EK-50 Entertainer Keyboard: Overview (part 1)

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  1. These guys need to make more stuff like the Korg PS60 and the Kross 2 and lower that 700$ price tag to 550$ or 600$ not everyone has a spare 3000$ lying around to buy a Kronos

  2. This is geared towards hotel lobbies and cruise ships you guys. Quite possibly weddings as well. This isn't the next electribe or Kronos. 😉

  3. This is korgs competition to casios ctx line up. I want the simple 700 because it has a mice piano. casio has stepped their game up so bad that korg had to level next to them cause the ctx series is too dope and that's obviously messi g with what they have going on. So korg is just being smart. They made a keyboard very similar to casio since casio has broke the bar so now casio users can afford a korg. It's all bout sales. in actual reality, korg knows better than to make such a standard keyboard but someone is doing too much with the little simple shit they make. So korg says hey, let us make something simple too

  4. Wow what's happening to korg and roland these are damb Kmart keyboards that you got in the 90s these two were the king of the 80s sound now there making keyboards for kids jezz Evan yamaha is doing good with there new modx6 synth.

  5. sorry guys the power conection break down and imposible to get or buy any were it is cost 135.00 dolars only the power sale by someone in korg company it is lock like he pocket his own,,,jejejejej another lekeleke boys sorry , good song but complicated..have piano now no power only work with pilas.. jejejej litle powers cost 1 dolar..each..

  6. Please let me know how to format USB on EK-50. I'm stuck with inserting USB in EK-50. It is not getting detected. Can someone please help me?

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