(eng) 160614 BTS ShowBiz interview cut

(eng) 160614 BTS ShowBiz interview cut

With the warmest welcome Let’s welcome BTS Let’s start of by having them introducing themselves 1,2 bangtan Hello we are BTS Hello I am Jhope Hello I am Jimin Hello I am leader Rap Monster Hello I am Jung Kook Hello I am Jin Hello I am Suga Hello I am V Are the staffs specially here to make sound effects (lol) Since we are the first oversea stop We need to have something special Can we have each of the members to face the camera And say something special to the fans with a cute expression We are okay with flirting and sexy as well Okay wait let me add other rule The members cannot repeat the poses This means you can’t do the *kiss* and *woo* anymore So the last person who is doing it will be the most unlucky Whoever thinks of something first can come up and do it Okay so now you can’t repeat the turn This is acceptable Who are we left with Aish what should I do I would like to ask When you first see the choreography for fire Are there any difficulties? Or are there any special feelings Actually I have seen the MV And I think it is really nice The dance is really nice Actually I had thoughts about learning this dance But I failed The only part I managed to learned is Rap Monster’s line That is all The first time we see the full choreography from start to end We thought that the dance was difficult But after we practiced We realised the dance is as difficult as the first time we seen it (lol) I feel like I belonged in Taiwan The reaction here is really good You are the most welcomed to come here often This is a very important line Noona Is very pretty~ This line is definitely for Jungkook Noona is very pretty VERY GOOD!!! Aren’t you guys liking it a little way too much (lol) Do they know what does this means Noona is pretty (omg) You are so smart How did you know? SF: It is because there is hangul on top You can say this on stage for all the female fans Noona is very pretty~ Next line Noona~ This should be really easy JH: This looks difficult (lol) Hello everyone We Are Youths(??) Hello we are youths 2,3 Bangtan! Hello we are youths (??) Taiwan fans will love this Please use this as opening tomorrow SG: Yes let’s show the fans tomorrow ‘wan’ means we SF: You can add one ‘eh’ behind Youths eh~~~ Very cute very cute Let me show the lunchbox to the camera This is a typical Taiwan lunchbox This cost less that 3000 won in korea Woah it is cheap Woah it looks good There are pork and other side dishes inside And this is salted egg Why why why JK: They are all the same right? Yes they are all the same SG: Woah it is really cheap J: Yes this is too much food for 3000 won V: It is really delicious (term use for food) SF: Tasty (staff corrected v with the correct chinese term used for drinks) I really like sour food Especially food like lemon and orange They are already eating to the extend SG: This is really delicious To the extend they didn’t really care about the interview It’s okay! Since they are in a rush , let’s talk while they eat Is there anyone that ate the salted egg? JH: Is this salted egg? Yes this is salted egg The shell is white The shell can’t be eaten Remeber not to eat the shell J: The shell can’t be eaten LOL THIS BUNNY This is pork rib They really don’t have the mean to continue this interview See who is the strongest
A snippet of the song will be played
7 members of bts will fight to answer Now all of them have to stop eating Only the one who got the answer right will have the chance to eat Whoever got the answer will raise up his hand first The person who got it right in this first round can answer again Which means there is a chance One if the member will not eat anything Congratulations! You can eat Omg you are so strong The rest of the members can only look So playful Okay 2nd question Omg they are so strong He got it in the first note JH: How did you know He got it in just ONE note NM: Which part of the song is it Did any eagle eye fans realised V actually asked for another lunchbox from the staff This is the last question Which means there is someone that really won’t get a chance to eat ‘ The professional standard of no mercy ‘ Alien: Thankyou~~~~~~

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  1. Shout-out to the MC. He seemed really smart and funny, and he could actually keep up with Bangtan. He just seemed really real, but kept things moving.

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