[ENG CC] [171108]Super Junior Weekly Idol Random Dance Cut

[ENG CC] [171108]Super Junior Weekly Idol Random Dance Cut

– Right.
– Right. “Black Suit.” Can we see the first verse? The song or the dance? Just verse 1. – All of verse 1?
– Verse 1. – Oh, the hook.
– Okay. Just the hook? (What is he doing?) Why are you standing here? I’m in verse 3. Oh, come on! But I’m in verse 3. Just like in “Knowing Bros.” Where do I go? You two are in the center. Half of SUPER JUNIOR is back
after 3 years. This is the title track of their
8th official album. Black Suit.” Cue the music! (About to look cool soon) (Back to looking cool) (Now these are world class idols) (Their tight choreography
is the pride of SM) (SUPER JUNIOR dances so well) (They’ll captivate your hearts) (They look amazing even though
it’s only half of them) That was good. Nice. SUPER JUNIOR has their own color. I really liked it. We’re with SUPER JUNIOR. This is a signature segment
on our show. It’s the Random Play Dance. (The hellish segment) Some of you guys have tried it. We have but I’m worried. – We have so few members.
– Only half. Can we leave those spots empty? We’d like that. – We’ll add the missing members with CG.
– You’ll do that? Should we? There aren’t many people
you can add with CG. (Somber) For performances… Just dance like how you would
at big performances. I wasn’t on the show 5 years ago. Did the members do a good job
at the Random Play Dance? It was a total bust. (Legendary footage from September 12. 2012) They didn’t dance to a single song properly. (The first ones to fail) You fail! (They don’t seem so pleased today either) – Whoever makes a mistake…
– Gets a butt slap. They get a butt slap.
A butt slap if you make a mistake. Alright. This is the standard. How you 6 would do a performance. How much do we get paid? (Disbelief)
Pay? How much do we get?
I hear you don’t pay that much. Imagine you’re getting paid
what you usually do. You might get more performances if you
really nail this. That’s good. A butt slap if you make a mistake. For example… Hiding behind a bigger member
and slacking off. We have a lot of members. Some members don’t dance
for certain parts. Don’t make excuses and do it. Sorry, but can you tell us the first song? The first song is “Black Suit.” Black Suit”? Then we stay in this formation. – Random Play Dance! Music, please!
– Let’s make it look cool. (“Black Suit”) (They start off looking steady) (SUPER JUNIOR is back) (Such a catchy song you
can’t help humming to) (They’re back doing what they do best) (The part skips) (It’s Heechul’s part in verse 3) Verse 3. (Moving their shoulders) (Something doesn’t look right)
What’s going on? Is it that way? (They feel uneasy watching) (“Sorry, Sorry”) (He was going to step in
but he’s not in verse 1) I come on later. (It’s always such a thrill
to watch them dance) (Their dancing seems so radiant) (The best part) (“Mr. Simple”) (They seem a bit lost) (He’s not sure but goes and joins the guys) (Tries to get people pumped) The concert version! Stop! That was the concert version. I don’t remember the “All right” part. – That was the concert version.
– You can’t do the concert version. We shouted “All right” but the staff didn’t shout back
so they need to be hit. Main director, step out. We didn’t tell you this. You can’t do the concert or event versions. The original music show version. The music show version?
You should’ve said so. Let’s do it right this time. Let’s go! I can’t remember my part for “Black Suit.” – Not the event or concert version.
– Okay. Please try to play just the hooks. We’ve done all this. – We know this.
– We worked on these. This is bad. Here we go. Cue the music. (“Bonamana”) (They finally start the dance) (But they fail) So many people going the wrong way. (Doesn’t look too good) (Makes a mistake) I think Donghae made a mistake! (It’s not just Donghae that’s the problem) No? (“Sexy, Free & Single”) (Heechul was in the military for this song) Another absentee. In the army. He wasn’t there. – All 4 of you!
– 4 people. (They all freeze) (It’s like they’ve never heard this song) All 4 of you. – No…
– All 4 of you. Were any of you absent for this song?
No, right? I didn’t know the moves. All 4 of you, get in line. (Slap) (Yesung is excited to hit Eunhyuk) You made a mistake too. But he made a mistake. You don’t get to hit anyone. – Heechul, hit him too.
– But my hand really hurts. – Take the hit.
– I really don’t know the dances. This is bad. We’re going to fail. Why’d it feel like hitting your head? (Leeteuk waits quietly) Am I the one being punished? If you hit lightly, you get hit instead. (Heechul hurts himself again) Yesung is next. I don’t know the dances. (Heechul makes his 4th slap) – Your hand is all red.
– My hand really hurts! What song was that just now? “Sexy, Free & Single.” I guess you don’t do that song
often in concerts. We get rid of most of the
choreography for concerts. We try to just go… Our songs are rearranged. We’ll omit one song that
you really can’t do. – “Sexy, Free & Single.”
– “Sexy, Free & Single.” Okay, so you can dance to
the rest of them perfectly? We’ll pick 2 people this time. One person stands here. Another person will be the pile.
4 people will jump on his back. Okay, sounds good. – The punishment is the pile driving game.
– Nice. Better try hard. Let’s make it look cool. Just try to get the dances right. If we do a good job, this can
be on the main page of a search engine. We can totally mess it up and
get on the site that way too. Let’s do this. Here we go. Cue the music. (“Black Suit”) (On point) That’s it. – Verse 3.
– You really aren’t in the song much. (Donghae treats it like a real performance) Nice, Donghae. (They haven’t changed at all) (Pleased) (“Don’t Don”) (They didn’t expect this super old song) (Eunhyuk still remembers the dance) (They’re all doing different dances) Eunhyuk and Leeteuk! (Eunhyuk and Leeteuk were hesitant) I really don’t know. (He turns his back to the camera) Were you right? I got the gist of it.
I did dance. As long as we don’t notice the mistake. You two were noticed.
One has to stand. Shindong, you stand.
You stand. – I’ll stand.
– In the back. I’ll stand. I can’t get on anyone’s back. One at a time. It should be two people. I was great at this game in middle school. Leeteuk’s clothes… It has to be the skinniest guys too. I can’t wait to see this. Here we go. – You go first.
– Here I go. I was great at this game in middle school. Watch the tail bone.
Leeteuk is pointing it up. Root for SUPER JUNIOR’s success. SUPER JUNIOR, let’s go! (Jump) (A great attack) (Struggling) You can’t fall off. They’re not all on yet. Yesung, cheer for your success. Let’s go! (Runs in) (And lands gently) Donghae. A cheer for “Black Suit.” Let’s go, “Black Suit!” Play. Rock, paper, scissors. (The attackers win) One more time? One more time. We won. One more time. (Plops down) (Eunhyuk has been flattened) Eunhyuk, I feel so bad. (Save me) Guys… You totally messed up the Random
Play Dance 5 years ago. – This was even worse.
– It really was. We’ll omit 3 songs. They have so many hits. Can you omit them as they’re playing? We can call pass. We’ll give you 2 passes. You all have to agree to pass. Let’s go. Let’s do a cheer first. Let’s go, let’s go! You have to dance from the start. 1, 2, 3… Kill them all! Here we go. Cue the music. (“SPY”) Oh, this one… (Startled) Pass! (They would’ve lost here
if they didn’t pass) That’s once. (“MIRACLE”) (Heechul actually remembers
this really old song) (Excited) (Their bodies remember the dance) (“TWINS”) (Going nuts over their debut track) I stand here!
Stand in front of me. (He has the look of a warrior) (The charismatic warriors are back) They actually remember this. This part goes like this. The dance looks totally off! (It’s amazing they remember this much) (“It’s You”) I know this. (They do the same move
but in different directions) (Waiting for his turn) Your dancing looks so off! Isn’t it the other way? (“Cooking? Cooking!”) (SUPER JUNIOR is so happy) You’re doing the dances the wrong way. I came up with this dance. (“Rokkugo”) (Pumped up) (Let’s do this) (They’re so pumped up) (So lively) (They are not drunk right now) (As long as it’s exciting) (“U”) (They’re hesitant) – Pass!
– No. That’s your second one! You’ve used all two passes. (“Bonamana”) What is this? (What is this?) (The song gives away the title) (They get in the right formation) The dance doesn’t look right. (Just try to wing it) (“DEVIL”) (Shindong was absent for this song) (What’s he doing?) (Struggling) (They just start squirming) SUPER JUNIOR totally blows it! (Everyone expected this) SUPER JUNIOR blows it yet again. Maybe next time. We’re missing 7 members now. You said that’s half of you. More than half of us aren’t here. That’s why we gave you passes. We really let a lot of things slide
with your dancing. It’s too hard to remember songs
from 13 years ago. Aren’t those SUPER JUNIOR songs
from 13 years ago? – How could you say that?
– You went too far. Those songs made us. (Bends over for a hit) (Kick!) There. That settled it.

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  1. I'm still wondering why Donghae moved to the side during Sexy, Free and Single. He wasn't at the military that time hahaaha

  2. Wow I’m a VIP and I honestly don’t know everything about SUJU but I knew all the songs they played and all of them brings back so much memory😭😭😭 Ahhhh nostalgia is real

  3. Did you guys notice Donghae just disappears when the members don't remember the choreography? No one notices his disappearance loll

  4. Still can’t get over Donghae running away in Sexy,free, and single when it’s his voice singing at the moment and still get away with it #babyhae

  5. I swear that Donghae was participate in Sexy, Free, and Single but he just get out from the formation and didn't event get punished xDDD

    And I didn't even want to imagine how chaotic it will be when all of them were do it together xDD

  6. I remember Dance “U” song Shindong shouldn’t say pass I’m disappointed lil bit but still love suju never change

  7. Well, I mean back in the day almost every year they made new album/mini album or at least single that unlike one more chance, every song has it's own choreography, not to mention suju-m (cmiiw) and some of suju's japanese song. They're such a legend. At least one of them recognized their song's choreography.

  8. During random play dance:
    Newer Groups: /try their best in dancing in sync with the song/

    Big Bang, SuJu, SNSD: is this even our song???????????

  9. Heechul : it’s concert version???? 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    They are crazy and so funny and I love them so much

  10. The 1st part where heechul was srsly worried cause he only comes out in verse 3,😂🤭 his face says it all. Aww.😖🙏🤭

  11. 11:53 they're the drunk uncles you WANT to see at parties, like they're the sole reason you go to family events

  12. Subtitle: now, this is world class idols
    Me: confused world class idiots?! Tf u mean with that…….. Oh, IDOLS, I got it now!!

    Silly me

  13. D&E were present for all group comebacks (not including subunits) so it's hilarious that Donghae got out of punishment for Sexy, Free & Single and Don't Don xD (I've seen this clip so many times but this is the first time I noticed he skipped Don't Don too???)

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