullock. We love her for some reason ?. I knew one Chris but not the last name and I blanked out on everybody else

  16. So, not knowing who white celebrities are is cool? I know who most celebrities are…regardless of race. This just makes this dude look like he's an idiot. Mark Ruffalo off the top? Dude was in the biggest movie franchise of all time. But lets be cool and pretend we don't know white people. Weak sketch.

  17. white dude sayz all black people look the same.. everybody pops off… but this is cool tho..? ? I so love the honesty in stead of fake wokeness an PC brigades BS.. ???

  18. I wracked my fucking brain trying to figure out if Evans is a type of tree… Fucking Mero, still love you man

  19. I don't know these people that well or at all. I only know actors that can act better than the norm.

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