Eddie Murphy Returns To SNL (Along With Gumby, Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson) | TODAY

Eddie Murphy Returns To SNL (Along With Gumby, Buckwheat, Mr. Robinson) | TODAY

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  1. I did not find Eddie Murphy's performance funny at all….maybe it's the writers….don't know…but it was disappointing to say the least….

  2. I’m sorry but Eddie Murphy did a horrible job on snl… of course when you hold a comedian to Dave Chappelle standards, expect to be disappointed… Dave is comedies goat..

  3. Did David Spade appear? I assume Eddie developed a sense of humor about David's joke about him 20+ years ago. Eddie was an important comedian 35 years ago, following in Richard Pryor's groundbreaking steps but let's not forget Richard Pryor.

  4. In reference to the Bill Cosby joke he dead well remember when Eddie was young and coming up mr. Cosby was not so nice to him. Like the old saying says be kind to the people on the way up because those are the same people that you meet on the way down.

  5. He’s amazing. Bill Cosby is jealous. Cosby didn’t need to open any doors for Eddie. He was destined to become a comedy legend.

  6. How horrible….after 30 yrs he’s still doing his garbage material….go back to your hole in the wall Eddie with your she-male feet smelling fetishes!!!

  7. Eddie Murphy got close to ten million viewers when SNL air on the 12/21/19 so all you dislike do the math Eddie is legend Bill Cosby is a criminal.

  8. Eddie was already big by 19 years old. Nobody gave that to him, he earned it he was born for it. Eddie was and will always be bigger than SNL. Put some respect on the man's name

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